Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva Promises Second Fight with Cain Velasquez Will Be Much Different

March 30, 2013
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06-cain-velasquez-antonio-silva-ufc-146-weighWhen Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva steps into the cage against UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez at UFC 160 on May 25 in Las Vegas, he will be re-matching a man who – at almost a year to the day – gave Silva the worst beating of his eight-year career. Only this time, he knows exactly what he won’t be doing come fight time.

“First thing, no kicks. That is very important,” Silva said recently during a press tour in anticipation of the Memorial Day Weekend meeting with Velasquez.

It’s understandable that Bigfoot doesn’t want to throw kicks against the hulking Mexican-American.  In their inaugural meeting, it took about 30 seconds for Velasquez to grab a kick from the Brazilian, rip him to the mat, and beat him senseless by 3:36 of the opening frame.

That loss, on May 26, 2012, was the second consecutive loss for Silva. He was previously knocked out by Velasquez’s teammate and perennial contender Daniel Cormier at the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Semifinals in September of 2011.  Since those crushing defeats, the six-foot-four, 265-pound Brazilian behemoth has back-to-back knockout victories over the previously undefeated Travis Browne and a vicious “Knockout of the Night” third-round comeback over top-ranked Dutch striker Alistair Overeem at UFC 156 in February.

Despite being 2-2 in his last four fights, Silva is quick to dismiss any criticism of him earning this title shot against Velasquez.  For Bigfoot, it’s just simple math.

“I fight two of the best guys in the weight division in the UFC,” he stated. “Travis Browne never lost. He’s a tough guy.  And the other guys, Alistair Overeem was number two or three in the world, and if he would have beaten me he was going to fight for the belt.”

By defeating the widely viewed number one contender in Overeem, Silva dispatched of the hype-train that was “Ubereem” and earned the respect of MMA fans across the globe.  Silva says that he never had been so enraged at a fighter’s pre-fight trash talk, a feeling that was more than evident when Silva stood over a lifeless Overeem, taunting the former K-1 Grand Prix Champion at the conclusion of their scrap.

“I said, get up! Get up! You don’t want to fight, (expletive)!”

A truly terrifying visual to any of those who had the pleasure (or pain) of watching that fight unfold.

Now with a re-match looming against Velasquez, Silva faces questions about whether or not he will be mustering the same anger that helped fuel his comeback win against Overeem.

“Yes (I’ll be angry),” he said. “The first reason why, is, I want the title.

“And the second thing, every day I get up and look in the mirror (and see) the big cut on my face, for this, I’m very angry.”

After giving Silva 15 stitches in the center of his face, Velasquez went on to reclaim the heavyweight title from Silva’s countryman and sometime training partner, Junior dos Santos, at UFC 155.

“Cigano,” who also was in attendance on Wednesday, had some very poignant advice for his comrade; advice that will surely be elaborated on more as the fight draws near.

“I think he has to put some pressure on him,” said the former heavyweight champion. “You can’t stay waiting too much for Cain Velasquez.

“You have to go there and beat him like this: you have to go in there and put pressure on him. That’s my opinion.  We already talked a little bit about this and I truly believe that he will win.”

As the two Brazilians share a massive meal of steak and shrimp, they go back and forth about a myriad of subjects and shared memories.  Silva listens intently to dos Santos, but he wants to make one thing clear, although this is a new fight, he won’t be changing his strategy when he meets Velasquez for a second time.

“I’m going to train the same strategy as I trained before,” said Bigfoot.  “The problem was my mind, my adrenaline. But I’m going do the same thing. I have a lot of skills to win this fight.”

Like many championship-level fighters, Silva realizes that your losses are just as important as your wins if you’re going to grow as a martial artist.

“The first fight with Cain is very important because I learned a lot from it,” said Silva.  “[That] fight, I was very nervous because it was my first fight in the UFC.  Now I’m very, very different. I have a good camp. I’m going to do the same strategy, and this fight will be very different.”

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  • solo

    “I’m going to train the same strategy as I trained before,” said
    Bigfoot. “The problem was my mind, my adrenaline. But I’m going do the
    same thing”.

    Dear God, what a stupid statement!

    • Ian Price

      I don’t think so. Maybe due to the language barrier. But yes, I agree in principle: if he were a fluent English speaker, that statement would have sounded stupid. Let me translate: “I’m gonna go in there and do the same thing except fewer kicks. I just had the jitters last time, ’cause it was my first UFC fight”.

    • naytan

      haha, beautifully stated

  • tyrone

    Bigfoot can win but he better keep both feet planted. I think bigfoot can definately take anyones punch and walk thru it. His jaw looks like an anvil

    • Yea he’s only been stopped 3 times ever. He’s very durable.

    • bozvk

      He can keep both feet on the ground, but there are other ways to be taken down.

    • Wolf Ticket

      Bigfoot was even knocked down by Mike Kyle, who’s a light heavyweight not in UFC. To me he is a joke, his talk about his “big win” against Travis Browne just proves it. He got lucky and will be destroyed again.

  • Cain has this one again. He already has the speed and conditioning. And he already showed he can take Bigfoot down and hold him down. If Bigfoot does win I would love to see Bigfoot vs JDS though. And Overeem has to fight all these guys. I don’t care if he got KO’d by Bigfoot. He took some big shots from him and was controlling that fight everywhere before that. He’s still one of the top fighters in the world. Don’t hate me for the comparison but it would be like Anderson Silva losing a fight and being talked about like he was nothing just b/c he lost a fight.

  • Cereal Killer

    Not that Big Foot isn’t good, but Cain is the perfect build to beat him. Big Foot doesn’t move enough. I think it will look a lot like the first fight… then again, Cain’s been knocked silly a few times by punchers.

  • uncle

    Cain moves like a cat for a HW his pace and energy is too much for Big foot

  • John

    “Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva Promises Second Fight with Cain Velasquez Will Be Much Different”…………I seriously doubt it! Sorry Chewey but you’re gonna get demolished again!

    • Supaman

      i don’t really see it… but i hope he’s right. But in all fairness, i didn’t think Cain vs. Dos Santos II was gonna go down the way it did either.

  • The Prognosticator

    Bigfoot vs. Jean Claude Van Damme UFC 161

  • spider

    I predict Las Vegas Chainsaw Massacre II 😉

    • Gary Fredericks

      I predicted that outcome in OVEROIDS favor last time….I ended up being wrong.

  • Gary Fredericks

    How can you NOT like Bigfoot as a person? He seems like such a polite and humble guy.

  • Bigfoot is in for a rude awakening. His two recent wins are overrated. Travis Brown had a torn hamstring, and Reem had the testosterone level of a baby girl after his long suspension and inability to keep cheating. I like Overeem, but the reality is he was always suspect, and he isn’t the same fighter, clean. Despite this, until Reem gassed in the third, he was still handing Bigfoot his ass.

    Cain ain’t gonna gas. No kicks, huh? Think that will make a difference? If ‘Reem’ can take Bigfoot down, you can bet your life Cain will too. At will. And after watching Cain batter JDS, if the big dummy thinks he has a chance in hell standing with Cain, he’s not operating with a full deck. He can look forward to some more scars.

    Cain is light years better than him everywhere. This is a mismatch. Dude is gonna get mauled. Again.

    • solo

      you just steped in my mouth there. nice explanation.

    • onegoodnathan

      I dont think Reem gassed. just got tagged by a punch n kick in the opening exchange of 3rd and couldn’t recover. I thought his pace was still strong coming out of the second.

      • Reem definitely got nailed, Nathan- but I’ve followed his matches for a while now, and if you review the fight with Bigfoot, Reem lost all his footwork and head movement by the third.

        Reem doesn’t have much of a chin, but he’s a very good kickboxer who can usually avoid strikes with movement. In the first frame when he was fresh, he was laughing at Big head’s slow striking, but by the end of the fight, Alistair was too tired to circle off the ropes. It was pretty sad. He became easy target practice.

        (In my opinion-cause I haven’t actually seen the needles:), when he’s properly juiced up, Reem can trap guys in his Thai clich and destroy them with knees *before* the fight goes very long. Don’t get me wrong, a clean Reem is still a huge guy, but he loses his advantage over equally big guys, like Bighead.

        Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if his latest injury was an excuse to buy time and figure out how to resume cheating, cause JDS would smoke Dutchy in his current state.

        • onegoodnathan

          you’re prob right. I’ll have to watch that fight again, nice insight.

  • Julian Moran

    I would say Big foot has a chance in winning this, maybe 1 out of 10.

  • NABU

    Feel sorry for Big Foot Silva- Cain V. just to fast for him.

  • na it will be different just dat he’s getting finnished much quicker…lol

  • woodythewino

    Overeem was juicing when he fought Werdum and he still gassed in the third. That’s the downside to having all that muscle. I’d love to see Cain deal with submission attempts for a change and Bigfoot could be the guy to pull one off. As for Cain being too quick, I don’t think he’s any faster than Fedor…and we know how that one endded.

  • onegoodnathan

    I wouldn’t call Overeem a ‘hype train’. he got lazy against bigfoot and paid for it. obviously his chin is weak but he’s tough to connect on when he practices the the strike defense technique he is capable of. he still poses a difficult challenge to everyone in HW division.

  • gnodeb

    speed kills

  • jerry

    silva you will never wear UFC gold sorry.

  • jerry

    bigfoot thinks he’s cool but he’s not i hope he get what’s coming to his ass running that big f mouth.

  • eduardo minjares

    Cain Velasquez all the way!!!! He can’t be stopped!!!!!