Are Concussions a Major Concern in MMA?

December 9, 2011
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The medical data surrounding the damage done to the human brain as a result of multiple concussions is something that swirls in the sports world almost every day.

Long term effects of concussions also become a real issue due to repeated concussions, and studies have been done in pro football, hockey and other sports that show how devastating they can be.

But what about in MMA?

Well, UFC President Dana White, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, Tito Ortiz and Frank Mir shared their thoughts on the subject on Thursday.

Check out what they had to say about the concussion discussion in mixed martial arts:

  • MikeMc1983

    If all of the blows these fights take are only on fight night, what they said would probably be correct. Their taking more damage during training than they will during a fight. It’s a bit scary to see how confident these guys seem to be about unseen injuries. I understand there’s not much that could be done, but their comments have me a little scared for them.

  • In eventuality every one of these MMA fighters will sustain physical damage. The brain shifts inside the cranium at least 1/4″ upon impact without major trauma blows being inflicted. But in due time the human body as weak as it is will eventually fall from the totality culminated by years of abusiveness. A simple life threatening blood clot could emerge from a simple sparring session. Imagine the blunt force damage produced during the real fighting process?!?!

  • Fred Bunson

    BS these guys are getting brain damage every fight. And I love it.