Are Fans Warming Up to Michael Bisping? (Video)

September 26, 2012
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Try as he might – and he tried mightily – Michael Bisping was unable to put Brian Stann away at UFC 152 in Toronto on Saturday night.

But just the trying seems to be endearing the brash Brit to a new cadre of fans that appreciate a solid knockout or submission victory.

“People love Michael Bisping because Bisping speaks his mind, he doesn’t care what he says, and he comes out and fights and backs everything up,” said UFC president Dana White after UFC 152. “That’s why people love Michael Bisping.”

Check out what Michael Bisping had to say about the fight with Brian Stann and his newfound appreciation from fans…

  • He needs his ASS wipped

  • He needs his ASS whipped

    • Guy In The Know

      And you need your ass whiped.

    • jmat13

      He has earned his shot at Silva so he might very well get that whipping you so crave. I might think he can be ann ass but he is a great fighter that I love to watch and he puts on great performances. Let him get whooped.

      • clizzark

        He hasn’t earned a shot at Silva.

        • dathump

          I would say he has earned a shot based on time spent. With the fact that the division has no real #1 contender, I see it as a very profitable fight for the UFC. There are lots that will watch Silva no mater who he fights, and Bisping has a great love/hate relationship with fans. Now is the time if there is any. Put a Weidman/Belcher on the same card and if they put on a good fight it should help either of them up thier PPV draw status.

          • shakejunt

            title shot based on seniority? get real dude. string together a few wins over ranked competition, that’s how you get a shot.

          • dathump

            no, what i am saying is you can get a shot by making Dana money, there is really no one else in the division that has a name that can be a draw that hasn’t faced Silva in the past. Weidman, belcher, boetsch, lombard are all a fight or 2 away from big main event status.

  • MikeMc1983

    In regards to the authors question, a new dousch bag is made everyday. The biggest DB’s seem to be find of eachother. So in a sense the answer is yes.

  • dgs

    Dana I’m a fan, long time fan actually, from the very first UFC event, but don’t put words in my mouth. Not only do I not “love” Bisping, but I would go as far as saying I can’t stand the man. Speaking your mind is one thing, and being a complete classless A-hole about it is another. It’s apparent that Dana doesn’t known the difference.

    However I’m not surprised one bit that Dana likes someone like Bisping. They both share very similar traits, as Dana too is usually an A-hole and lacks not a shred of couth or class.

    • MikeMc1983

      Don’t take it too personal. Bisbing is from Europe. They’re all that way.

      • elguapo

        Hahaha, oh the irony of a man named Mc insulting Europeans. You are aware of the derivative of the Mc or Mac surname aren’t you? And that my good man, is why people like you give the western world a bad name. Exactly which parts of Europe are you referring to anyway? From western tip of Ireland to the eastern Russian sea front, are we are all classless a-holes?


    i have always been a fan of Bisping