Anthony Johnson Hates John Howard, Would Gladly Accept Chance to Beat Him Up

March 27, 2011
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Anthony Johnson putting the beatdown on Dan Hardy

Anthony Johnson putting the beatdown on Dan Hardy

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson did what he had to do to get a win on Saturday night in Seattle at UFC Fight Night 24: Nogueira vs. Davis. Through three rounds, he wrestled his way to a win, getting the decision nod over Dan Hardy in their co-main event match-up.

The fight was Johnson’s first since December of 2009. The 16 months Johnson spent away from fighting was more than enough time to survey the UFC’s welterweight division. Now, having come off a win in the organization’s first trip to the Emerald City, “Rumble” is able to wait and see who the UFC will pair him with next.

When asked who he’d like to take on in his next trip to the Octagon, Johnson explained that the division is deep enough to make his choice of opponent difficult, but one name sticks out to him.

“The welterweight division is so stacked that if you call out one person, you got to call everybody out,” Johnson said shortly after his UFC Fight Night win. “There’s only one person who I really hate – John Howard.”

Johnson made it clear that he detests Howard, but doesn’t feel “Doomsday” is capable of dealing with a “rumble” after getting dealt with by Thiago Alves so efficiently.

“But he got beat up by Thiago, so he ain’t ready for me yet,” he said. “So, we’ll see. Whoever they give me I guess I just have to be ready for it.”

If given the opportunity, however, Johnson would accept a fight with Howard in a heartbeat. When asked how he would feel if the UFC granted him the opportunity to fight him, Johnson explained it would be perfectly okay with him.

“That’s fine, I’ll beat him up,” he said.

And why does Anthony Johnson want to beat up John Howard? The answer is simple – he feels Howard is a coward.

“He’s a (expletive),” he said.


  • XIRandomHeroIX

    Why is this stupid dick calling out a fighter coming of off 2 losses with no notable wins. Why not call out tougher fighters? I’d like to see him punch Koscheck’s face, maybe he could call out Alves or Thiago. Seems like a step back to call out a nobody when he just beat a guy that went 5 rounds with GSP

  • barchiva86

    Anthony is a nobody.His biggest win was against a novice farmboy that only wrestles, got out pointed by koscheck..and had a crappy win

  • MrAdidas

    barchiva86 & XIRandomHeroIX: U guys should do some research b4 posting a comment. RANDOM: I agree with you, Johnsons a douche SAC, but Koscheck already beat Johnson with ease, also Thiago is the same person as Alves. Come on dude, Thiago Alves is the same person, WOW!

    BARCHIVE86: I also agree, Johnson hasnt beaten anyone worth bragging about, BUT Koscheck didnt out point Johnson – he submitted him by rear naked choke!!! Come on!

    P.S Yeah Hardy went 25 mins with GSP – but its only bc GSP tried to submit Hardy with strength, rather than try to beat him up 1st & then attempt the sumbmission(s). GSP took Hardy for granted in regards to thinking he could easily submit him without inflicting any damage. I guarantee you that if GSP fought Hardy again, Hardy would not make it passed the 3rd round.

    • Sleazyt24

      I think he meant Paulo Thiago not Thiago alves.

    • barchiva86

      I didnt say he won the fight by ko/tko i meant during the fight he was getting out pointed by koscheck..

    • XIRandomHeroIX

      Yea I didnt know he had already fought Kos but I was revering to Paulo Thiago not Thiago Alves…

      • XIRandomHeroIX


  • sgilliss

    Agree with the overall sentiments of the comments here.

    Very strange that Rumble would call out Doomsday of all people. Why? How would Johnson’s fighting image or ranking improve with a win over Howard? How would it bring him closer to title contention? Don’t get it.

    Also seems interesting that Rumble drops so much (55lbs!) weight just to fight at 170. He walks around at 225 for crying out loud. There are some fighters that genuinely teeter between weight classes and then there are others who lean toward a weight class for strategic purpose.

    Let’s face it, a good big guy will almost always beat an equally good little guy. Of course, ‘big’ here often means tall or long and not necessarily fat or overly muscular. Lean is mean. Think Silva, Jones, Pettis, Cruz. Rumble is 6’2″ fighting against dudes that are on average 5’10”.

    If Johnson really wants to raise some eyebrows, he should fight at 185 and call out Silva or perhaps stay at 225 and talk smack of Velasquez who stands only 6’1″.

    I guess what I’m saying is: “Pick on someone your own size.”

  • AlbinoRhino

    Do some research, kids. Howard and Johnson were scheduled to fight last year, but it got cancelled due to an injury. Prior to that, there was a lot of sh*t talk and SINCE that time, they have made no secret about their shared disdain for one another.

    Simply stated, there is history between these two guys – and THAT is why Johnson is calling out Howard – the very same Howard who was – at the time they were originally scheduled to fight – coming off of 3 or 4 consecutive victories. I think we’d all agree that nobody would be calling Johnson a bully or a coward back then. It’s not his fault Howard has been outclassed in this last two fights.

  • avbryce1

    I think Johnson v. Condit is the best next fight!