Anthony Pettis To Undergo Surgery, Return Likely Mid to Late Summer to the UFC

March 20, 2012
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Now that Anthony Pettis knows that his lightweight title shot will have to wait, he’s decided to clean up some nagging injuries instead.

Pettis will undergo minor surgery according to his manager Mike Roberts from MMA Inc., who confirmed an earlier report from UFC Tonight on Fuel TV when speaking to on Tuesday.

While the former WEC lightweight champion opted not to reveal the nature of the injury, the surgery required is to clean out some existing problems, which most likely means a joint problem like a knee or elbow.

Roberts stated that with no scheduled fight on the horizon, now just made the most sense for Pettis to get the surgery done.

Regardless of the injury, Pettis’ time under the knife will keep him on the sidelines for approximately 8 weeks in total.

According to Roberts, Pettis will likely get back in the UFC Octagon sometime in mid to late summer 2012 and once again begin his pursuit of the UFC lightweight title.

Pettis most recently competed at UFC 144 where he knocked out Joe Lauzon with a thunderous head kick, earning ‘Knockout of the Night’ honors as well.

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  • D-rail

    At least he can get some things fixed before Joe Silva gives him some shitty opponent that makes absolutely no sense. We all know that if Henderson could possibly ask for a rematch if he loses and Frankie the rematch king will give it tio him. If that happens, I hope the UFC looses a lot fans and lightweight fighters who are getting diaked around with this non-sense. Fans are definately getting what they want!!!

    • BizzleZX10R

      i agree with you 90%

      i wouldn’t exactly say Louzon was a BS fight. Louzon is actually really good,i just think Pettis got “Lucky” just like Penn knocked out Hughes.

      I mean,i’m sure Pettis would of won regardless but still.

  • Joe Lauzon has nothing for Pettis. He can’t take him down, he’s smaller by a lot and his striking is about half as good.