Anthony Pettis Wants to Replace TJ Grant Against Benson Henderson at UFC 164

June 16, 2013
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Anthony Pettis vs. Benson HendersonAnthony Pettis was scheduled to drop down to the featherweight division to face champion Jose Aldo on Aug. 3 at UFC 163 in Rio de Janeiro, but was forced out of the title bout with a knee injury.

Before making the decision to change weight classes for a shot at Aldo, Pettis was in line to fight for the UFC lightweight title in a rematch with titleholder Benson Henderson.  Pettis defeated Henderson by unanimous decision in December 2010 in the WEC prior to the organization being folded over into the UFC.

Henderson is scheduled to face TJ Grant on Aug. 31 at UFC 164 in Milwaukee.

Pettis, a Milwaukee native, now believes that he can be ready to fight by Aug. 31 and wants to replace Grant against Henderson to fight for the title in his hometown.

The 26-year-old released a statement to Fuel TV’s UFC Post-Fight Show.

“I can be 100-percent ready to fight Benson Henderson in Milwaukee.  With all due respect to TJ Grant, Milwaukee is my town and the fight with Ben is the fight everyone has wanted for years,” read the statement.  “If it works out, great; if not, I will get my shot very soon.  But I think we all know which fight the fans want to see and the entire city of Milwaukee!”

UFC president Dana White doesn’t think Pettis can be ready to fight by then.

“He’s wrong.  He will not be ready by that date,” said the UFC president during the event’s post-show on Fuel TV.  “The doctor, whom I respect and listen to, says that he won’t be.  The therapist that he talked to in Milwaukee says he will.  I’m going with the doctor not the therapist.”

White wants a second opinion on Pettis’ knee rehabilitation progress, and doesn’t want the fighter to rush back into competition before he’s ready.

“I’m going to fly him into Vegas this week and have him looked at again for a second opinion.  I want a second opinion on it,” said White. “I don’t want this kid to rush it.  There’s no rush for him to fight.  We’ll get something. I want him to heal and get his knee fixed properly.”

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  • gabe

    pettis you’re f***ing up. should’ve just waited it out for the Benson fight in the first place now you wanna take tj grants shot at which he earned. I wanna see you fight for the lightweight title more than fighting aldo but you can’t have your cake and eat it too

  • Ninjaman

    How can he be so selfish? If he we’re patient he would be fighting Henderson, but no. He voluntarily chose to drop to featherweight and leapfrog all the legitimate featherweight contenders like Lamas and KZ to fight Aldo – guys who had been working their way up the ladder for months for a shot at Aldo. Now he got hurt he wants to cut in line in front of Grant who also legitimately earned his own shot at Henderson?

    Nothing against Pettis but I think of three appropriate (but corny lol) cliches 1) Karma is a bitch, 2) you made your bed now sleep and 3) you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    We all know Dana follows the money and hardly ever follows the contendership hierarchy but I hope he doesn’t make this guy have his wish. This will send the wrong message to the locker room. Work hard and earn your shot BUT anyone with a big enough name can knock you off and steal your shot at the eleventh hour. Dana needs to keep his word for a change.

  • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

    F*** this guy.. he gets a shot a FW, gets scared and now he wants a shot at LW??He needs to earn it again.

    • Maddawgmar

      Well, he got a shot at LW, and got scared, then went to FW, to fight a smaller guy. Then isn’t able to take that fight, and thinks he should get LW fight immediately. I don’t think he should have to earn a shot again, but wait his turn.

    • toom

      petis lovers its insane guy beats one good fighter while hes in the ufc and people think hes the next silva its insane i agree with your posts 100%

  • Maddawgmar

    This just solidifies how much I don’t like Pettis. He is a primadonna, thinks everything is owed to him. Thought he was owed a title shot after losing to Guida and two wins, one was cotraversial. Then earns a title shot at 155, and picks a fight at 145. He gave up his title shot to fight a smaller champion. You do not get to pick your fights unless your a Champ that earns it.

    • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

      Agreed 1000%.. i was looking forward to see Aldo beat his ass but i guess he got scared…
      And to be Honest TJ Grant did more to deserve a title shot than Pettis
      But if the doc. says that Pettis is ready for that date, expect the UFC to replace Grant with Pettis

      • The Best Eva

        I can’t believe people like this post. Pettis has done very well only losing to the wet blanket, he doesn’t deserve to snub TJ but got scared, LOL!

        • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

          Dude who the hell tears a meniscus and isn’t ready to fight on a day, but would be ready to fight 2 weeks later?? A tore meniscus needs surgery you know, plus Rehab..

          • The Best Eva

            He’s not allowed to fight where the hell are you getting that he doesn’t
            want to, he’s trying to get cleared as fast as possible and he wants a
            title shot at either class which would be stupid because he would lose
            not training while rehabbing his knee.

            He earned the lightweight title shot, he got the featherweight shot because that division is a little thin on talent to face the beast in Aldo.

          • Justin Hawkins

            I tore my meniscus in 2007 completely into didn’t have no surgery I tore it jumping from a black hawk helicopter with my unit in the army. It depends on your age and body type. And I was back BASE jumping in 5 weeks it is nothing like a acl or mcl tare. And btw show time will have both 155 an 145 belts soon he’s the best at both weights

          • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

            5 weeks.. If he has to stop for 5 weeks, he wouldn’t have a full training camp

          • Mark McDowall

            Justin we all appreciate your service to our country first of all. But Pettis will hold 45 & 55 lb belts? Are you kidding…he’s Ranked #3 in LW(which makes no sense since Grant is the #1 contender and Pettis couldn’t beat Maynard or Melendez due to their superior wrestling).

            I think he has a better shot staying @ 45. He will be a big 145 lber and will still be amoungst the fastest and strongest guys in the division.

          • toom

            wow if you believe that your insane dude has no ground game what so ever his stand up isnt as good as aldos and hes not as fast and benson would probably follow the same plan clay did and take him down and keep him there

          • Darin

            Pettis is great on the ground and we already saw him fight Bendo….Pettis won, remember?

          • toom

            great on the ground really he almost lost to Stevens and.Yeah he beat ben but ben deff didn’t fight his fight I mean I don’t like.petis but he’s a good kickboxing but he will never hold even one fix title

          • AnthonyPettisisOverrated

            Great on the ground? Catching a s***** Shane Roller after he got his ass beat for 14 minutes don’t mean shit.

          • shakejunt


    • Milosc

      That’s because it ‘was’ owed to him, for years. He legitimately hurt himself for the Aldo fight and his request for Milwaukee makes sense

      It’s a good thing knee-jerk reactions are for the little people..

      • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

        It’s funny how he has a “tore meniscus” and had to drop out from the Aldo fight, but he would be ready to fight 2 weeks later..

      • Maddawgmar

        It was owed to him when he came into the UFC. But not ahead of Maynard. Then he lost to Guida and lost his shot. Then he had a poor showing against Stephens, and won cotraversially. Still not owed a shot. But two KO wins earned him a shot, but he gave that up to fight Aldo. Now cuz he is unable to fight Aldo, he is owed a shot at 155, that he gave up. I don’t think so. Wait his turn. He’ll get it after TJ.

    • Ian Price

      I don’t think he’s acting like he’s better than he is. He is that good.

      I don’t think he was being a dick. He didn’t say “TJ Grant is a bitch, get out of my town”.

      He respectfully said that since he lives in Milwaukee, it would be a better fight.

  • Edgar ontano

    pettisis crazy, wait your turn buddy, grant knocked out maynard he deserves it

    • shakejunt

      if anyone is entitled to cut in line at lw, it’s pettis.

      • Edgar ontano

        No wait in line, he hasnt done anyhting special in the ufc

        • shakejunt

          i think you may be what they call a “hater”

          • Edgar ontano

            hah not a hater, just dont think its fair. if anything your hating on grants ko

          • shakejunt

            nah nah, we’re on the same page. i don’t think he should get grant’s spot either. my comment was merely reflecting on how he’s been skipped over twice already.

  • I don’t know why they would book the fight in the home town of Pettis without him on the card. He knows what it’s like to get a title shot taken away coming off a win. He’s not going to get it anyway. There’s no way he can fight the same month after pulling out of another fight. Although him and Aldo is a good fight a rematch with Henderson and being champion in that division would have done so much more for his career. No division is stacked like the LW division.

    • Mark McDowall

      I agree but he did make a big deal about dropping down to face Aldo…now he wants to go back up to fight Bendo?!?! He needs to make up his mind and not think that he is in the position where he can pick and choose his fights. Especially title fights.

      • He should have just kept his mind on Benson. Now he pulled out of a fight and is saying he can fight a different guy the same month.

  • Cereal Killer

    “With all due respect to TJ Grant, Milwaukee is my town and the fight with Ben is the fight everyone has wanted for years”… hey Pettis, with all due respect, shut the hell up!

  • Trevor240

    Why the hell doesnt he wait for his turn.. He just cant go around dropping classes then expect to get another match in a catagory.. Come on… I mean I want to see him. I mean getting wins over Lauzon, Stephans and Cerrone doesnt really earn you what ever you want

    • Mark McDowall

      Especially when the Stephens fight was a VERY close and controversial split decision.

  • El Gvapo

    I remember someone on another article thinking that perhaps Pettis had a test weight cut for 145 and it either he couldn’t make it or it took a hell of a lot out of him, so he declares himself injured. And now it looks like he wants back in at 155 because he couldn’t make 145. I’d bet pennies to pounds he gets that LW title shot.

    • Pablo Vasquez Jr. CombatScienceMMA • 2 days ago

      maybe they did a trial weight cut and pettis could not make it so they faked an injury

    • Makes sense. Could very well be the case.

  • The Best Eva

    Stupid if he gets it I’ll lose a ton of respect for the UFC, he should sit back shut up and wait his turn.

    • GiinoStenLund

      Ur damn right!
      I agree

    • Edgar ontano

      agreed i love petis the fight will be more “Exciting” but grant deserves it

  • Supaman

    Then, after Pettis loses to Bendo, he’s just gonna say that he came back early and his knee wasn’t fully healed, so he should get a rematch.

    Pettis wanted the featherweight shot at Aldo… and was granted it. He’s gotta MAN UP, recover from his injury and HOPE that UFC will grant him another chance at fighting winner of Aldo – Jung.

    Pettis is acting like a spoiled baby… couldn’t wait for title shot, so I’ll jump in line at lower weight class… pulls out of title fight, then wants to fight in hometown in place of someone who rightfully deserves title shot. Gimme a break. You just pulled out of a title fight. Just shut up and recover.

    • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

      Damn straight

    • Ian Price

      I see your point, but Pettis is so good and has so much hype, that it wouldn’t be a stretch for the change up. Not that I’d want it. I want TJ Grant in there in August.

      That said, if TJ somehow gets injured, hey, Pettis is ready.

      • Nai

        Good, not so good. Ask Clay Guida who made him look stupid. Just squeezed by Jeremy Stephens. However, I must say his last 2 wins were dominate.

        • Ian Price

          Good points. I forgot about the Stephens decision. Lets agree that any of these top fighters would probably be a good matchup and be exciting to watch.

  • drkdisciple

    Never liked Pettis the person and that’s one more reason to add to the list!

  • Baller31

    Styles make fights, and I would much rather see Pettis vs Aldo, and Grant vs. Henderson

  • EffinCraig

    Who does this f***ing guy think he is? @TJ_Grant earned that shot, wait your turn kid.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    I don’t care who Pettis fights as long as he gets beat and knocked down a few pegs.His ego as gotten way over inflated since that lucky kick off the cage.

  • AnthonyPettisisOverrated

    Pettis is so overrated it’s ridiculous. Acts like he’s entitled to a shot at the belt. He lost his chance as Aldo(a fight in which he would’ve gotten the s*** kicked out of him) and now he wants to replace the RIGHTFUL challenger for the belt? GTFO!

  • diazfan209

    Entitled champions are bad enough, the last thing we need are entitled contenders.