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Out-Of-Competition Drug Testing In Nevada

Jan 30, 2009Comments off182 Views

The Nevada State Athletic Commission did not test any fighters on the UFC 94 card as part of its out-of-competition drug-testing program...


Vitor Belfort and Pawel Nastula Suspended f...

Dec 21, 2006Comments off1550 Views

Breaking News on MMAWeekly: Vitor Belfort and Pawel Nastula have each been suspended for nine months by the Nevada State Athletic Commission as a result


Vitor Belfort and Pawel Nastula Test Positi...

Oct 26, 2006Comments off2223 Views

Breaking News: MMAWeekly has learned that Vitor Belfort and Pawel Nastula tested positive for banned substances after their respective fights on Pride's "Real Deal" card

Lesnar Reconcile With WWE Ending Possibilit...

Jul 06, 2005Comments off323 Views

WWE is believed to have re-signed Brock Lesnar, causing both sides to drop their lawsuits against the other.