Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva Reportedly Rematching Andrei Arlovski in Return from Suspension

July 4, 2014
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Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot SilvaAntonio “Bigfoot” Silva is reportedly on a return track to the Octagon, and his first opponent back is apparently going to be a familiar one.

Brazilian news outlet Globo is reporting that Bigfoot and former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski have verbally agreed to headline an upcoming UFC Fight Night on Sept. 13 in Brasilia, Brazil. UFC officials had not yet confirmed the bout at the time of publication.

The two first fought in May of 2010 under the Strikeforce banner. Silva won the bout via unanimous decision.

The six-foot-four Brazilian has been on suspension ever since his fight with Mark Hunt last December. Silva tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone after the fight, for which he received nine months on the sidelines. His suspension should conclude in August.

Arlovski (22-10, 1 NC) hit a bad patch after leaving he UFC, losing four consecutive bouts at one point. The loss to Silva was one of three while fighting for Strikeforce. He rebounded, however, amassing a 7-1, 1 NC record since exiting Strikeforce.

His most recent bout saw Arlovski return to the Octagon, where he won a split decision over Brendan Schaub in a performance that even he characterized as disappointing.

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  • Seth

    Second most overrated HW ever, right after Fedor Vs a guy who grinds what’s left of his once big name…yeah…I guess it’s legit fight, right? I hope it won’t land as co-me or me…shouldn’t be on the main card…

    • julian moran

      why do you even watch mma?

      • Seth

        For sure not to see jacked up cheating overrated brazilian, fighting someone who should retire a long time ago. But hey – if that’s what you are into, its your thing.

        • bajafox

          Again, why do you even watch MMA? He has an abnormal pituitary gland, he’s probably the only fighter on the UFC roster with a legitimate excuse for a TRT exemption, now he’s having surgery to correct it.

          • Seth

            I watch MMA for legit fights, like Weidman/Machida. Isn’t it obvious? People are all over Sonnen for TRT and other stuff, saying he’s a cheater – Bigfoot is a cheater too, so why it’s weird when I say he is a cheater?

          • The guest of guests

            You’ll still watch the fight. Let me elaborate: you said this fight makes no sense. Yet in your words it’s an ‘overrated cheating Brazilian’ vs ‘someone who should have retired a long time ago’. You basically unintentionally agreed to the logic behind this matchmaking. If you don’t want to watch it, don’t. No need to cry about it.

          • Seth

            No. By saying ‘overrated cheating Brazilian’ vs ‘someone who should have retired a long time ago’ I said exactly why I think it makes no sense. And I rarely watch HW fights. Unless it’s someone like Cain or JDS, who actually is legit now-days.

    • bajafox

      Did you even read the article? They’re headlining a free card, IT’S FREE. No reason to bitch and whine

      • Seth

        Only because its free its a good fight? Price of it doesn’t matter when it comes to the fact that this match up is stupid. Besides, it had to be free. Who would pay for a card headlined by something like that?

        • bajafox

          Where did I say it was a good fight? How did you pass HS English with the reading comprehension of a 6 year old?

          • Seth

            If you don’t critique a fight and say there is nothing to bitch about that fight – I assume you like it and you see it as a normal fight.

  • Emanon

    awww man, Bigfoot is gonna decimate Arlovski. I like Arlovski too, but he looked terrible.. flat, no power, slow, unsure in his last fight.. Bigfoot is gonna KO him.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Another TRT/roid cheater… I don’t care.

    • deepgrim

      care enough to comment it seems