Anthony Johnson Not Sweating Jon Jones; Doesn’t Regret Bungling it at Welterweight

February 6, 2015
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Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has been down a long and winding road, having struggled for a long time fighting at 170 pounds before eventually settling at 205. Now he’s staring down a UFC title shot against Jon Jones, who is considered one of the top fighters of all time.

Johnson recently spoke extensively about the weight issues, not regretting the struggles he’s been through, and how he’s approaching the fight with Jones.

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  • Green Machine

    I hope he is the man to smash Jones druggie face in!

  • cheflacsto

    Always liked Rumble, and I think he may just be the guy to beat Jon. He is quick, has size, and hit with absurd power. He could definitely drop Jon Jones.

  • Muaythai4life

    My concern is the people Rumble struggles with are wrestlers. I think Jon’s camp is smart enough to see that. Jones has great wrestling. I see a lot of take downs in this fight.

    • Stephen seeley

      yeah totally…look how bad he did against phil davis

      • Muaythai4life

        Actually, that is a good point. He didn’t look awful against Phil Davis. But Phil has kinda decided he’s more striker than wrestler anymore. Personally, I hope Rumble gets the belt. It makes for more interesting matches moving forward. That being said Jones is a tough guy to figure out.

        • Lucas Freire

          When Phil decided it? Every fight of phil is an incredibly boring hump fest. His poor striking is used only to decieve the opponent. And both didn’t work on Rumble.

          • Muythai4wife

            Muaythai4life is just trying to come up with any reason to pick Jones over Johnson. Yeah…Phil Davis is now a striker…yeah….he “decided” to be a striker…yearh…ok.

    • dgs

      Yep, if the fight stays on the feet Johnson will be the first guy to KO Jones. Nobody Jones has fought hits as hard as Johnson. It’s staggering to think, that Jones came VERY close to losing to a five round war against Gustafsson, and it only took Johnson two minutes and fifteen seconds to KO Gustafsson. That is a scary man right there folks.

      I too see Jones’ wrestling being the only way he wins this fight, but don’t think Johnson’s camp doesn’t realize that. I see Johnson training with top wrestlers for his fight with Jones and working take-down defense non-stop.

  • NewsWatcher83

    I would love to see Rumble KO Jones. That would be a true Cinderella story. I knew something special was happening when he beat Arlovski. To me that was huge at the time. And I didn’t hear Rogan or Goldberg OR anyone else for that matter mention that victory in any promo or comments for that ppv. Almost like that fight never happened
    BUT there is a huge reason Jones went the distance with Alexander.. In one interview Bones said that his toughest fight was against Bonnar. ( prior to his fight with Alexander ) Lets think about that for a second… Bonnar? Really? I guess It does make sense.. Bones seems to have trouble w/ anybody that matches him in size/height. So it makes sense that he would have even more trouble with Gustafason.
    Unfortunately for Rumble, I just don’t think he’s lanky enough. Maybe I’m wrong. I hope I am. He does have some reach though! Im very interested in this one.

  • LokiD

    Johnson is a fighter, and a warrior, his comments at the post fight press conference show what a good man he is. He is the opposite of a bitch like Diaz, a true warrior who earns his title shot and admits his losses without excuses and retiring after each fight. I think Jones will win but I hope I’m wrong, Jones has shown us that Raschad may have been right about him being a phony all those years ago.

  • irish#1

    id like to see you say that to nick’s face we would see who’s the bitch then!!!