Anderson Silva’s Next Fight Will Not Be in Brazil

February 7, 2013
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Anderson Silva

UFC middleweight titleholder and top pound-for-pound fighter in the world Anderson “The Spider” Silva is expected to return to action this summer, but the Brazilian star’s next bout won’t be in his home country.

During the UFC 156 post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White said Chris Weidman is likely a lock to face Anderson Silva next.

“We’re thinking about summer.  It looks like Weidman as long as Weidman is healthy. That’s probably the fight we’ll make,” said White following UFC 156.

Prior to the event, White revealed that Silva’s next bout will not take place in Brazil.

“That fight won’t be in Brazil.  If Weidman, and him fight, it won’t be in Brazil,” he declared.

Brazil is an enormous market for mixed martial arts.  White recently stated that The Ultimate Fighter Brazil draws NFL-type numbers there, regularly attracting 65 million viewers.

It would be ideal for Silva’s next fight to be in Brazil, but the timing of his return conflicts with UFC scheduling.

“We already have our schedule and it’s not scheduled (to return to Brazil),” said White.  “It won’t happen in Brazil.”

The second season of TUF Brazil will begin airing soon with coaches Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Fabricio Werdum expected to fight in Brazil some time in June, but a marquee event the level of which Anderson Silva would headline doesn’t appear to be on the docket anytime soon.

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  • Silva not fighting in Brazil was news a week ago. The million dollar question right now is who he’s going to fight next. I just wonder if Silva’s gonna have his way and pick his next opponent or if he’ll man up a fight Chris Weidman.

    • Madmmax

      Didn’t they just say it’s Weidman as long as he’s healthy?

  • Fighting Silva at home in Brazil ups the bar on an already ridiculous challenge. I don’t envy non-Brazilian fighters who travel to Brazil to fight Brazil fighters. The crowd is a huge factor and not just in the ring but outside the rings as well.

    I love how Brazilians are very patriotic and support their fighters. It’s downright shameful how abashed many Americans are of being American and supporting American fighters for being American.

    Unless its a fight where I like the Brazilian over the American (Nogueira vs Rashad), I always root for the American.

    • George Sperry

      MMA isn’t the Olympics. It’s a sport where individuals fight to determine which one is the best, not which country is the best.
      I am embarrassed by people screaming USA, USA during an event and shut the sound off.
      Who cares where a fighter was born? I want to know and support the one’s that are the best and if they are from outside the US who cares?

      • True, people shouldn’t put too much stock into race. I don’t see why either. Like what Dana said fighting is universal.

      • kbroesq

        I agree with you, but I think Brazil is the worst offender in this area. I believe I remember their fans chanting, ‘you will die, you will die’ to Chad Mendez at his weigh-in with Aldo. The US still cheer’s Brazilian fighters. Brazilian fans boo US fighters no matter what. They’re also the most sore losers you will ever see.

        • Gibe moni plos

          As a brazilian I must say that this is true. We are dumb and I feel ashamed about that too. I, personally, would never chant anything like that and I hate when people do it.

        • Not coincidence

          You are not totally right.
          First of all, Aldo is loved in Brazil.
          The provocations before the fights and the interviews are sometimes misinterpreted because are not so common here.

          Even considering that we had 3 fights last year, the ufc in Brazil is always a rare and long-awaited event and is seen by many occasional fans unaccustomed with mma.

          You may be right that if a foreign fighter do a good job and if he is sympathetic, he will be cheered.

        • George Sperry

          You agreeing with me cheapens my statement

          • George Sperry

            I didn’t make that reply to KBH. I don’t know how it was done but him agreeing with me is appreciated and in no way “cheapens” my opinion.

    • Uncle Scam

      America is a country with a government that lies constantly to it’s own people and the world, a country that is parading our military around beating up and killing civilians, invading and destroying innocent people’s homes and violating the Geneva Convention left and right while they use “homeland security” as a cover to repeal all of the rights of American citizens…

      Sorry but there is a reason why you won’t find resounding blind patriotism here…..

      Personally I root for fighters based on who they are and how they fight. I don’t give a f*** where they are from… “We are all one”… remember?

  • Alex M.

    The only legitimate contender at this point is Jones and that fight probably wont happen for another year or two, until then I expect Silva’s next couple of fights to be “challengers” who are too old (Vitor), too young (Weidman), or just a plain mismatched (GSP).

    • Felipe Diogo

      You mean old like Anderson himself?

    • Sir_Roy

      I’m still not convinced GSP vs Silva is an extreme mismatch despite the obvious difference in size. Georges’ strength is more middle weight contention than welter weight, and his particular skill set could prove to be Silva’s kryptonite.

      GSP has proven he can more than hang, he can dominate, D1 wrestlers (taking down Koscheck at will is no joke) and his BJJ defense far exceeds a Hendo or a Sonnen (I don’t see him making the same dumb mistakes and getting choked out).

      Georges’ speed, strength, athleticism are a combination of elements we’ve yet to see Silva truly contend with – and I say this despite the size difference. He’s beaten bigger and, perhaps, stronger, but those stronger (looking at Hendo) did not have GSP’s speed.

      While it’s Silva’s fight to lose, I still wouldn’t deign it a mismatch. Not at all.

  • im your daddy

    Anderson has shown himself to be very slippery concerning getting in ring with weidman out of fear. I suspect he will try again to get out of bout regardless what dana says about weidman being next.

    • old wise man

      I agree. Its ashamed how they wont recognize weidman as number one contender because of fear not talent. Dana is a follower not a leader cause he should call the shots not silva.

  • im your daddy

    Silvas latest move is “we will now fight Gsp at a catchweight “,lol. He came up with this after dana said weidman is next

    • silvas scared

      I seen the same article. Anderson has shown himself a coward.give up the belt silva you chicken. Lol. You ducking weidman, “do the duck dance “lol!!!

  • ma

    Anderson the hider silva will be destroyed by chris the spider crusher weidman

    • kbroesq

      You guys obviously don’t listen to post fight press conferences, or other media. White has been clear many times that Silva has never ducked a fight or turned down a fight that’s been presented to him. You guys listen to interviews with with Silva’s manager, and he says they would prefer to fight a big name, and you take that as Silva dodging Weidman.

      When you’re at the top, there will always be d-bags calling your accomplishments into question. Now you’re hitching your wagon to a guy who may be awesome, don’t get me wrong, but he’s had one lackluster victory over Maia and an impressive victory over Munoz. Seriously, you think he’s going to ‘crush’ Silva? Give me a break. Can’t wait to see Silva destroy Weidman. Then guys like you will have to find a new MW to hump; next it will be Silva’s dodging Ed “The Crusher” Herman.

      • ma

        Maybe you are gullible enough to listen to dana a self proclaimed liar im not. I am judging silvas actions and hes willing to fight anyone but weidman or bones . Why? Cowardly champ! No one wants beat up and he knows weidman got his number therefore hes ducking him. You keep humping silvas blowup doll you freak

      • Tyrell D’Finkadink

        “White has been clear many times.” That’s true. He owns the talent, and isn’t going to portray his champ as a coward. You’re really no different than the people you’re whining about.

    • Andrew

      I think Weidman has a fair chance of beating Silva but I would go as far to say he will “crush” him. Silva has not ducked Weidman either, the fight was never presented to him.

  • Monk

    If you are so sure that Chris Weidman will win, place all of your money with Vegas on Weidman. Less talk and more action.

  • dan

    I really hope its Weidman. Cant wait for Silva to mop the floor with him. I’m even more anxious to find out who the Silva haters say he’s ducking next

    • kbroesq

      Exactly. White doesn’t lie about the fighters if he doesn’t like something about them. White said Silva has never ducked a fight or turned down a fight the UFC presented to him. That’s pretty respectable. But like I said above, when you’re at the top, people just hate you to hate you.

    • JimmyPettishardo

      Who is Silva “ducking”?? Every top 205lber.

      So long as Silva doesn’t move up weight class and fight top 5 guys in the LHW div, the “haters” are gonna say Silva is ducking someone.

      • dan

        I’m not gonna BS about Silva’s chances against Jones as I feel Jones would annihilate him but I’d take Silva over any other LHW

  • Mark McDowall

    I think giving Weidman to Silva in his first fight off a long lay off and a pretty significant surgery is not the best idea. Ring rust and first training camp/fight after a surgery are always going to be tough. Despite the fact that people think Weidman is the next big thing in the MW division…this will derail him big time.

    Of course he will come back saying he is bigger faster stronger better then ever before. But I think this fight will be a big turning point in his career, and not for good reasons.

    • 16 have came and 16 have fallen to the hands of Anderson silva, first they said that Dan Henderson was gonna stop him, then they said chael had silva’s number and now Weidman has anderson silva’s number, be real do you actually think that chris weidman can beat either guy that i just mention and you say Weidman has silva’s number, BE a professional and lets talk MMA , yes Weidman is identical in height and reach to Silva but he lacks striking skills and i mean no he will not outstrike Silva yes he is an excellent wrestler but can he pass anderson Silva’s impregnable defense, that’s the question ? can he go 5 rounds and will he have the heart to press the action after getting peppered by silva pin point accuracy, now SILVA VS JONES, JONES has the advantage in size reach and height but SILVA’S striking and defense is the spider’s web that you have to untangle and by that i mean you have to be stupid by now if you think Anderson Silva is scared JONES VS SILVA would be a boring fight, reasons JONES is scared to ingage in the striking with a top striker, he will just keep you at bay and pick you apart , rampage, machida, rua, and evans they all lacked reach and height, also slow now remember when rampage had jones close to the cage and threw a haymaker Jones RAN yes He RAN, so do you think jones is gonna be stupid enough to do a wild spinning backfist or elbow or whatever on Silva, NO why Silva is on a different level , SILVA is A counterpouncher and Jones is a bay fighter so this fight will be an all feeling out process.

  • city of trees

    How does a Silva vs Gustafson fight sound? He could give Silva a hard time.

  • pappy

    Dana white has admitted that he is a pathological liar in the past and other fighters admitted that dana lied to them. So excuse me if im not as gullible as the ones who believe dana. No one wants beat up and silva knows weidman got his number, this is why silvas coming up with excuses. Silva watched weidman destroy munoz easily and munoz dominated silva consistently in sparring so much so that munoz started calling out silva. You all keep believing the coward silva cause you worship him cause you are weakminded, but weidman has proven himself a warrior and dont duck anyone like silva does. Silva is very scared and proves it with his scrambling for any opponent other than weidman.

  • tyrone

    Silva sure does want to fight little Gsp but you couldnt drag him in the ring with weidman with wild horses. It shows how good weidman is, that the pound for pound champ (coward) is ducking him. Congratulations are certainly in order for weidman for showing silva “yeller “

  • Jason Koehler

    I’m really getting sick of people saying Silva is ducking people, he’s never ducked anyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Weidman himself was the one posting Silva keeps ducking him. I want to know why people get title shots by calling Silva out, first Sonnen and now Weidman? Don’t people want to earn s*** anymore? Weidman hasn’t fought anyone in the top contender spots yet but he thinks he should get to fight Silva? They should make him fight Vitor or Weidman vs. Bisping and the winner gets Silva. The UFC is starting to get rediculous, no. 1 contenders being determined by who talks the most s*** or who calls out Silva the most, I can’t wait til he makes Weidman look like the chump he is, Silva will destroy Weidman with ease just like he does with everyone else.