Antonio McKee 7 Pounds Over, Time’s up with MFC

January 26, 2012
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Maximum Fighting Championship officials today confirmed to that MFC lightweight champion Antonio McKee has been stripped of his belt and will be released from his contract following Friday night’s fight.

McKee came in seven pounds over weight at Thursday’s MFC 32 weigh-ins, according to a report by

The fight will still go on, but the report also noted that McKee was immediately stripped of the belt and would be released shortly after his fight against Brian Cobb, which is now a three-rounder.

McKee has undergone a tumultuous year with the MFC, taking off briefly for the UFC, but then returning after a one-fight stint in the Octagon.

He was expected to defend his lightweight belt against Drew Fickett upon returning, but couldn’t due to a knee injury. McKee was then either stripped of the belt or vacated – depending upon whose side of the argument you land on – but then was reinstated after a suitable belt for the vacant title never came together.

Thursday’s weigh-in incident is the culmination of all the ups and downs of the past year, now apparently leading to a final fight for MFC with no future in sight. will have more on this story as it develops.

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  • bajafox

    Fighters who don’t make weight are like people who show up late to work, it’s your job to make weight just like it’s your job to show up on time.

    Very unprofessional and a “Champion” should never be accused of missing weight

  • MachstarF5

    McKee is getting what he deserves. He went on a bitchfest when he was stripped of the belt after he left MFC to compete in the UFC. MFC gave him the belt back after all his whining & crying and he dicks them over by showing up overweight. Not to mention Brian Cobb getting screwed by it being a non-title fight.

  • Mario

    Poor Brian Cobb 🙁