Anthony Pettis Will Fight Again Instead of Waiting for Edgar or Maynard

January 7, 2011
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Anthony Pettis at WEC 48

Anthony Pettis at WEC 48

The draw between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard at UFC 125 will mean a trilogy between the two lightweight competitors will happen in 2011, but it also means the last WEC champion Anthony Pettis is left out of the title picture for the time being.

Now it appears Pettis will not wait around for a title shot, and will fight again before challenging Edgar or Maynard.

Mike Roberts of MMA Inc., Pettis’ management company, told on Friday that Pettis would be returning to the cage instead of sitting out for nearly a year to wait for a title shot.

“Anthony was obviously disappointed in not getting the title shot, but he also understands why Dana made that decision,” Roberts said. “After consulting with Anthony and Duke Roufus, we collectively decided that it would be in Anthony’s best interest to take a fight in the meantime.

“A 10-month or possible year layoff was just too long. We believe with a win against a top lightweight contender Anthony will still get the title shot later in the year”.

Pettis defeated Ben Henderson at WEC 53 to close out that promotion in December, and was slated to face the winner of Edgar and Maynard, but a draw put that on hold.

Pettis looks to return to the cage, likely in the first half of 2011, to keep busy then challenge either Edgar or Maynard if he can stay on a winning path.

  • Makes sense for a fighter with a ton of momentum not to allow that momentum to die down… especially one as confident as Pettis.

  • mma24069

    Bet he fights clay guida.. makes sence guida beats him he finally gets his chance. be a great fight hard to call

  • slorider

    im glad pettis isnt getting a shot yet. stann and condit didnt get an immediate shot coming over from the WEC. why should pettis? i guess cause dana says so.

  • dbernico

    I hope he fights Sean Sherk or Jim Miller, both are in the title picture, hopefully they don’t give him a can.

  • mma24069

    sean sherk is not in the titile picture, and jim miller.. i think he got noticed cause he bitched cause no one knew his name. hes good. but guida deserves pettis fight and thats what should happen. Jim miller gets barboza next maybe? that barboza is gonna be good