Anderson Silva’s Open Letter to the Haters: ‘I’m the best in the world!’

February 16, 2017
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Anderson Silva‘s recent victory over Derek Brunson at UFC 208 in Brooklyn, N.Y., has come with much scrutiny over the scoring. 

Brunson even watched and scored the fight, issuing his personal assessment of the scoring on his Facebook page, incredulous at how the judges arrived at a unanimous decision for Silva. 

Apparently fed up with the criticism, Silva issued his own open letter on Facebook, addressing the critics and the haters, proclaiming he had the right to be “arrogant” about his position in the fight game.

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Silva’s letter in full:

Nowadays it’s easy to say that the fight is my root, there is a lot of people who talk about fighting and do not know what it says. So when you go up in the octagon, first look who I am, respect who got where I came from. I arrived very well, without disrespecting anyone, with much struggle and pride in the chest.

So, you who talk too much, find out first who I am and what I did in this sport.

Many people find me arrogant and overbearing? I can be it and more, not because I am considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. No, no, it’s my feats, that’s what I really did for this sport. I broke barriers all over the world where I fought, Pride, Shooto, Mecca and other events that these speakers have never heard of and do not know what they are like. I am from a different era, when had no weight limit or time limit. I really fought for passion, not for money or fame. Speakers and frustrated fighters, who read this text, I can be arrogant, arrogant and much more than that, I am Anderson Silva, who made and makes a difference in sports.

I’m not afraid and I do not flee fighting, I defended the belt for 10 years, none of the last champions managed to defend for more than 3 fights.

So thank you to all who like me and those who do not like me, they will have to accept that Anderson da Silva, The Spider, is a fact and cannot change. I’m the best in the world, yes! To the joy of many and the sorrow of others.

I can only say that we will soon see ourselves in the octagons of life.

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  • McGraw

    You were one of the best in the world. Please retire now!

  • Triggerman99

    It’s about time!!
    How long should he let people dump on him year after year and fight after fight and just sit there and smile without saying something back?

    Good for him. 99.9% of the people in this world couldn’t carry his jock on the WAY TO the fight, and he knows it. About time he said it. He’s let everyone bash on him for way too long, IMO.

  • Darin

    I’m not sure why he’s so upset. Very few would dispute his stature as being among the best of all time, or THE best of all time. But, he’s old. Ali might be the GOAT, but he is also dead and not knocking anybody out anymore.

    Mr. Silva, you used to destroy legit contenders. You fought the best and made them look like they had never fought before. You aren’t doing that now and there’s no shame in that. If you want to keep fighting, God bless you, keep fighting. But, you have already proven yourself to be the best, why not retire and just enjoy the lifestyle that your abilities have enabled you to have?

    • BigE

      Because he’s a warrior and fighting is in his blood. Like he said “he fought for passion, not money or fame” and I believe that. He’s not Rhonda who only fights if she can dominate. He’s in there for the competition and the thrill of combat. I say fight until you can’t fight anymore…

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    The ole anyone who isn’t a fighter in the ufc cant have an opinion about me argument?

    This guy is an arrogant axxhole IMO

    And I dont have to be a ufc fighter to tell you that

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  • ConchaDeTuMadre

    Andy, you were the best in the world and are the best ever when you were in your prime, but you’re not the best now. Retire.

    • BigE

      ConchaDe Tu Madre – that’s why nobody will ever remember your name…

  • burgerman7

    Weidman can beat spider easy it seems.

    • John D. Fiat

      You beat me to it! No, he certainly didn’t look like “the best” in either of those two fights!

      • BigE

        Weidman didn’t look like the best against Romero either – should he retire???

  • Mendel

    Lol idiot

  • gman 316

    lenox lewis after beating mike tyson said mike tyson shined in his time but it’s my time now. same with you anderson. you are a great fighter but age catches everyone and it’s time to let the young guys go at it. doesn’t take anything away from all you accomplished in your career.

  • John D. Fiat

    What (and when) are you talking about? What Silva did 20 years ago?

    • BigE

      When he should have won against Bisping not too long ago. Granted, bisping is going to lose that title in his next fight…

  • BigE

    Anderson Silva is the best of all time!!!!!
    I have even more respect for him now that he is still fighting with diminished skills. Of course he isn’t as quick or strong as he used to be but he’s still there. It’s easy to dominate when you are the best. When you lose and have to work extra hard just to be competitive that’s what shows your heart. Ronda can’t dominate so she’s gone. That’s not the heart of a warrior. Anderson is the real thing and it’s been a privilege to watch him.