At 46 Years Old, Roy Jones Jr. Still Has Some Power and Here’s a Video Example

March 7, 2015
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By the time I reach 46 years old, I’m hoping my body isn’t angry and paying me back for all the stupid things I did in my 20s. And, man, my 20s were memorable/brutal. Trust me when I say that I’ll hate my 40s.

But Roy Jones Jr. isn’t me and doesn’t have my problems, so that’s why he can be 46 years old and still knock a dude out in the boxing ring. Forever young, Rod Stewart style.

Photo props to HBO. To the 46-year-old footage!

Roy Jones Jr vs Willie Williams, brutal KO #boxing #royjonesjr

A video posted by Gareth Jones (@gdjones83) on

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  • drakeXtheXsnake

    I love me some Roy!