Antonio Silva: “Testosterone Don’t Win the Fight”

March 28, 2013
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Bigfoot Silva UFC 156UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem has become a lightning rod for controversy of late with his ties to testosterone use and his propensity for trash talking on the microphone.

Overeem recently returned from a de facto nine-month suspension due to a surprise drug test showing an elevated ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva knocked Overeem out in the third round of their UFC 156 bout in early February.

Silva and fellow Brazilian Junior dos Santos recently made a media stop in Las Vegas to promote their participation in the upcoming UFC 160 in May. The topic of conversation eventually landed on Overeem. Silva, of course, was fresh off the victory over the Rheem, while dos Santos was originally slated to fight him at UFC 160, but will instead fight Mark Hunt with the Dutch powerhouse out due to injury.

Junior dos SantosSilva and dos Santos’ opinions differ about whether or not Overeem, who now has reportedly tested for very low levels of testosterone, should be allowed to join the ranks of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) participants – a legal and widely used medical therapy that has become popular with athletes, especially in the sport of MMA – but they bond over their mutual dislike for Overeem’s lack of respect when he opens his mouth.

“He talk a lot. I think he needs to close his mouth and go to the gym,” said a grinning Silva.

“He’s a smart mouth. He loves the media. He loves to talk. I don’t know why the media loves him so much, but you win the fight in the cage, not outside (the) cage.”

Unlike Silva, dos Santos and Overeem have never met in the cage despite having been booked on two prior occasions.  During their previous lead ups, however, the pre-fight trash talk was running thick, something uncharacteristic for the usually reserved dos Santos.

Unlike his countryman Silva, who says if Overeem does begin TRT usage that it’s fine if approved by a doctor, “Cigano” disagrees with the whole process.

“Yeah, I’m gonna be angry,” he said about his thoughts on TRT usage, specifically if Overeem were allowed a therapeutic use exemption. “But if the doctor allows him, it’s going to be my word against the doctor, and I lose.

“If they’re going to allow him to use it, what are you going to do?  For sure I’m going to be angry.  Because it happens, this test that he did with his testosterone, yes? It was a low level, right? You know why? Because he stops taking these things.  So then he did the test [laughs] and comes back to take the things.”

TRT, or no TRT, one thing remains certain; using testosterone doesn’t guarantee you a win, something Silva is quick to point out.

“Testosterone don’t win the fight, (not) Chael Sonnen, (not) Overeem — a lot of guys use testosterone and they don’t win the fight.”

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  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Testosterone is exactly what wins fights! In a nut shell it enhances all of our hunting senses…which include vision, reaction time, hand eye coordination, strength etc…

    • Sir_Roy

      Not without skill to match it doesn’t. I’d take a more skilled opponent over the greater physical specimen any day of the week. Not saying it’s not highly important and hugely advantageous to be in top physical condition, and stronger than your opponent … but the point stands.

  • robc

    Didn’t Silva get dinged for steroids as well in the past? Talk about a hypocrite….

    • Joey

      While it seems hypocritical on the surface, the dude has a syndrome called Acromegaly (or Gigantism). This causes him to have a very low Testosterone production as a side effect of the affliction.

      Unlike Chael or Overeem who’s low T is most likely a result of abusing certain substances throughout their career.

  • DamianCross

    Unlike Chael and Overeem, Antonio Silva wasn’t handed anything. It took hard work, dedication and sacrifice to become 6’5 with an 82 inch reach.

    • Milosc

      Leave God out of this. The TRT debate lies within the rules of man

      • Live and Uncut

        ^ +1

    • Cptmats

      LOL ” It took hard work, dedication and sacrifice to become 6’5 with an 82 inch reach.”
      No dude, it took a birth defect !

      • DamianCross


        • Cptmats

          Not much of one !

    • bulls*** bigfoot silva is a damn hypocite becuase back in july of 2008 he tested positive for the steriod balderone so this peice of s*** takes steriods too

      • 1droidfan

        I dont think he uses anymore, his arms were twice as thick with muscle back then.

  • The Best Eva

    I swear Bigfoot was popped for diuretics.

    • chucktrout

      Bigfoot should tuck his sack back and fight the transgender he/she


    “testosterone don’t win fight “My name is dumb dumb

    • Anthony Lopez

      Or he’s from another country where the structure of speach is different. Ignorant twat

      • MICHAEL

        structure this

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        ……….”…………. _.·´

    • Cptmats

      I’m surprised anyone stupid enough to make a statement like that can even spell “dumb dumb”…..ignorant f*** !

      • MICHAEL

        go hop on some cack hopper

  • Trevor

    Who cares! Let em all roid right up and beat the piss out of each other! It’s combat……let the roid rages begin! Oh and by the way to the guy defending big foot learn about the human body! He has super high levels of Growth Hormone which makes him big….so let them all rig that too!

  • EPO

    +1 for MICHAEL

    “my name is dumb dumb”and structure this.. lmao