Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva May Have Earned Rematch with Cain Velasquez with KO of Overeem

February 4, 2013
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Antonio Bigfoot Silva

Antonio “Big Foot” Silva

Antonio “Big Foot” Silva may have earned a rematch with UFC heavyweight titleholder Cain Velasquez with his UFC 156 knockout of Alistair Overeem.

Velasquez defeated Silva at UFC 146 in May of 2012 by technical knockout in the first round.  Since that loss, Silva has strung together two knockout wins over Travis Browne and Alistair Overeem.

“Going into this fight (Overeem vs. Silva), we talked about if Alistair Overeem won.  He (Silva) and Cain Velasquez just fought recently, but I’m telling you, the way that he looked in this fight, what he did to Alistair, maybe we do this fight again,” said UFC president Dana White during the UFC 156 post-fight press conference.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to that,” added White.  “I wouldn’t be opposed to giving him the fight.  He went in there and he knocked out – they called that a TKO.  That was a knockout.  He knocked out Alistair Overeem, and he looked great doing it, so we’ll see what happens.”

Silva said it would be a pleasure to face Velasquez in a rematch.

“He’s a big champion.  He’s a tough guy,” said Silva.  “I just want to fight the best guys.”

The knockout win over Overeem doesn’t guarantee Silva the next title shot with Velasquez, but it certainly raised his stock and put him at the top of the line, or near it.

“There’s a lot of interesting fights to make in the heavyweight division.  Who fights Cain next is the toughest,” said White.  “This guy has beat some tough guys.”

  • Ace

    I don’t really know if he deservs a title shot this soon just beacuse he beat Overeem. Cain dominated Silva and because of that I think that Silva should win one fight at least to earn to fight for the title.

    • bajafox

      He definitely does not deserve a shot yet, but I would pay to see his face turned to pulp at the hands of Cain again.

      • JimmyPettishardo

        I suspect it won’t be as onesided as before. But Bigfoot is sluggish and Cain is probably the worst match up for a dude like Bigfoot. Any stocky fast hard puncher would rock Bigfoot.

  • Cuntlick

    Yea Bigfoot needs 1 more win. Don’t like seeing the same guys fighting so soon.

    • LEsnardiono

      Oh come on you know what Dana is clearly trying to do here.

      He wants to hype up a fight with Cain.

      Who would be an exciting opponent for Cain? JDS? nope. Carwin? doesn’t deserve. Bigfoot? yeah……feed Cain Bigfoot!!!

      Cain is gonna chew Bigfoot up like he did last time. And then Dana will think about who to match Cain up against then. But right now, Cain needs an easy fight.

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  • JohnMccdi

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  • NickDiazFanboy

    yeah i agree. Ideally id like to him fight against 1 more top 10. Seems like JDS would be the obvious choice or possibly the winner out of Struve & Hunt.

  • dan

    In a perfect world the UFC would pull Werdum and make Cain/Werdum and Bigfoot/Big Nog in Brazil as scheduled for June and the JDS/Reem @ another event. But this is the UFC we’re talking about.
    Bigfoot gets smashed by Cain again and its too soon for that. Overeem hands and head movement have always been suspect for me. Yes he has great knees and kicks but I was literally screaming @ my TV when Werdum was actually winning exchanges against him in their last fight and he didnt follow up.

    • JimmyPettishardo

      Against Werdum, Reem was trying to pick shots. And Reem wasn’t all that worried about Werdum’s power, although times like that is when Reem is most vulnerable and Werdum most dangerous.

  • drkdisciple

    Not too many contender at Heavyweight.Even with that said I don’t like this match-up at all. Would prefer evening seeing Barnett get a title shot with the winner of JDS vs Alistair being next!

  • I am a fan of Bigfoot but The Reem dominated that fight in every way. He got cocky and careless and paid for it. The Reem is still a top ten fighter and can rebound from that loss. Bigfoot was getting destroyed. Bigfoot vs Barnett. Our Bigfoot vs JDS. Even though JDS vs Alistair would be a big seller even though Alistair got KO’d.

    • LEsnardiono

      I agree with everything you said.

      But people doubted Alistair’s late in the fight heart/chin. He crumbles down after a while. He looked impressive in his PRIDE fights until he started getting pummelled.

      Like I said AListair was x2 faster than Silva and threw Silva around like a ragdoll in the second round. But fight is stopped when one fighter becomes unconscious as a result of blows to his head. And yes Alistair got KTFO.

      • Yea Silva landed like 8 solid shots straight to his head. That was a crazy.

        • Mark McDowall

          He was clearly out. Reems eyes were closed and the blow’s were what was keeping him standing. I think it lasted a few too many shots than were necessary.

          • JimmyPettishardo

            I just don’t understand Reem. He looks like a beast. And everytime he gets destroyed, he has his arms down, doesn’t know where he is, and gets hit by bombs without attempting to clinch or run away.

          • Mark McDowall

            He has alot of faith in his ability. And the man can move out of the way of punches. Probably the best movement of any HW. Unfortunately his jaw doesn’t always hold up.

    • kennybro

      funny how i don’t even consider reem’s future fights. i feel like he died.

      i agree that he won the first two rounds, but that felt like i watched a beheading.

      • I would not want to be on The Reems bad side last night. He must have been pissed!

    • Mark McDowall

      I don’t think he got cocky. He cleary got tired. Reem has never been known for his gas tank.

      I’ve read alot of articles mentioning that Reem didn’t look as “cut” as he usually is. And he certainly didn’t, there’s no questioning that. He also didn’t seem to have the same I’m not going to say what alot of people are thinking but he didn’t seem his usual self. I would put it down to ring rust more than anything.

      • $26909079

        I agree with you. It´s a shame that people want to take cred from Silva

    • $26909079

      Reem got Knocked the **** out, deal with it. In the rematch Silva would win again and again

  • fileunderaction

    The best part of Silva’s win is that we will get to see Overreem get KTFO on Silva’s highlight reel every time he fights.

    • Ace

      haha true.

    • Best KO of the new year IMO. It was like watching a building get demolished.

  • Ok to Ace and Cuntlick you morons think Silva doesn’t deserve a rematch this soon. Why not? The same happened to Cain. He got KO’ed in about 60 seconds by JDS and yet just because he TKO’ed Silva he got his rematch soon. Why can’t it be the same with Silva who has fought twice after losing to Cain when Cain only had to fight once? Now if you want to make it interesting, then I’d say either 1) Give Silva his rematch or 2) Pit Silva against JDS for #1 contender spot; or else just let Bigfoot fight Cain again. I think with to KO’s he proved himself more than Cain did when he got the rematch. I think this time around the fight would go differently and it might even go the distance. Or…or…though he doesn’t deserve it, let Carwin fight Cain, after all the were originally scheduled to fight each other before Cain fought Lesnar for the title. But as of now, Silva is the only logical # 1 contender since JDS just got beat in a convincing way and the others still are not that near. Unless you wanna have Silva vs Struve for # 1 contender while JDS heals mentally from his “divorce” thing.

  • There is no way Silva deserves a rematch with Cain.

    Overeem did get koed by Silva, but remains the better fighter of the two by far.
    This fight can be compared to GSP vs Serra, where GSP should have won, got koed, fought smart and won in the rematch.

  • Werdum is the only fight that makes sense for Cain. Or have Cain sit and wait for the winner of Big foot vs Barnett.

    • JimmyPettishardo

      Dana is not gonna give Werdum ****. For some reason Dana doesn’t like Werdum.

  • aries

    Always knew overeem was overrated , I remember when he fought werdum he was getting whopped standing up , only reason werbum lost is because he wanted him on the ground , one fight can change perspectives

  • MMAGold

    I think the logical opponent for Cain is Cormier. He crushed silva, and is undefeated. It would be an interesting matchup. Both with great wrestling and hands. Cormier needs to get past Mir first.
    It is a long lay off for Cain, but if Cormier gets thru Mir unscathed,I believe it should happen

    • big poppa

      They won’t fight each other

  • Villain

    Did you guys see how fat Cain was last night. Dude his titties were hanging plus nobody notice that his zipper was undone because of the weight. HW needs a ligit ranking system.

  • M.valade

    Big foot need one more win to get a rematch. I would make a no.1 contender fight between Junior dos santos and big foot silva. The winner get Valasquez , What do you think ?

  • combatsportsking

    reem looked un-prepared at the weigh in..i called it and won a bundle

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    I glad that Bigfoot crushed Overeem. The only bad part was that Herb Dean didn’t let Silva pound on him some more to teach him some humility.

  • Dude

    I saw a lot of ppl here saying JDS would destroy can on There 2 fight.. And all know what happened there…I think big foot deserves the shot, not only he ko an undefeated opponent but he also ko the number 2 contender.. Who is to say pezao can’t beat Velasquez?! Remember this is MMA and it can be unpredictable.. Just my opinion

  • diazfan209

    if Overeem gets the rematch with Bigfoot, I’d expect him to fight for a quick finish and not mess around like he did

  • The way I see it,
    Werdum (if he beats Nogueira)
    Barnett (if he beats his first ufc opponent)
    Big foot (with another win)
    should be contenders. First have them fight and depending on who wins and how their fight goes, pick the next title challenger.

  • Otávio

    Let’s not forget that this was Silva’s second KO in a row after losing to Velasquez. Cain got his rematch after only a single win, so by that logic Bigfoot is more deserving of one. On the other hand I’d rather see Cain fight Werdum or a third JDS (after one fight), the way I see it Cain is the worst match-up for Bigfoot.