Are Bellator’s Pay-Per-View Efforts Cursed? Eddie Alvarez is Out of Main Event with Concussion

May 10, 2014
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Eddie AlvarezThe Bellator pay-per-view curse is in full effect, as lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez has been forced to withdraw from the Bellator 120 main event. sources on Saturday confirmed the news first reported by

While initial details were scant, sources said that Alvarez apparently suffered a concussion and is in no condition to fight next week. Bellator moved swiftly and has apparently tapped Will Brooks to sub-in against Chandler.

Bellator officials had yet to confirm this situation or any changes at the time of publication, but our sources indicated that Bellator 120 would remain intact as the promotion’s first pay-per-view event.

Unlike when Tito Ortiz had to withdraw on short notice from his main event bout with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson when Bellator first attempted a move to pay-per-view last November, company officials appear ready to move forward despite Alvarez’s withdrawal.

The situation is a precarious one, as it was largely believed, even by Bellator and Spike TV officials, that Alvarez, win or lose, was going to leave the promotion following the fight with Chandler.

“Eddie Alvarez has, win or lose, made the determination that he’s going to move on from this promotion,” Spike TV president Kevin Kay told in late April. “If he wins, he can write his own ticket. If he loses, he’s putting himself in a lot of jeopardy. He’s got a lot at stake.

“You’d have to talk to Eddie about this, but I guess my sense is he’d like to move on.”

Having withdrawn from the fight with Chandler, it looks like the decision on whether or not to move on will remain on the backburner, as Alvarez still owes Bellator a fight since he isn’t able to compete next week.

Bellator and Spike TV officials had no comment at the time of publication, but indicated that a statement was forthcoming. Continue to check for further details as the situation unfolds.

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  • Mark McDowall

    They’re going to expect to still sell this PPV with the main event being an over hyped has been vs an over hyped never was?? Goood Luck Bellator…

  • Timothy Malone

    Bite the bullet again and put it on free tv. Not even a single title fight on their PPV card now.

    • Darin

      Chandler is the true champ anyway. He was robbed in the last fight, and he’ll be champ when Alvarez runs to the UFC

      • TheCerealKiller

        Champ of what? The minor-league-nobody-cares belt. He sure is!

      • Merc

        Robbed? Don’t be that guy.

  • bellyfatmma

    Some ppl have already bought the ppv, so thats y they’re going ahead. It’s money gain. I feel sorry for those who bought the ppv with the lowest price at $30, which for me is steep. Oh well, at least the hype helped to sell. I for one know it’s not worth paying for any ppv above $15. If indeed the guy is out, do another ppv with the winner vs Eddie. Next up another fateful injury….y not? After all it’s bellyfatmma. Pls pay up to watch some bellyfat grinding between the groin on the mat and roll up to hug each other against the fence until the bell rings to signal a brief break, so after a minute, you can watch such jaw dropping, butt wiping and body tacking of a match. Some would pay for such a privilege. I hate to wonder what those viewers do with the hands while watching; left or right, it’s just a switch. Enjoy u r all bellyturd, keep on rubbing, it will be fine cos another ppv is around the corner to wet ur appetite.

  • WhereIsHomefront2?

    A bag of cash arrives a week before a Bellator PPV event with a note expressing condolences regarding a recent concussion. It’s always signed, D. White.

    • amiright

      you read my mind. I pictured Dana slapping him in the face with a cheque for 100k and saying “uh oh looks like your concussed bro”

      • WhereIsHomefront2?

        …and if anyone thinks that the UFC had nothing to do with that steroid test on Barnett that destroyed Affliction’s PPV event, I have a bridge I’d like to sell them.