Anthony Pettis Felt His Left Knee Pop in UFC 164 Title Win Over Benson Henderson

September 1, 2013
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Anthony Pettis at WEC 48Anthony Pettis realized a childhood dream securing the UFC ‘ightweight title with a first-round submission victory over Benson Henderson at UFC 164 in Milwaukee on Saturday night, but it could come at a cost after the new champ felt his knee pop in the opening moments of the fight.

“This is actually my other knee,” Pettis said on the UFC post-fight show on Fox Sports 2. “My right knee was my ACL tear, but I went to check a kick early in the first round and it hit me right in the middle of a groove and I felt my knee just pop.

“I felt it go back and forth, so I don’t know what happened yet. Hopefully it’s not something big and just a bruise, but I will wait until I get my MRI done.”

Despite recent injuries that forced the 26-year-old out of a fight with UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo, Pettis was 100-percent fit coming into Saturday night’s fight and is happy to revisit the idea of fighting Aldo. He’s even happy to drop down to featherweight to make it happen.

“I was 100-percent healthy, but I didn’t have a full camp. I only had a six week camp,” Pettis revealed. “I went from training 100 percent, took four weeks off, I was depressed. I didn’t know whether I would ever be champ.”

But now that he is the UFC lightweight champion, Anthony Pettis set his sights on a higher goal.

“I’m here to prove I’m the best in the world. If Aldo wants to fight me, let’s make it happen.”

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  • Kris-tyahn

    I said Pettis would beat Henderson, and I said Pettis would give Aldo a good beating. “A good beating” does not mean he would own Aldo, just that he would beat him and punish Aldo like no one else has before! Pettis has been one if my favorite fighters for a while, this guys kicks are more lethal than Aldo’s, IMHO!

    I guess Benson won’t be beating Silvas UFC record in 3 years, or ever…. Bahahaha idiot!

    • Darin

      I also said Pettis would likely beat Aldo. I don’t get the Aldo hype at all. He hasn’t looked really good since his WEC fights. People just don’t seem to get how good Pettis is.

      • Lucas Freire

        Aldo hype?
        He was the champion of the previous organization with the best featherweights. He IS the champion in the UFC, he basically cleared the division, there’s like 1 or 2 relevant guys he hasn’t defeated yet. He already defeated a champion from LW…
        Of course Pettis would be the toughest bout for him, but it does not make him some product of hype.

  • shakejunt

    i also also also also also said pettis would win. am i cool now?


      your a douche bag!!! stop posting no one likes you!!!!

      • Chicago

        Between your over aggressive name and your demeanor/comment. you really need to relax. then again who am I to tell you how to act? I’m just another idiot with an opinion.

      • El Gvapo

        I don’t know, I quite enjoyed his post. Can I say that I thought Bendo would dry hump Pettis to a tight decision win? Man I look foolish in front of you knowledgable chaps now.