Are Mark Munoz and Brian Stann on a Collision Course to be No. 1 Contender at Middleweight?

June 16, 2011
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Mark Munoz and Brian Stann are both considering rising stars in the UFC’s middleweight division, but are they destined to meet next with a title shot on the line?

Mark Munoz took another step forward in his goal to get to the top of the middleweight division with his win over Demian Maia at UFC 131.

The victory marked his third victory in a row, and a big step forward by beating a Top 10 middleweight. Munoz also feels it established him among the best in the division.

“I proved a point that I am in that top echelon,” Munoz said after the fight. “Demian Maia’s a force to be reckoned with at the 185-pound weight class, so I think I’m up there somewhere.”

With the 185-pound division currently awaiting the title fight in August between Anderson Silva and top contender Yushin Okami, the weight class is looking for the next great contender, and two names pop to mind.

Along with Munoz, former WEC light heavyweight champion Brian Stann is currently riding a three-fight win streak of his own. Stann most recently stopped former Sengoku middleweight champion Jorge Santiago at UFC 130, giving the former Marine his first major win over a top ten opponent as well.

On Saturday night, Stann tweeted that he was watching the Munoz vs. Maia fight with a bit of interest.

“You know I’m watching this fight closely,” Stann wrote. “Picking Munoz.”

Stann obviously chose wisely and Munoz did indeed end up the winner.

With both fighters cruising towards the top of the division, is a match-up between Brian Stann and Mark Munoz inevitable?

“After coming off a big win over Damien Maia, Mark would welcome any fight that brings him closer to a title shot,” Munoz’s manager Mike Roberts of MMA Inc. told

“If that fighter is Brian Stann then so be it. If that’s the fight the fans want to see, Mark would welcome that challenge. Brian Stann is a great guy, so it would be Good Guy vs. Good Guy. That can be compelling in itself.”

Munoz and Stann are generally regarded not only as two of the most talented middleweights in the world, but also two of the most respectful and well respected fighters in the entire sport.

With other contenders either on the shelf or out of the division opting for new weight divisions, Mark Munoz and Brian Stann could very well be on a collision course to determine the next contender in the UFC’s middleweight division.

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  • Cptmats

    If Brian Stan learns to lossen up i little he will be a great fighter, He’s getting really good but his stand up is still a lil robotic !
    I think he should be able to take Munoz !

  • I think they should each fight someone else and if they win then they should meet to determine who gets a shot at the belt.

    I wonder if Mark is willing to fight Anderson though. I know they train together so this may be an issue.

  • Mario

    I’ve seen Mark mention the possible collision course with Anderson. He tends to shy away from it, but deep down, you can tell he’s willing to fight him. Out of respect of course.

    I personally think this match should happen. Forget Bisping vs Mayhem as the contender fight, this one here makes more sense. Especially Brian Stann, considering how he’s been looking VERY good as of late. Mark Munoz has also proven to be tough and dangerous, with his only bump being the close fight with Okami.

    I would love to see this match.

    • grimsgrind

      Out of respect? You’re a fucking idiot lol. Blackhouse don’t fight each other. They are brothers, and treat it that way in the octagon. Which is why Anderson takes so many fights personal.

  • afk

    bisping, miller, stann, munoz…

    i think they’re all great, but will they beat anderson? we know it can be any man’s night in there, but the smart bet is a resounding no.

  • MrAdidas

    I’m sure Munoz would fight Silva, if it meant being the NEW MW champ, the funny thing is Munoz would have the advantage over any other contender b/c he trains with Anderson & I’m sure he’s aware of Silvas weaknesses, though I’m sure we all know what that is… WRESTLING! I’m sure there are other “minor” things/”secrets” that Munoz knows about Silva that other fighters dont have the luxury of knowing, since they train together.

    As for “Stann looking robotic”, I think he starts off a lil “tight”/nervous possibly, but his striking is FAR from being robotic (IMO). I think Stann would beat Munoz, I also think that if Stann were to have another 2 or 3 fights (including Munoz & other top 10 MW fighters) & he can win all of them, then I’d love to see him fight Silva. Stann has KO power in both hands, hes got a great chin, he has great kickboxing, sick submission wrestling & severe GnP.

    Yeah Stann doesnt have the wrestling pedigree that Sonnen has, but Stann has 1 punch KO power, which Sonnen lacked in his fight Vs. Silva. I honestly think that in a year – year & a half Stann could be a HUGE threat to Silvas belt, if he’s still the Champ & assuming Silva beats Okami – which isnt as easy as alot of people may think.

    I’m not saying Okami will win, but if Okami can do half of what Sonnen was able to do to Silva, then Silva will be in trouble – but thats a BIG IF. Dont count Okami out is all i’m sayin’.

  • mma24069

    i was blown away with brain stann in his last fight. Munoz is a badass too, bisping is right there with them and hes been winning. If i had it my way stann vs munoz. bisping vs miller. winners fight for #1 contender spot.

    • afk


  • grimsgrind

    Wait…so you guys really think Munoz has a chance? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA