Andrei Arlovski and Tim Sylvia Meet for the Fourth Time at One FC 5

August 3, 2012
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Tim Sylvia vs Andrei Arlovski - UFC 61Former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski is slated to make his One FC debut at the promotion’s “Pride of a Nation” event on Aug. 31 in the Philippines.

It will come against a different opponent than originally expected, however. Arlovski was expected to square off with Sao Palelei at One FC 5, but a recent shifting of gears now has him facing fellow former UFC champion Tim Sylvia, according to sources.

Arlovski (17-9) has had a rough go of it since exiting the UFC in 2008. He started off by winning back-to-back bouts, but then embarked on a four-fight skid that left him searching. He has since rebounded with two recent victories before signing with One FC.

Arlovski was originally set to face Palelei, but the Australian tweeted that he would no longer be facing Arlovski because One FC wanted him to sign a five-fight contract and he refused.

In enters Tim Sylvia.

Sylvia (31-7) was recently in talks to face Daniel Cormier, but that fell apart when Strikeforce decided to put Cormier against another former UFC heavyweight champion in Frank Mir.

Now, Sylvia will head overseas for a fourth fight with Arlovski. Sylvia lost their first bout, but won back-to-back fights against the Belarusian at UFC 59 and UFC 61.

Sylvia is currently in the midst of a three-fight winning streak and has won seven of his last eight bouts.

Arlovski and Sylvia will fight on the One FC 5: Pride of a Nation fight card on Aug. 31 in Quezon City, Philippines.

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  • Lesnardo


    This is the most anticipated fight of 2005. Two former UFC champs that ruled over the HW division in the mid to late 2000’s.

    Except….oh wait….it’s 2012 now.

    • johnnybooker

      lol, no kidding. But I have to say, as much as their last fight in the UFC put me to sleep and made me lose a lot of respect for both of them, I’m happy for these two if they are able to continue pursuing a career doing this for a living. It sounds like Sylvia has learned some humility along the way…and I have to wonder if Mir suddenly becoming available for Cormier (which I much prefer!!!) has more to do with Dana trying to screw Sylvia out of any sort of comeback as it does with him suddenly caring about Strikeforce. Although feeding Mir to Cormier does raise Cormier’s stock coming into the UFC if he wins.

      Either way, I will watch this fight, for free, and hope we don’t see another snoozefest. I’m going to guess both men will press the action, because the only way either of them has a shot in hell of working their way back to the UFC is by building some momentum with dominant performances.

  • RubeKegal

    War Sylvia!!! Conquer glassjaw Arlovski!!

  • WARRRRRR SYLVIA! Always supporting! Hope to see you back in the UFC after this!

  • goleta83

    This is pathetic

  • I wonder if they even care to fight each other anymore. At this point fighting each other has more of a negative impact for both of them. They have nothing to gain from this fight at all, they should be fighting new guys to show their still in the game.

  • maddawgmar

    Alright!!! They are gonna bring their walkers and try to knock their dentures out…

  • DrkDisciple

    The only thing missing here is Dana promising a return to the UFC as well as a title shot to the winner. Cant be worse then telling the winner of Vera va Shogun that they are the next in line for the title at 205.

  • Why?

  • silent_nick

    I bet the winner fights Josh Barnett in Strikeforce.

  • soboc1

    I’d rather see Fred Ettish/Johnny Rhodes II Revenge!

    • DonnieReillyMMA

      LOL come on, Fred Ettish has actually IMPROVED since then!

      JK, johnnybooker is right. All the best to both guys, but as a fan this matchup is only a little more welcome than that Randy vs. Chuck IV fight Dana wanted to make in Germany…gah!