Anderson Silva’s New UFC Deal on the Table But Not Signed Just Yet

January 21, 2013
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Anderson Silva at UFC 126UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has a lot going on right now, and that’s all without having a fight on the table for his return to the Octagon.

Silva last competed in October 2012 at UFC 153 when he obliterated Stephan Bonnar in the first round to pick up his 16th win in the promotion.

With only a couple of fights remaining on his current UFC deal, the organization immediately began negotiations to lock up Silva for a new contract to ensure his services until he decides to call it a career.

UFC president Dana White recently stated that the Brazilian legend was seeking a 10-fight deal, and they would happily give it to him if that’s what he wants.

“Ten, he’ll sign a 10-fight deal,” said White last month, assuring Silva’s new deal would be done. “I don’t think we’ve ever done a 10-fight deal, maybe we did on with Forrest (Griffin) once, I don’t remember, but Anderson said ‘I want a 10-fight deal, not an eight fight deal.’ I’ll give him a 100-fight deal if he wants one.”

While the deal is pending right now, Silva has not actually signed the contract as of now, and it appears negotiations are still ongoing between the promotion and champion.

“The deal’s on the table, it’s not signed,” Silva’s manager Ed Soares confirmed on Monday during a UFC media conference call.

No one should press the panic button, believing that something is holding up the proceedings, because Silva will in all likelihood sign a new deal and stick around the UFC until he retires. This may come down to details about money, length of contract, and verbiage in the new deal more than anything else.

Once Silva is signed, sealed and delivered, expect more news about his next fight in the UFC.

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  • marcus miles

    So i guess the article about silva signing a new ten fight deal a few weeks ago was hear say huh?

  • inside scoop

    Its not natural to want to fight someone that you think can beat you.this is why silva wont fight weidman even though hes clearly number one contender whom smashed munoz whom silva got dominateed by regularly in sparring sessions.alsolombard rockhold rashad bones all beat silva. Silva wants little gsp.

    • Kris-tyahn

      I don’t think Silva is “scared” to fight anyone, Weidman included, but he’s worried that Weidman has the tools to beat him & if Silva were to lose to him, that would “destroy” his legacy, eventhough I don’t think it would that much. Weidman is undefeated, sure he’s only 9-0 I think, but he’s beaten two top 5 guys in less than a year & one of those guys he did it on 10 days notice. He “died” in the 3rd round, but with only 10 days notice, most guys wouldnt have made it out of the 1st round vs. Maia.
      Silva has to stop worrying about GSP & fight Jones someone his own size, or some great wrestlers, or even Texeira, or Gustafsson.

      • El Gvapo

        I wouldn’t necessarily say Weidman has beaten two top 5 guys, Maia dropped a division and Munoz was overrated. I agree now bisping is out of the picture that he’s probably the next contender though. And I don’t think the issue with Weidman would be that he’ll beat silva, it’s more like he’ll make a bucket load of cash more by fighting GSP. Also, GSP is the best wrestler in the sport and Silva’s “weakness” is his wrestling. Surely GsP would have the best chance of beating him out of anyone?

  • hairypudding

    Clearly dana is protecting silva from any serious contender

    • You know your pretty much bad mouthing every fighter who takes on Silva by making that statement. I’m sure Dana won’t be throwing Anderson Silva guys who aren’t top contenders for his next ten fights.

    • Mark McDowall

      If you’ve done what Silva has done in the UFC then I think you have earned the right to get some babying. I don’t think Silva will let that happen. Yes, some of his fight’s have been kind of pointless due to the lack of competition. But thats not his fault. I honestly feel that will continue for a while, I don’t see any of the current “contenders” as a threat to him.

  • hairypudding

    @inside scoop, clearly you are a genius. I think the same way so I believe there has to be validity to your statement

  • hairypudding

    I also add mousasi to your list.he is definately elite, he beat Lombard clearly which is a great feat in itself.

  • pappy

    I cant think of anyone that is a great fighter that silva has beat. If he fights rashad, weidman, Lombard, mousasi, Gustafsson and wins then I will give him props, but dont say you are the greatest when you beat franklin (never heard of except ufc) .Silva does want Gsp but hes smaller so that makes him look like bully.Why not fight bones? He knows bones will break his bones

    • Timothy Malone

      Yes Silva hasn’t fought any great fighters but man Chris Weidman and Lombard have beaten the best of the best haven’t they? Everyone can see you are a troll.

      • pappy

        You have a mans name yet you look like a middle aged female librarian

        • El Gvapo

          You’re the one bothered by how another man looks. Doesn’t he turn you on like Weidman does?

    • Anthony Lopez

      Absolutely ridiculous statement. And to say that a fighter isn’t known besides the UFC is like saying a football player isn’t known besides the NFL. Stop trolling

    • Madmmax

      Your an idiot. Not worthy of a response

      • George Sperry

        Did you mean you’re when you called him an idiot?

        • Madmmax

          Thank you for the spell check. Glad to see someone is paying attention

        • El Gvapo

          Who’s the idiot, you wrote 2 sentences and misspelled a word. Maybe you’re the. …

        • El Gvapo

          I didn’t write the below response.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Agree but to a certain degree …. Silva has fought & beaten some world class fighters, but not many. Franklin, Henderson & Sonnen, though many people thought Sonnen was going to get KTFO in the 1st round. But I still consider him world class. As for Okami & Griffin = overrated, Belfort was out for 16 or 17 months & then his first fight was vs. Silva & Marquardt wasn’t half the fighter he is today. I wouldn’t mind seeing Belfrot vs. Silva, the Belfort we just seen KTFO out of Bisping, not the injury riddled Belfort who fought Silva the 1st time.
      As for the rest of Silva’s opponents …. Leben, Lutter, Leites, Cote, Maia, Irvin, Bonnar & Griffin = “BUMS”. Franklin, Henderson, Sonnen, & a little below them are Marquardt, Belfort & Okami (eventhough I think Okami is overrated). Silva needs to fight LHW, b/c MW is a joke. It would be different if he fought a decent LHW, not a 1 dimensional bum with NO wrestling like Irvin, Forrest & Bonnar. This is who the “GOAT” is fighting?!? WOW, that’s pretty sad.
      If he beats a few top 10 LHW’s, then he could be GOAT, but until then, with the opponents he’s fought?!? No, can’t give it to him just yet. This is a big LHW fighting much smaller guys @ MW & then challenges an avg sized WW?!? And doesn’t want anything to do with Jones, epsecially at 205?!? Yeah, okay ……

    • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

      he beats Franklyn 2 times and at the time the cincinnati fighter was considered the best MW outside Pride, he submitted Hendo so one of the best fighter in MMA history and still in his prime, he beats dangerous high-skilled BJJers like Maia and Leites, he destroyed Sonnen x2 who is dubbed as the best wrestler in MMA …

      not a bad resume at all

  • pappy

    @malone I count you as my biggest fan, you read all my journals . It brings me great pleasure to write my journals that mainly you malone search out and enjoy

  • insane187188

    I guess Dan Henderson isnt a big name, Okami, Forrest and even Sonnen. Silva has no one to compete with. I dont think Bisbing did deserve a shot even if he won. I also believe he should go up to the 205 and fight top 5 fighters and or Jones. I hope he moves up in class just to compete at a different level

  • George Sperry

    Who is he going to fight for the 10 fights? Right now the UFC can’t find 1 guy for him to fight.

  • Sean

    This is how it works: A champion fights the best at the time of their reign.Somewhere along the line MMA Math comes in to play. It lessens the value or boosts the value of some wins in hindsight. New guys emerge and the current champion’s previous accomplishments become null because the new, younger guys are the new measuring stick for his credibility. It’s so easy to discredit a fighter when you don’t put it in to true perspective.

    • Sir_Roy

      Agreed. Very valid comment. Often times a loss can completely devastate a fighter, who never completely recovers. We look at a Griffon or a Franklin today, in the twilight of their careers, and completely forget the fighters they were in yesteryear when Silva stepped into the Octagon with them. Both were at their pinnacle and Silva completely demoralized them with a one sided stomp-age neither fully recovered from.

  • Sir_Roy

    I read all the comments decrying how many are not impressed with the level of competition Silva’s cut down.

    OK. Fine. I get that. And to an extent, I agree. Comparatively speaking, GSP (for example) fights the tougher, badder dogs in a far more talented rife division. But I’ll be damned if he can dominate them the way Silva has dominated his.

    We have to look at the way and manner Silva absolutely manhandles, destroys, and downright plays with prey when in the ring against ‘has beens’ or overrated competition (i.e. your Leben, Lutter, Leites, Cote, Maia, Irvin, Bonnar & Griffins).

    Had he struggled at all against these opponents I might raise an eyebrow. As is, his complete and utter domination makes the point moot IMHO. He’s the GOAT because he made each of them look like rank amateurs in comparison.

    • El Gvapo

      Exactly. He finishes fights and puts on a great show. There’s no point scoring, trying to win the round etc, he finishes the fight and quite often in a highlight reel fashion. The fact is you fight in your weight class, that’s why they have them. There’s plenty of challenges for him at MW with Weidman, Lombard and anything the strikeforce roster has to offer. If he wins those is he still a phony? Do those fighters become bums? I don’t know what’s wrong with people on here with Silva. Is it because he’s not American? He’s not arrogant, a trash talker, a cheat etc so what’s the problem? Nobody demands GSP moves up in weight, ditto Jones, ditto Cruz etc.

  • El Gvapo

    Im in love with silva and want to have his baby. Maybe we can adopt cause we both men

    • El Gvapo

      Hmmm seems someone has created an account with the same name as mine. Probably the same guy who has multiple other accounts on here and posts statements agreeing with himself. Too much time on your hands my friend, can’t you think of anything else to do after you’ve frapped one off to Weidman?