Anthony Pettis: I Beat Ben Henderson Once, I Can Do It Again (UFC 164 Video)

August 24, 2013
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Henderson vs Pettis 470x260UFC lightweight Anthony Pettis has dreamed of becoming a UFC champion since he began training mixed martial arts and he has that opportunity on Aug. 31 at UFC 164 when takes on titleholder Benson Henderson in a rematch.

Pettis defeated Henderson by unanimous decision in 2010, winning the WEC lightweight title in the process.

The WEC was folded into the UFC shortly after Pettis became the organization’s champion.  Since arriving in the UFC, Henderson has gone undefeated, capturing the title by defeating Frankie Edgar on Feb. 26, 2012, but Pettis believes lightning can strike twice.

“I beat Ben Henderson once, I can do it again.”

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  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Go Pettis!

  • Shaeboogie78

    Pettis got this

  • Pettis loses UD

    Pettis gonna get wrestled to a UD loss you heard it here first. Pettis is a great striker but has weak TD defense.

    • JDMMA

      wow… your sn is “pettis losses UD”

    • hahah

      Pettis sucks.. can’t even beat freaking guida. I wish this guy fight with more wrestlers so he can lose more. The most overrated guy ever. I mean serious put pettis against nate diaz or stikers like barboza, guillard, njokuani or freaking noons.. not cerrone lol that guy a joke

      Heck best fight i can think of is him vs frankie edgar. I would pay for that fight!

      • Guest

        Melvin guillard would get submitted or choked out by Pettis.

      • David

        Dude Pettis has improved. He only lost to Guida because that is when Guida decided to be a boring fighter and it threw Pettis off. Frankie Edgar is a better wrestler than Ben Henderson so your comment didn’t make sense. Anthony Pettis is going to be the Champion. He is going to KO Ben Henderson. Hell i wouldn’t doubt that he will submit him with a guillotine choke. lol.

      • The guest of guests

        Cerrone? You mean that guy that KO’d Guillard with a head kick and punches and beat Noons by UD? Now it all makes sense lol, you’re dumb. I’m hoping for Henderson on this one cuz I like the guy, but i’m honestly not sure. Pettis has looked great lately, should be a good one.

  • Pat Garret

    Pettis, def got the mental edge on this fight , but it’s anyone’s fight!

  • Truth

    lol, Pettis barely eeked out a super close decision. People act like Pettis did better than he did b/c all they remember is the sick matrix cage kick.

    Bottom line, Bendo has shown he’s more well-rounded and has been undefeated since whereas Pettis is injury prone and hit-or-miss.

    Either way, this should be another close and exciting match.

    • Dragon Kid

      Pettis’ last two fights ended by KO whereas Bendo’s last 3 fights, he’s only had 1 convincing win. Rather see Pettis as champion coz frankly Bendo’s fight style sucks & he isn’t entertaining

  • Standby

    Damn you guys got some faith in Pettis. Benson is going to snugglepuff the s*** out of Pettis. It’s going to be stoppage by ass to mouth or a unanimous decision from five rounds of north south grinding from Bendo. He’s going to nipplefight Pettis harder than Clay Guida did, pec to pec grinding warfare.

    Even if Pettis beats him, like Frankie and Gilbert did, the judges will still give it to Benson. No rematches holding up the titleshots anymore either. I don’t see Benson finishing, and I don’t see Pettis standing for long.

    • shakejunt

      ben has a hard time initiating takedowns against fighters that have good movement and tends to get clipped coming in. amazing athlete, but pettis should be able to capitalize on the openings.

  • Neither Bendo or Pettis sucks! I don’t know what half of the fans out there are talking about. We are talking about a championship fight between Ben Henderson a guy who has defended his title in wars with a former champion and a top contender in Glibert Melendez against a guy who holds a victory over him and has stopped two tough veterans in Joe Lauzon and Cowboy. Pettis was hugged by Guida. That loss is the only thing really setting him back. Both of these guys deserve respect coming into this fight with each other.