February 7, 2009
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by Arias Garcia – special to MMAWeekly.com (Photos courtesy of Mike Adams)

courtesy of Mike Adams)


ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – After losing
his last two fights in the UFC, Marcus “Maximus
Aurelio wanted to prove his naysayers wrong.  With one overhand right at World Cagefighting Alliance’s
inaugural event, he did just that. 
It was Pure Combat as Aurelio and Chris “The Story” Liguori

faced off in Friday night’s main event.


After winning the first round, Aurelio
made the second round end quick with a devastating right hook that knocked out
the hometown fighter.  In the
co-main event, Ultimate Fighter alum Paul “the Gentleman” Bradley continued his
undefeated streak as he out-pointed Team Quest’s Nathan Coy.


Here is the breakdown of the night’s



Marcus "Maximus" Aurelio
vs. Chris "The Story" Liguori – Main


was able to start fast with strikes, but once Aurelio took him down, he was
able to keep him there.  After Liguroi got guard, Aurelio was able to transition to side
control near the end of the first round. 
The second was over fast as Aurelio ends a flurry with an overhand right
knocking Liguori out.


-Marcus Aurelio def. Chris Liguori by KO – 0:23, R2



Nathan Coy vs. Paul "The Gentleman" Bradley –
Co-Main Event


Both fighters were impressive in the
first round.  Coy found a home for
his jab while Bradley constantly landed counter strikes.  Although Coy was visibly rocked,
Bradley was cut.  After thwarting
multiple takedowns in the first, Bradley secures his own in the second.  Coy is able to bring the fight back up
and gets his first takedown of the night. 
Bradley is able to get back up and the stand up exchange continues.  Neither fighter gets a significant edge
as round two comes to a close.  The
pace slowed down in the fighter seemed a little bit cautious.  A body kick from Bradley sends Coy reeling and could be the difference in the fight.


-Paul Bradley def. Nathan Coy by split
decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)



Tom Gallicchio vs. Rich Ashkar



found himself in an unusual position early in the first round – on the
receiving end of a huge slam. 
Unfortunately for Ashkar, he couldn’t keep it
on the ground and moments later he found himself on the mat from a right high
kick to the cheek.  Ashkar crumbled, but stayed alive and eventually reversed
position finding himself in side control. 
Gallicchio was able to pull guard, but took
some damage throughout the end of the round.  The dominance of Ashkar continues
in the second round.  Gallicchio is taken down early and is pounded for most of
the round.  He comes out swinging
in the third, but is met with counter strikes from Ashkar.  After putting the fight to the ground
and mounting Gallicchio, Ashkar

drops bombs and the referee ends the contest.     


-Rich Ashkar
def. Tom Gallicchio by TKO – 1:57, R3



Matt Lee vs. Dave Jansen


You can tell Jansen is
trained by Team Quest
Excellent wrestling complimented with overhand rights that would make
Dan Henderson proud.  After getting
the full mount, Jansen transitioned to the Anaconda choke and Lee went to


-Dave Jansen def. Matt Lee by anaconda
choke – 3:00, R1



Al Buck vs. George Sullivan


After a slow start and an inadvertent low
blow, Sullivan is able to manhandle Buck on the ground.  Sullivan gains full mount and blasts
away until the referee saves Buck from further damage.


-George Sullivan def. Al Buck by TKO –
3:58, R1



Douglas Gordon vs. Mike Medrano


Gordon controls the first round by not
letting Medrano utilize his wrestling. 
Gordon lands repeated strikes but top his credit, Medrano fires back.  Gordon finishes round one with a big
slam.  During an exchange early in
the second round, the fighters clash heads and have the same exact cut above
their left eyes.  The fight
continues without a doctor check-up and Medrano is now getting the best of the
stand-up exchange.  Medrano is able
to steal round two leaving the fight up for grabs in round three.  A close third round, but Gordon should
win as he had Medrano reeling at the end. 


-Douglas Gordon def. Mike Medrano by
unanimous decision (30-27 all three) 



Steve D’Angelis vs. Felipe Arantes


appears to have learned more tricks besides his pedigree wrestling.  D’Angelis
wins the stand-up game and the fight only goes to the mat once when Arentas pulls guard. 
In round two, D’Angelis goes back to his
wrestling roots and takes down Arantes twice followed
by strikes from the top.  The round is highlighted by a beautiful flying knee from Arantes. 

D’Angelis continues his wrestling dominance in
the third as he secures multiple takedowns.  Arantes is unable to mount any
offense or answer D’Angelis‘ aggression.


-Steve D’Angelis
def. Felipe Arantes by unanimous decision (30-27 all



Kevin Roddy vs. Anthony Morrison


The first round was a carbon copy of each
fighter’s resume.  Morrison gets
the early slam and initiates ground-and-pound and Roddy

stays active going for numerous submissions from the bottom.  More of the same in
round two and, besides two armbar scares
, Morrison
punishes Roddy
.  Morrison sticks to the game plan and keeps the fight on the
ground for the final round.  After
a brief stalemate, Morrison wins the standup exchange and takes the fight to
the ground again.  The round ends
with Morrison landing some ground-and-pound.


-Anthony Morrison def. Kevin Roddy by unanimous decision (30-27 all three)



Brian DeMuro vs. Eric Henry


The first round was more of a kickboxing
bout with DeMuro and Henry trading leg kicks.  The trend continues in the second and
there appears to be more circling than action.  Henry appears to have won this round as he landed more
strikes including high kick to DeMuro’s face, which
could be heard from the concession stands.  The third finally sees the fight go to the ground, but only
for a few seconds.  The fighters
continue to kickbox without much damage and the leave
a lot to be desired as the fight goes to the judges.


-Eric Henry def. Brian DeMuro by unanimous decision (30-27 all three)



Lester Caslow vs. Joey Camacho


It’s all Caslow
in round one.  After Camacho gets
the initial takedown, Caslow reverses and punishes
Camacho from top position for the better part of the round.  The second stanza is more of the same
and the referee halts that action, as Camacho is flat on his stomach unable to
defend himself intelligently from Caslow’s onslaught
of strikes. 


-Lester Caslow
def. Joey Camacho by TKO – 0:51 rd. 2



Anthony Leone vs. Patrick White


Leone drops White early and is relentless
with his ground attack.  Leone
attempts a rear naked choke, an amrbar, and passes
guard several times.  White defends
valiantly but eventually succumbs to the rear naked choke the second time


-Anthony Leone def. Patrick White by rear
naked choke – 4:36 rd. 1



Ryan Smith vs. Phillip "The Wicked" Wyman


Wyman connects with two hellacious body
kicks that hurt Smith early on. 

From his back, Smith avoids any damage by using up kicks to create
distance.  Smith then grabs a leg
and goes for a hell hook bringing Wyman to the mat.  Wyman scrambles and is able to secure a triangle choke
forcing Smith to tap.


-Phillip Wyman def. Ryan Smith by
triangle choke – 2:17 rd. 1



Mark Getto vs. Kenny Foster


These two had a boxing match until Foster
was able to get the takedown at the end of round one.  The same formula ensues in round two, but Foster is winning
the stand-up exchange.  Near the
end of the round, Foster goes for the takedown, but ends up slapping on a tight
guillotine choke.  Getto gets the slam, but is still caught.  He forces his head out and starts to
unleash some ground and pound until the round ends.  After both fighters circle each other for several minutes in
the third round, referee Kevin Mullhal brings the
fighters to the center of the ring to encourage action.  The fighters listen and Foster secures
a takedown but is unable to do much damage as the bell rings.


-Kenny Foster def. Mark Getto by unanimous decision (30-27 all three) 



Daniel Tavares vs. Bryan Danner


Danner with a good combination of crisp
strikes and solid takedown defense is able to win this one early


-Bryan Danner def. Daniel Tavares by KO
– 1:48 rd. 1



World Cagefighting Alliance "Pure Combat" Full


Main Event:

-Marcus Aurelio def. Chris Liguori by KO – 0:23, R2 


Co-Main Event:

-Paul Bradley def. Nathan Coy by split
decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)


-Rich Ashkar
def. Tom Gallicchio by TKO – 1:57, R3

-Dave Jansen def. Matt Lee by anaconda
choke – 3:00, R1

-George Sullivan def. Al Buck by TKO –
3:58, R1

-Douglas Gordon def. Mike Medrano by
unanimous decision (30-27 all three)

-Steve D’Angelis
def. Felipe Arantes by unanimous decision (30-27 all

-Anthony Morrison def. Kevin Roddy by unanimous decision (30-27 all three)

-Eric Henry def. Brian DeMuro by unanimous decision (30-27 all three)

-Lester Caslow
def. Joey Camacho by TKO – 0:51, R2

-Anthony Leone def. Patrick White by rear
naked choke – 4:36, R1

-Phillip "The Wicked" Wyman
def. Ryan Smith by triangle choke – 2:17, R1

-Bryan Danner def. Daniel Tavares by KO
– 1:48, R1

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