Andres Quintana Says Combate Americas 19 Opponent is ‘An Old Man’

November 30, 2017

In two bouts for Combate Americas in 2017, featherweight Andres Quintana has been able to pick up wins, but a lack of a finish in these two bouts has him not entirely happy with his performances.

Considering how effective he had been over the course of his first 11 bouts prior to joining Combate, finishing all but one of his victories, having back to back decisions is not what Quintana is used to.

“I’m happy I got win, but I’m a little disappointed I didn’t the stoppage,” Quintana told “I pride myself on being a finisher. Before I joined Combate I had a 90% finish rate, and that’s dropped off a little bit.”

Since turning pro in early 2011, Quintana feels like he’s made great strides in his game, but due to his opponents seemingly all following the same game plan in their bouts, he hasn’t had an opportunity to showcase everything he’s capable of yet.

“My base is boxing and that’s where I beat everyone,” said Quintana. “I’ll stand up and trade with you, but no one really does. They might for a round or so, but they eventually shoot when I beat them up in the stand-up aspect of the game.

“I’m comfortable if it goes to the ground. I’m comfortable taking a shot. I’m comfortable in the clinch. It’s just no one’s seen it.”

Quintana (12-2) will look for his third straight win when he takes on veteran Rey Trujillo (21-19) in a 145-pound co-main event at Combate Americas 19 on Friday in San Antonio, Texas.

“He’s tough but he’s an old man,” Quintana said of Trujillo. “I’m going to go in there and be the young hungry lion and take him out. He hasn’t won his last two fights, and he’s going to continue on that losing streak.

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“I’m going to touch him up. If I need to take him down, I’ll take him down. I feel like I’m a better martial artist in every aspect – stand-up, wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, everywhere – it doesn’t matter. No matter who it is against, I’m always looking for the kill and all that’s on my mind is to win.”

With a win on December 1, Quintana is seeking to further establish his place in the Combate featherweight division and prove he is the fighter to beat in 2018.

“I’m a prizefighter, so my goal is to get paid more than I’m getting paid now,” said Quintana. “I’m sure I’m going to accomplish that.

“Everybody is scared of me. No one wants to fight me. They have to bring in people from outside the company to fight me. If you’re afraid to fight me, get out of my weight class. I’m the king of this weight class, and nobody is going to stop me.”

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