Pettis Wants Title Shot (UFC 144 Post-fight Video)

February 25, 2012
Comments off caught up with Anthony Pettis for an exclusive one-on-one interview just minutes after he delivered a dazzling kick to the head of Joe Lauzon in Round 1 of their fight at UFC 144 in Japan. Pettis, who missed out on his shot at the title during the Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard trilogy, now calls for the title shot he got passed over for.

Check our the one-on-one interview with Anthony Pettis…

  • browill70

    The real question is does he deserve it? I think he’s riding Ben Henderson’s coattails to a title shot.

    • Seriously? LOL

      • How is browill wrong? Pettis lost to Guida, then beat two fighters not in the top 10. Jeremy Stephens isnt that impressive of a victory and Lauzon only is because of his last fight. Pettis is only getting the title shot because of the fact that he took Henderson’s belt before.

  • The_SaavedraFiles

    i don’t think he deserves it not yet atleast.