Anthony Johnson Debuts at Light Heavyweight, Braulio Estima Makes MMA Debut at Titan 24

July 26, 2012
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Former UFC fighter Anthony Johnson is ready to test his meddle at a new weight class as he makes his light heavyweight debut at Titan Fighting 24 in late August.

Johnson first revealed his move to 205lbs when talking to earlier this month, and now his first fight in the new division has been booked.

The former welterweight and middleweight contender will face veteran Esteves Jones at Titan Fighting 24, which airs live on AXS TV on Friday, August 24.

“I’m excited to make my light heavyweight debut on August 24 in Kansas City for all the Titan Championship fans,” said Johnson. “I respect my opponent, but he’s in my way to get to the top of this new division. I’m looking forward to showing everyone my strength and power at 205, and exactly what I am capable of at this weight.”

Johnson moves up to light heavyweight after his lone fight in Titan Fighting where he defeated fellow former UFC competitor David Branch earlier this summer.

Also added to the Titan Fighting 24 card is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion Braulio Estima, who makes his MMA debut on the upcoming show.

While Estima is considered one of the top grapplers in the world, he came into the MMA spotlight recently when he accepted a jiu-jitsu match with UFC bad boy Nick Diaz. Unfortunately, Diaz ultimately no showed the event and Estima went without a grappling match that night, but the exposure definitely didn’t hurt his introduction to MMA fans.

Now Estima moves into the world of mixed martial arts after a highly decorated career in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and makes his debut against Chris Holland.

Holland popped into the spotlight recently as well with a big TKO win over former UFC and Pride fighter Phil Baroni.

Also on the Titan Fighting 24 card, Team Blackzilian up and comer Junior Karanta takes on Matt Uhde in an undercard bout.

More fights for the Titan Fighting 24 card will be announced int eh coming weeks.

  • It’s scary that this guy ever “made” 170. Scary as in health wise. He came in so overweight against Vitor and when fight time came, it was pretty even weight wise so he did all of that for nothing. Big fan of A.J and I can’t wait to see him healthy and 205. Although he didn’t go on a tear I would still like to see him against Jon Jones.

  • atmosphere

    this’ll be AJ’s third LHW fight. His LHW debut was actually agaist Vitor, followed by his fight against Dave Branch.

    AJ and Estima will probably miss a combined weight of that of a flyweight

  • pooby

    He’s ready to test his “meddle”, huh? Who’s business is he going to meddle in?

    I think you meant “mettle”.

  • bdono554

    I’m betting he bulks up to about 250 and misses weight by 7lbs. Some guys think looking bigger than your opponent somehow gives you an edge. AJ is one of them.

  • I still dont agree with what he did, but it appears Nick Diaz was right about Estima planning on coming to MMA and thus wanting to make his name off of trying to win a grappling fight with Diaz.