Anthony Pettis Not Dropping to Featherweight, Eyes Lightweight Title in 2012

March 14, 2012
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Anthony Pettis may not be getting the next crack at the UFC lightweight title, but he’s not going anywhere but on a hunt for the next best challenge at 155lbs.

During UFC Tonight on Fuel TV on Tuesday, it was reported that Pettis was possibly considering a drop to 145lbs and challenging featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

While it was anything but a done deal, the possibility seemed to exist.

Well it appears those reports were false, because Pettis is making it clear that his goal is capturing the UFC lightweight title, and that alone is his mission in 2012.

“I’m not dropping to 145 to fight Aldo,” Pettis wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday. “155 is my home and I’ll get that belt.”

Pettis appeared to be in the proverbial catbird seat after his emphatic knockout win over Joe Lauzon at UFC 144. Just two fights earlier, Pettis defeated current UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson in the final WEC fight before the competitors shifted over to the Octagon in 2011.

UFC President Dana White immediately said that Pettis was most likely the next challenger for Henderson’s newly minted belt.

“I think he’s gonna get it,” said White about Pettis’ shot.

In the long run however, the UFC opted to give former champion Frankie Edgar another crack at the belt after losing a razor close decision to Henderson to drop the title.

That left Pettis in limbo without an opponent.

“Let me be very clear on this, Anthony Pettis is fully focused on the 155lb belt,” Pettis’ manager Mike Roberts wrote via his Twitter account late Tuesday night. “Not very likely he would go down to featherweight.

“He could make 145lbs but lightweight still has some unfinished business.”

It looks like Pettis has the final word now and he’s staying in the lightweight division.

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  • Prodigy815

    I like Showtime but he has improve his wrestling,you can’t get a title shot if you cant beat the lightweight gatekeeper(Clay Guida).

    • he’s won 6 of 7 with a win over the champ and it is the fight most fans want to see rather than the 6th consecutive lightweight title shot that is part of a rematch or trilogy.

      All LW title shots don’t need to be best 2 out of 3.

    • shakejunt

      see pettis vs stephens

    • chrislovely

      Really prodigy. Clay fought his best fight hes ever fought. Pettis is the best 155 in the world. Clay new not to stand with him. That fight was a learning experience for Pettis. Guida is a vet and it showed. Just wait and see Pettis and Benson will fight again. Pettis will take the belt away from him again!!!

  • Triggerman99

    Can we maybe just STFU about these guys moving weight classes for a little while? They’re lightweight fighters….let em be lightweight fighters.

  • He should be fighting Henderson for the Belt, not Edgar.

  • pooby

    Upon reading these comments, something occurred to me: Frankie Edgar vs. Clay Guida would be hilarious! They both use exagerated head movement (especially Guida when he fights someone with decent striking).

  • Towers66

    Pettis vs Hendo is the title fight I want to see. It makes sense except for the guida loss but UFC matchups don’t always have to make perfect sense if history repeats itself. I too am tired of hearing about weight class changes, they need to change the focus off of that and the rematches need to stop ASAP. A rematch should only happen when it is 100% necessary like in the Maynard case. If you lose a decision then you messed up and lost. That’s that. Don’t leave it in the judges hands. Champs like jones, aldo and silva and even (sigh) Pierre win by finish or majority decision so rematches are not even in the talks. It should be the same for all champs.

  • D-rail

    I blame Dana for allowing these rematches to happen. Rematches have taken the lightweight division hostage with razor close decisions. The rest of the true contenders have to wait for 2013 before competing for that belt. Anthony vs Maynard would solidify the next contender. I like how all these top guys have to battle it out just to possibly face Frankie next, what a joke. Anthony is definitely getting diacked in the worse way just because he got humped by Guida.

    • phrankthetank

      No, Maynard had 2 chances at the belt and couldn’t get the job done. He doesn’t get to hop right into a contenders match.

  • mmachoman

    Of Ben Henderson’s last SIXTEEN fights, he has only ONE loss on record … Anthony Pettis.

    That’s gotta count for something.

  • I love the way Pettis fights, he has one of thee most exciting styles to watch, mabe just under Nick…I wish he would go down get the featherweight belt from Aldo, then next fight come back up and get the light weight belt from the winner of hendo/frankie…

    • And be the first to hold two belts…

      • shakejunt

        exciting fighter, but i’m not sure he’s THAT guy

        • Triggerman99

          Yeah agree. He’s fun to watch, but he’s not “that” good. FFS, he’s not even the champ of one weight class in the UFC yet. Let’s not crown him a legend just yet.

    • fitefan

      Pettis is a more exciting striker than Diaz.
      Nothing exciting at all about Diaz, he’s strictly a boxer. No wheel kicks, no judo throws, no flying knees, no spinning backhands. Just punches, and that annoying pawing the air motion he does.
      He’s a controversial character, and always willing to fight, but by no means does he have an ‘exciting’ fight style.

      And getting the belt from Aldo is not going to be an easy task.

  • maddawgmar

    This guy is not worthy if a title shot. He needs a couple more wins to be in title contention. He got owned by Guida, and barely eeked out a win against Stephens, still believe Stephens won. Then a KO of Lauzon and he is being talked like he could compete with Aldo. I see him getting owned by the top five at LW. Maynard, Henderson, Edgar. I’d even throw in Diaz and Cerrone. He will be exposed here soon.

  • chrislovely

    Why drop when you know u can take the belt from a guy u have already beat.LMAO

  • chrislovely

    It would b a great fight between Aldo and Pettis. But Aldo rules that division. Aldo needs to step up to 155 i think. Theres nobody that can come close to him at 145. If Aldo stays at 145 he will b CHAMPION FOR A LONG TIME!!!

    • maddawgmar

      I agree, nobody beats Aldo at 145. I think he has the talent to be the first multi-division champ. He could go to 155 and has the talent to top the best there. More, I think he can defend both belts. As for a good fight for Pettis I think Diaz makes a good fight. Anyone better would beat him, he hasn’t evolved since beating Henderson. I see henderson beating him now. Honestly I see Diaz beating him.