Andrew McInnes Plans to Bunny Hop to an MFC Championship

October 3, 2014
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Andrew “Andrewconda” McInnes’ MFC debut earlier this year against Dan Ring did not go exactly as planned.

While McInnes was able to perform the way he wanted to, Ring made the fight less than enjoyable, but not because he was particularly difficult to defeat.

As McInnes told, it’s never easy to have a strong showing when your opponent won’t engage with you.

“It was a difficult fight because it’s hard to fight a guy that didn’t really want to fight,” said McInnes of Ring. “He said that in the pre-fight interview that he was pretty much was going to take the first round off. I’m not what he’s looking for in doing that, but he did it.

“It was hard to engage or do anything in the first round. Luckily things came together fairly quickly in the second round when he decided to fight a little bit. I eventually got the finish. It’s just unfortunate that the fight didn’t start at the zero mark, but at the seven-minute mark.”

With the win, McInnes raised his current winning streak to four bouts, to which he credits much of to a move and a new team.

“I believe that moving to Edmonton and working with the team at Complete Fitness and SPVT was the best move I ever made in my life,” he said. “The list of talent is really long here. There’s a reason that word’s going around – not from anyone at our gym – that people are calling us the Tristar of the West.”

McInnes (4-1) is looking to have a much more interesting fight when he returns at MFC 41 on Friday night in Edmonton, Canada, to face veteran Ryan Healy (25-13-1).

“It’s the kind of fight I’ve always wanted,” said McInnes. “Beating people in 14 seconds or 18 seconds is cool, but adversity is really why I got into this game. It’s not to be a glorified bully. I want to see what I’m made of.

“Healy is a guy who is not going to back down. He’s going to try to get his boxing and wrestling game off on me, and I’m going to be able to shut it down. He’s going to walk me down, try to wrestle me, try to box me, but my tool kit is far too deep for him to do that, essentially.”

McInnes feels that a win over Healy will put him right in line for a shot at the MFC lightweight championship, which he feels he can win if given the opportunity.

“To me, this is the title fight,” said McInnes. “The champion of this division (Tom Gallicchico) is awful. He’s got really poor striking, mediocre at best wrestling, and blue belt jiu-jitsu. It just so happens that he got a guy (Kurt Southern) where his tool kit matched up well with and he got beat up the whole fight and eventually fell into a submission finish.

“I don’t feel the champion of the division is strong at all, so what’s going to happen is that I’m going to beat Healy, (Marcus) Edwards is definitely going to lose to (Shane) Campbell, so I’m going to bunny hop him and then I’m going to have a piece of cake at MFC 42.”

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