Anderson Silva’s MMA Training Philosophy Goes Much Deeper Than Physical (Video)

June 5, 2012
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Anderson Silva at UFC 117

Catch up with Anderson “Spider” Silva as he trains for one of the most anticipated rematches in years. But being physically ready is only half the battle. Anderson subscribes to an MMA philosophy that goes even further. Plus hear what inspired him to get into mixed martial arts and listen to the words of the first ever UFC referee.

Silva squares off with Chael Sonnen in the UFC 148 main event on July 7 in Las Vegas.

  • dez


  • J03

    Wow, that goes a long way to explaining why he is so good. Even being recognized as the best fighter in the world, he doesn’t look down on anyone. I’ve been a huge Silva fan since he stopped “the Brazilian killer” Alex Steibling in pride. Even in that fight where he had to not only fight to win his match, he had to feel like he was defending his country at the same time and he was still completely respectful and didn’t disrespect his opponent.

    • sc_b2d2b36387de52b16ba60677030f554e

      “Doesn’t look down on anyone”? Did you not see how he regarded Maia, or called Vitor a “coward” on national television?

  • Towers66

    Anderson is the man. It is going to be a fun title fight for sure. I believe it could go either way. Just depends on which Silva shows up and which Sonnen shows up.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Anderson is the man. He’s the Polar opposite to Chael Sonnen. In addition to being humble and carrying himself in a way that brings honor to his sport he also produces his own testosterone. Chael has to inject his manliness in his ass. He should be reminded of that every time he opens his big mouth.