Arm in a Sling, Jon Jones Needs to Embrace Jiu-Jitsu (UFC 152 Video)

September 24, 2012
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Jon Jones UFC 87Despite fighting his way out of a fully extended Vitor Belfort armbar at UFC 152, light heavyweight champion Jon Jones knows he’s still got some work to do.

Whether he’s regarded as one of the top fighters on the planet or not, Jones – hoping against hope that there is no nerve damage in his arm – doesn’t want to find himself in that situation again and knows what he has to do to try and avoid it.

“I think it was a good performance, but there was definitely a lot of room to improve,” said the champ after the fight. “I just gotta get more comfortable in the Octagon. I worked so hard on my stand-up and so hard on my wrestling, I definitely need to embrace jiu-jitsu more.”

Jones talked about this and a whole lot more in his UFC 152 post-fight comments. Check it out…


  • adam1848

    “I definitely need to embrace jiu-jitsu more” says the guy who just pulled an americana on a black belt with one arm badly injured. and who pulled a standing guillotine on another black belt. dude is a champ.

  • dgs

    And that is why he is a champion, because like all champions, they never rest on their laurels. Only the fighters in MMA who think they know it all are the ones who never become champions, or become champions for all of one fight.

    My primary Arnis/Kali instructor said something to me many years ago I never forgot, “No matter your ranking or your years of experience, you should always think of yourself as a beginner, and approach all training opportunities with humility and a desire to learn” That mindset served me well when I transitioned into MMA seven years ago, after about 15 years of traditional martial arts training (Kali, Arnis, Wing Chun, Jun Fan, Tae Kwon Do, etc.)

    • rsnowbass

      Just had to slip in those credentials of yours at the end didn’t ya..


      In all seriousness, that’s great advise to apply to all aspects of life.


  • markrenton

    People can say what they will about Jon Jones, but this dude is a straight up champion. I can’t think of any other LHW that wouldnt tap when Vitor has a clean arm bar locked up on them. He had to be very close to having his arm snap and the fact that he didnt tap is incredible. I really wanted to see how Jones would handle a tough situation and last weekend he definitely did. Those elbows he landed after the arm bar were just brutal and the fact that he submitted a BJJ black belt with an Americana…amazing. He has now beat 5 former Champions in a row, finishing 4 of them. Gustafsson is really the only other interesting fight I can think of at LHW for him. With Gusta’s size, age and style it could make for an interesting match up…other than that who else can this guy fight? In another year it would be great to see him go up to HW. Im interested to see how Jones would do against someone like Overeem, Dos Santos or Cormier.


      YUP what I was think n exactly! HW would be a bad idea for him tho I think Gustaffson could pull it off MAN hes talented !Both are! Whats up with that starting crawl thing (WACK) I think Mcarthy would of started laughing if Vitor would of kicked his teeth out ! Wish it would of happened .

  • All great comments agree with everything said. I was anxious to see him in a trouble situation as well. The thing that should scare anyone at LHW is he is not even sure how good he can be and his is gaining confidence. He has the most submissions in LHW I believe I heard the other night and he hasnt even begun to embrace ji jitsu… Scary I would like to see him fight Henderson, Chael and Gustafsson. The first 2 just because and Gust because it gives him a little more time to get a couple fights before they fight each other…

  • diazfan209

    Vitor looked solid up until the point he decided to literally give Jones full mount which he transitioned into half mount without any resistance from Vitor at all

    Still not convinced about Jones, especially after struggling with Vitor…. let’s see what happens when Jones actually faces the no.1 contender. Dan would have Knocked him out with an uppercut, Vitor was having success with the uppercut but for some oddball reason he decided to pull guard instead of keep throwing strikes