Are Pat Barry and Dan Hardy UFC Versions of Arturo Gatti?

October 5, 2011
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There are fighters that win in exciting fashion. There are fighters that draw it out and consistently win decisions. And there are those that, while they haven’t been able to make it over the crest, but no matter what, they come to fight until they drop.

Much like Arturo Gotti forged a reputation for just such a style of fighting in boxing, Pat Barry and Dan Hardy have done the same in the Octagon.

And while just about every fighter’s goal is to be a champion, there’s a place for those that put on entertaining fights, even if they don’t have gold around their waists… just ask UFC president Dana White.

  • BigGuy

    Are Pat Barry and Dan Hardy UFC Versions of Arturo Gatti? Is it time to fire the idiot that wrote this piece? What a joke!

    • Danjitsu

      Give the guy a break; if you watched the video it was White that brought up Gatti’s name, not the author who is posting it up there for us to discuss. And you want somebody fired? You are the joke – and a sad, unfunny one at that.

      • BigGuy

        Well, since I wasn’t making a joke, or trying to be funny, I guess that makes you borderline retarded. To compare Barry and Hardy to Gatti is like comparing you to someone with a brain. There is no comparison. My guess is that you are too busy staring at their packages to even know what the hell is going on, so I’ll go easy on you, fudge packer.

  • wonggfan

    Are Pat Barry and Dan Hardy UFC Versions of Arturo Gatti?


    AND NO!!! These guys are NOT exciting to watch.

    The UFC will most likely underpay these guys and use them as stepping stones for up-and-coming guys.

    • Arturo Gatti was entertaining…the biggest heart in combat sports, a hell of a punching power, but also to be considered good one could argue that you should probably not get hit as much. It seems to go hand in hand with longevity in the sport.
      If Kongo vs Barry was not exciting then Wonggfan you should switch to Golf or something…

      • BigGuy

        Wonggfan is right on the money with this one. There is no way to compare these guys to Gatti. Barry and Hardy are exciting? No! They are great? No! Hardy will be gone soon anyway!