Anthony Pettis Admitted to Hospital with Staph Infection in Elbow

October 22, 2012
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Anthony Pettis UFC 136It’s been a rough few months for former WEC champion Anthony Pettis, and his latest illness has landed him in the hospital.

Pettis was admitted for care at a Milwaukee area hospital on Monday after a staph infection was discovered in his elbow.

Pettis’ manager Mike Roberts confirmed the news to on Monday. Inside MMA first reported the information.

According to Roberts, Pettis was admitted after the discovery of the staph infection was made, and he immediately went in for treatment. Pettis’ manager did say however they don’t expect the infection to be anything serious, but he was admitted as a precaution.

Staph infections can be extremely dangerous if left untreated, and have plagued the MMA industry for many years.

New Bellator light heavyweight Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal is still recovering from his battle with a staph infection in his knee, that required multiple surgeries and treatments in the hospital. Only now several months later is Lawal back on his feet and in training, but he battled the deadly infection for some time before being able to rehabilitate his knee.

Pettis’ infection is not believed to be nearly as bad, but he will be treated in the hospital for the infection as they look to clear it up so he can return home, and return to training.

Pettis is expected to face Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in his next fight, most likely in late January.

  • shakejunt

    oh man, i really hope this doesn’t affect the potential bout with cerrone in january. if he’s out for any more time, i can see him getting shafted out of a title shot again after he returns.

  • stevemcz11

    Why is Pettis fighting Cerrone? That is a mismatch. Ben Henderson beat Cerrone and Pettis beat Henderson. If Cerrone was to somehow pull off a win he would face either Nate Diaz or Ben Henderson and I doubt anybody wants to see that? Pettis is just getting shafted at every turn

    • Joesully

      Yeah that logic works every time. Good thing they let Henderson and Guida fight last year, you know, because Pettis beat Henderson and Guida beat Pettis. I think a lot of people would like to watch Cerrone rematch both of them.

      • adam1848

        my thoughts exactly, Joesully. plus i think cerrone v pettis is a perfect match up, and exactly the fight most people wanted for both of them. i very excited for it, and hope anthony has a swift and complete recovery from the staph.

        • stevemcz11

          Yeah your right about Guida beating Pettis. But in fairness he lay in Pettis’ guard for 3 rounds. It was not as definitive as running up the cage and landing a flying kick. Pettis won his last fight by headkick in round one. Bendo lost his last 2 fights IMHO and Cerrone has nothing for Bendo he will get destroyed and Nate will also destroy Cerrone. Anyway hopefully Pettis vs Diaz for the title is on the horizon

          • Joesully

            I personally think Bendo lost the second match against Edgar though I feel two of the rounds could have gone either way. Had Cerrone not got off to a slow start in their first match, I think he beats Bendo. He also did not seem like himself in the match against Diaz (not to make excuses). Either way I enjoy watching all four guys fight and regardless of if it is Bendo or Diaz vs Cerrone or Pettis I think it will be a great match.

          • stevemcz11

            You are delusional if you think Bendo or Cerrone vs Pettis or Diaz will be anything more than a one-sided beat-down in my opinion but I will also very much enjoy watching those beatdowns in pursuit of a greater fight. Also Edgar or Aldo vs Diaz or Pettis would be EPIC!

        • stevemcz11

          By most people I assume you mean Donald Cerrone fans. I defy you to find a Pettis fan to agree.

          • Joesully15

            I am pretty sure you can be a Cerrone fan and a Pettis fan. Yes, if you are more of a Pettis fan you are going to want him to win and (hopefully) finally get his shot at UFC gold. Cerrone is a great fighter and always exciting to watch. I am confused as to why it would be Bendo or Cerrone vs Pettis or Diaz though. Couldn’t it be Cerron vs Bendo or Pettis vs Diaz also? I am not delusional – just a fan of exciting matches. Oh and I am a Pettis fan. Therefore, I have already found one that would love to see Cerrone rematch both of them.

          • stevemcz11

            Yes Pettis vs Diaz is a fight I want to see for the title. Cerrone vs Bendo would be grand after they have been taken out of the title picture. Which may not happen if the blind judges from Bendo’s last two fights decide to make an appearance. You are delusional if you think Bendo and Cerrone belong in the cage with Pettis or Diaz because Cerrone will get beat up again and Bendo is only in the picture because of poor judging

          • Joesully15

            To use your original argument, Bendo beat Guida, Guida beat Diaz, so wouldn’t Bendo beat Diaz? Edgar knocked out Maynard, Maynard beat Diaz, wouldn’t Edgar beat Diaz? Also, without running up the cage and kicking Bendo in the face, Pettis probably loses that fight (47-48, 47-48, 48-47). They fight the fights for a reason. In my opinion, Bendo and Cerrone can put up a fight against Pettis and Cerrone. If I am wrong when the fights happen (since they are going to) I will gladly admit it.

          • Joesully15

            …against Pettis and Diaz*

          • stevemcz11

            Yes we will see.

  • Gigi

    pettis over cerrone

  • Man Showtime ain’t getting cut no slack in the injury department lately. Hope he doesn’t get to down over it all and is able to bounce back. As far as the Cerrone fight goes I think they are both legitimate contenders and it should be a great fight

  • Triangle choke

    I hope he recovers fast too, because I have been waiting for the Cerronne vs. Pettis for a while now. Wow, what a fight that will be. The fans will be the real winners in that fight.

  • UFCfightblogger

    Pettis vs Cerrone is the only fight to make at this point. Other top contenders in the division are already booked. Cerrone should just wait since its a lightweight contenders match. Not worth the risk to lose your spot against a lower opponent.