Anthony Johnson Open to Heavyweight Super Fight Against Andrei Arlovski

November 5, 2012

Anthony Johnson at UFC Fight Night 24Anthony Johnson is a man who enjoys challenges.

Just days after his highlight reel knockout over D.J. Linderman at World Series of Fighting 1 in Las Vegas, he’s already got a few ideas for what he’d like to do next.

Throughout his career, Johnson has tested the limits of his body and skill set bouncing from welterweight all the way to light heavyweight, and now he has a new weight class in mind.

“I’ve tried 170, I’ve tried 185, now I’m at 205, and actually I can’t lie, I want to go up to heavyweight one time, just to test it out,” Johnson told MMAWeekly Radio on Monday.

“I want to be the first guy, I don’t know if anybody’s ever done it, but I want to be the first guy to fight four weight classes at one time.”

Johnson has had a lot of success thus far in his light heavyweight career, picking up 3 victories in 3 tries, winning all of them by knockout or TKO. While he’s still awaiting word from World Series of Fighting about his next bout with the promotion, he’s open to offers at heavyweight as well.

“I’d accept it if they offered it to me,” said Johnsona about fighting at heavyweight. “There are some big guys out there, obviously they get up to 265 cause that’s the limit, but if they offered me a fight against a guy that was 250, I’d fight him. It’s just a fight.”

One name that pops to mind when looking at the roster of competitors under the World Series of Fighting banner is former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovksi.

Arlovski fought in the main event where he knocked out Devin Cole in the first round to pick up his third win in his last four fights. Even Johnson admits, that’s a fight he’s been thinking about.

“I thought about that fight too, I’d take it if they offered it to me. I was actually thinking about it today. I was thinking about it today whenever I watched the fights, I watched the whole card today, and I was like it would be crazy if I got to fight Andrei Arlovski,” said Johnson.

“If it happened, I would accept it. Andrei’s a great athlete. I remember when he won the title, I remember when he lost the title, I’ve followed his career. He’s a great fighter, a real athlete, a real fighter too, so it would be an honor to fight him. If it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t. That’s just something that popped in my head this morning, what if it did happen? That would be crazy.”

Johnson vs. Arlovski certainly seems like an intriguing match-up that would get the MMA world buzzing for the second ever World Series of Fighting event. Now it’s just up to the promotion to find the same kind of interest in that level of super fight.

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  1. “I want to be the first guy, I don’t know if anybody’s ever done it, but I want to be the first guy to fight four weight classes at one time.”

    Pretty sure BJ Penn has that covered…from 155 to HW if I’m not mistaken.

    • BJ fought LW, WW and LHW but I think it was an open weight class..

      • You’re probably right. I do remember reading about him facing Lyoto at one point.

        • yep its really easy fight to find just youtube it and its on there

          • That fight wouldn’t count because while Machida was a Heavyweight, it was openweight and Penn weighed in at 190. So it was still like a middleweight fight for him as far as making weight. As far as I know only Kenny Florian has fought at four weight classes using the modern rules of MMA.

          • Sakuraba has fought at WW, MW, LHW and open-weight against HWs.

    • Kenflo did it.

  2. Hendo has fought at Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, and Middleweight, and fought in Pride’s “Welterweight” division which had a top end limit 2 pounds lighter than the UFC’s Middleweight division. Does that count? 🙂

    • BJ Penn Fought LW, WW (2x) MW and HW in a 5 fight stretch

      in that run he beat Hughes UFC WW champ, Gomi (future prideFC champ), Ludwig and Rodrigo Gracie

      and lost a SD to Machida at HW.

  3. im loving the respect he is giving my boy arlovski, i been a big fan of his for a long time now and all you really hear about em is how he has a glass chin which i cant deny or blame anyone for pointing it out but his boxing and footwork are sick and really his overall game is pretty nice.

  4. I won’t lie, if they actually made this fight I would watch in a heartbeat. There’s something really intriguing about it, maybe just to see if AA could take one of Johnson’s punches

  5. Arlovski would be stronger and submissions wouldn’t be to smart on Johnson’s part he might want to stay at 205

  6. MMAweekly always has a bunch of noobs commenting

  7. Johnson never actually has made weight at 185. 195 and 197 don’t count. So he’s never done MW.