Anthony Pettis Gets Stitches and a Concussion, Courtesy of New UFC Champ

March 15, 2015
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There was nary a glimpse of “Showtime” in the Anthony Pettis we saw at UFC 185 on Saturday night in Dallas. And it’s no wonder, as the first punch he took dimmed the lights.

Anthony-Pettis-UFC-181-750v2The cut Pettis suffered was visible to everyone, enough so that he needed stitches, but the concussion he apparently suffered was the element that we couldn’t see.

Pettis started the fight with his usual vigor, but after Rafael dos Anjos landed a hard left hand to his right eye, everything went downhill for Pettis.

Dos Anjos certainly sensed it, keeping the pressure on throughout the fight, and beating Pettis to the punch… and kick… at every turn.

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“He got stitches on his eyebrow. Not a bad cut. He got seven stitches, and he’s got a concussion,” UFC president Dana White revealed on the UFC 185 Post-Show on FOX Sports 1. “He said after he got hit with that first shot he wasn’t feeling right for the rest of the fight.”

It’s not that Pettis was making excuses. It was the punch from dos Anjos that did the damage, after all. But it is what happened, and now, Pettis will have to retool his game to try and get the UFC lightweight title back.

“I didn’t anybody could do that to Anthony Pettis,” added White.

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  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    Never really been a huge Pettis fan but I did believe the hype. WOW!!!!!!! Pettis took and a’ss whopping tonight. I thought Pettis looked different physically before the fight even started. he just didn’t look quite as ripped and nowhere near as big. He made both Melendez and Bendo look small IMO and something about him wasn’t same tonight. For sure he was nowhere near as aggressive as in the past. Reminded me of same way GSP looked in the Hendricks fight. where he had shrunken throughout his upper body and wasn’t anywhere near as ripped or cut up as before and didn’t have the explosiveness as before. Make me curious since this like the LEAST amount of time between fights Pettis has had in years and that was the exact same thing as GSP had in common when he fought Hendricks. GSP had always had a year or two between fights in last few years and then he fought Condit and Hendricks in same year or less. Yep there was something very different IMO about Pettis physically. One thing most people don’t ever think of that is a proven fact is fighters who have used PED’s don’t just gain strength and explosiveness and endurance but even more important than those advantages is they become mentally dependent they know that they feel 10 times better and stronger on them and can train and recover at a pace that CLEAN fighters can only dream of so when they stop talking them they get it in their heads that they might not be able to win when they stop even though they still may have all the physical gains from juicing much like we all saw with Overeem in the Lesnar fight. Since having to back off the PED’s Overeem has lost to fighters he would have blown thru if he had fought them same night he fought Lesnar

    Everyone likes to pretend that GSP passed REAL VADA random testing even though he set the whole thing ups himself 8 months before the first tester ever showed up at his door. That was the first time GSP ever had a PED test that would detect EPO’s, HGH, Or Victor Conte’s “CLEAR” and countless other designer steroids that GSP or any other fighter could have easily been on his entire career. I think that is why GSP himmed and hawwed back and forth with Nevada athletic commission on agreeing to have the testing done by a another WADA accredited lab other than VADA who GSP had entered into a sponsorship deal which made the whole thing an obvious publicity stunt as well as a conflict of interest. Kizer said GSP and his attorney kept asking the same questions over and over even though Keizer acting as the go between had already provided the list of PED;s that would be tested for and then Keizer finally got pissed and said to GSP and his attorney “if you are 100% clean why would you spent the last few months asking over and over again what PED’s WADA would be testing for. Hendricks agreed to Olympic testing thru any lab that the Nevada athletic commission wanted that was accredited for WADA testing and instead GSP muddled the whole thing up because he had his VADA deal where they had agreed to test him for free as long as they could use him on their website for advertsing. FALSE advertising even calling it “RANDOM” testing when GSP knew when they would begin the testing and as I said he had 8 months to clean up. Hendricks passed all the testing required by the commissions and only refused to get involved with GSP’s shady business relationship/conflct of interest. GSP lied and said he was paying for his testing also which was complete B.S so why would any opponent get involved with that whole shady deal. Also Victor Conte was working with VADA then and had his name and picture listed on their website as the one handling that whole GSP publicity stunt.

    Point being when a fighter is out for a year or more they can use whtever they want and clean up before their next fight and have all their won private testing done to make sure they are clean at fight time. I am convinced this is why we seen so many fighters over the years drop out a week or two before the fight. Its like why would they be going hard when the fight is so close and u know they are concentrating on weight cutting. Hello their private testing came back and they pushed the PED;s too long. Rory has dropped out fo 2 fights i know of on very short notice ( matt brown and Condit fights.

    I don’t care what anyone says this is the first back to back fight for Pettis since he became “unbeatable” and looked insanely above Bendo and Melendez. Something really looked differnt about pettis. Not just physically but he had no confidence tonight even before the fight started he looked like a deer in headlights

    • Sir_Roy

      GSP fought his last three fights in 12 months. Not sure where you get the “he always had a year or two” between fights. That’s just dumb. As is you feeling Pettis ever, EVER, made Hendo or Melendez look “small”. Seriously? You for real with that crap?

      I’ve made some long posts in my time … but damn. What a waste of space. All your premises are based on false information to boot. Get out of here with that crap.

      • otown689a

        I lol’ed when he said pettis made them look small.

    • TheCerealKiller

      You came here to accuse GSP and Pettis of using PEDs, cute. Just enjoy the fights and let the commission worry about the PEDs.

    • mmafanguy

      funny that your post is like 3 time bigger than the article and with a big load of false fact. Please don’t do that again.

  • DOS ANJOS THEN “Everybody has a plan before eating the first punch in the face”
    DANA NOW “He said after he got hit with that first shot he wasn’t feeling right for the rest of the fight.”

  • KJK

    This fight makes me wonder if Guida’s win was less of a fluke than I thought. It’s easy to get sucked in by AP’s razzle dazzle but when I look at this fight and the one with Guida it seems there is a hole in his game.

  • ExcusesExcuses

    … I actually spent time reading Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardts’ post, and even considered his “facts” for a few seconds… then I came back to reality. Jeesh, what a waste of my life that was, hit the bricks with your thoughts and accusations next time a-hole, and like TheCerealKiller said, “let the commission worry about the PEDs”. Speculation is fine, but if you’re going to preach make it with straight hard facts. Once you start throwing in B.S. your credibility starts going out the window.