Anderson Silva’s Manager Declares Chael Sonnen “Delusional… He Quit” (video)

October 13, 2011
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Chael Sonnen, after defeating Brian Stann at UFC 136 in Houston, once again declared himself the “true” middleweight champion, offering UFC beltholder Anderson Silva a shot at the title.

Needless to say, his declaration did not go unaddressed.

Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, on InsideMMA on HDNet said that he felt Sonnen was “delusional… he tapped, he quit, he gave up. He needs to get to the back of the line.”

InsideMMA also spoke with Carlos Condit about his upcoming fight against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 137 later this month, Mark Munoz, and more.

  • 2000MileWall

    It doesn’t matter what Sonnen says In interviews or if you don’t like him,he should have a rematch with Silva based on the first fight alone!
    He is at the top of the div behind only Silva.
    He did his time for his actions,came back and looked great in his last fight,why wouldn’t he get a rematch?
    I know people who don’t like him will claim he shouldn’t get it,but they are biassed and no matter
    what,they will argue against a rematch based on personal feelings only.

    Ed Soares likes to talk about fighters not deserving a fight with Silva,yet he didn’t have a proplem with
    Silva getting a title fight after beating Leban in his first ufc bout.He said Victor didn’t deserve a title
    fight after only Fighting Franklin.
    Go back and read Ed Sorares interviews and it’s
    always the same.Ed didn’t want the first Sonnen fight,just like he doesn’t want a rematch.

    • Michaelchimique

      dude thats bullshit why should he get a rematch?he gave silva everything he had and still couldn’t beat him. you say people who don’t agree with him having a rematch are biased. that statement is full of shit you are being biased for saying he should get it based on the first fight alone.

      i’m sorry you don’t lose a title fight. then fight someone who isn’t a contender and then are automatically the #1 contender.

      sonnen tapped end of story silva needs new challengers who actually earn their shot.

      • GSPp4pbest

        Uhm, actually he beat Stann who was supposed to be next in line if he beat Sonnen. Please explain why Sonnen should not get that shot when he took Silva through hell, beat him to a pulp, and has successfully came back from all the crap to take out a top middle weight. If anyone can beat Silva it is Sonnen and in my eyes he did beat Silva. Guess what, Silva got lucky with that submission. Silva has been disrespectful to his oppenents in the past so why does Sonnen get trashed for calling out, in my opinion, one of the most overrated fighters in the UFC.

        • DarkRenaissance

          If the Spider was beat to a pulp, why did Uncle Chael’s face look like hamburger at the end of the fight, while Silva’s face looked shiny and fresh…
          Probably dont need to remind everyone that Sonnen was juicing and Silva had cracked ribs during that fight 😉


      2000 mile wall is completely right.

    • suckmeupagain

      Hey smart guy. He already fought him and submitted him! Also, something that not to many people are talking about. THE GUY FAILED THE DRUG TEST!!! That alone should put a huge question mark on Chael’s performance… Anderson should never fight this proven cheater and criminal again. If Anderson does agree to fight him again, it should be with Olympic Style Drugtesting (OST)!!! Enough said.

  • Ed might be saying all this stuff publicly but he knows the fight will be a money maker and wants it just as much as everyone else does. Maybe this is just his way to help hype the fight.

  • Ed is just scared that next time Sonnen will be smart enough not to get caught into submission. As is Silva. And they should be. I think that if a rematch happens all the BS about Silva being #1 P4P will vanish. ‘Cause he obviously isn’t. GSP is #1, Jones is #2.

    • GSPp4pbest

      I agree with you and if GSP bulked up to 185 he would probably do what Sonnen did except for getting caught and I’d love to see that.

      • TSPakaTony

        The fact that GSP has no chin and has been rocked in numerous occasions , means he will never step up as heel be fighting guys same size or bigger and power difference will huge. As much as you may love the fighter be realistic I have my favourites too but being real and not biased I only see him fighting silva at a catchweight , personally I would rather see silva vs jones master vs the apprentice what a headline for the card!!!

        • GSP is 22-2 losing once by submission and once by TKO and he has no chin? Really?


          • TSPakaTony

            I think you’ll find that GSP record of only 8 tko’s speaks for itself and the fact that he only finishes 36% of his fights inside the distance and by tko speaks for itself tbh kid! Look at silva’s record compared and he finish 58% of fights within the distance and by tko and in UFC alone has only went distance 1 I believe in like 9/10 fights where as I honestly can’t remember the last time GSP finished anyone lol have a good think about it pal sweetdreams boom!!

          • shereko

            To be fair… and to GSP’s credit, he doesn’t get hit so we don’t know either side if he can or can’t take a punch. Best way to preserve a career though. But, do you really think he can take many of Anderson’s strikes? I mean he couldn’t take much of Matt Serra’s.

          • @ TSPakaTony

            What does any of that have to do with you saying he has a weak chin?

        • GSPp4pbest

          Please give me a time he has been hurt bad other than the Serra fight, which he came back and killed him in the rematch. And the level of oppentents GSP has fought is way more complex than the lackluster Talent in the Middleweight division. If Anderson was the best as everyone says he would move to light heavy for good but no he plays it safe and guess what Sonnen has came along and made it clear he is not safe anymore. Oh, the so called “super fight” between Silva and Jones can happen after Sonnen and Machida both beat them, but then it will just be a normal fight once both so called “kings” have been dethroned.

          • TSPakaTony

            Ok silva annihilated dan Henderson , then destroyed franklin2 times , pummelled belfort , made a fool of griffin and Irvin , not to mention submitting sonnen and made Okami look like a bum all of these title fights and defences mate!! One thing I don’t think u understand is silva has fought a lot of his career as welterweight and moved to middleweight about 4 fights before UFC move which as a fan I’m sure u knew lol and GSP has just outwrestled wrestlers really and only pinned alves to mat for five rounds he should be going to NCAA west ing tournament because other than his jab he hasn’t got a huge arsenal like silva p.s I like GSP, machida , silva , belfort , sonnen and jones good fighters is what makes the difference between UFC and everyone else so this ain’t a diss ita just facts mate do dome research silva by the way isn’t a light heavyweight at any strexth just shows his balls by stepping up GSP walks around at about 183 before he cuts weight!!!

  • TSPakaTony

    What the hell are you on about?? Sonnet fought well against silva FairPlay but lost rematch will be interesting considering silva had 6 months out with broken rib afterwards. GSP p4p no way he only gets decisions he’s awesome but not p4p king silva hasn’t lost properly since like 2005 and that was a submission so. In the laws of the land he’s the best can’t really argue can you?? But sonnen is a good fighter I for one would like to see belfort vs sonnen first but none of can argue that lots of bad boy fights are getting put together so get in!!!

    • shereko

      Totally agree with you Tony… except I think GSP walks around heavier than 183 even.

  • chuckalugk

    Ed Soares needs to STFU. He is just a manager. Let AS do his own talking.

  • gm256

    Bitch and complain all you want…
    Stann was next in line if he got pass Sonnen.
    Sonnen beat his ass and now it the Spiders turn.

    Sores is bitching and complaining because he knows Spider is most likely going to lose this time. Statistically, every time Sonnen has lost the way he lost against Silva, he has dominated the rematch and beat his opponents. In every scorecard and every person watching the first fight, Sonnen whipped Silvas ass. There is no disputing that. I believe thats why Sonnen is the only guy who deserves to talk the trash he does about Silva.

    • lonniebatt

      You took the words right out of my mouth,,,I BET SORES’ trys to duck this fight.. Chael Sonnen will win the next time they fight HANDS DOWN…..

  • Kuch

    Sonnen is the most logical big fight left at Middleweight for the champ, but part of me would also like to see a fresh contender step up to the plate. Who? I don’t know, but with only 3 or 4 fights left in him (or fewer), I’d rather not watch Silva engage in rematches.

    • shakejunt

      I like your last point.

      Sonnen is surely the biggest challenge, but since when is MMA all about rematches?

  • TSPakaTony

    Hey I think sonnen deserves the shot , but he lost end of ! I could say in my eyes Edgar ain’t lightweight champ grayson battered him three times but at the end of the day he is 1-1-1 with Edgar so unno. Anyway at end of day there is no way that if the fight happened that GSP would beat silva he’d sleeping before he had a chance shoot for the take down lol and also silva ha a fractured rib against sonnen in first place however no credit taken away from how sonnen performed that night roided up or not pmsl!!!!

  • jared499

    First and foremost, all you people saying that Sonnen won the first fight are insane, including Sonnen. The only alternative plain that exsists here are in Sonnen’s hesad and now yours. No matter which way you cut it, Sonnen lost. Sonnen was beating Anderson badly, that can not be argued. But just because you are winning a fight for the first 22 minutes doesn’t mean you win. Sonned tapped end of story. As much as I dislike him, Sores is correct, Sonnen quit and has no one to blame except himself

    Secondly, all of those saying that Sonnen should not get the rematch, you too are insane. Please name me one person who would be a better contender for the title shot. There is not a single MW right now that can lay claim to that. In order of ranking after #1 Silva and #2 Sonnen

    #3. Yushin Okami (just lost to Silva in title fight)
    #4. Nathan Marquardt (not in UFC and lost to Okami and Sonnen)
    #5 Michael Bisping (has not beat a top-5 guy ever and lost to a highly declining Wanderlai)
    #6 Mark Munoz (Loss to Okami, beat Maia. Not enough big fights, needs to face Bisping, Okami, or Sonnen and get a top 5 win before taking that next step)
    #7 Demian Maia (enough said)
    #8 Vitor Belfort (needs a top 5 win to get there again, got demolished the first time around)
    #9 Brian Stann (emabarassed by Sonnnen)
    #10 Alan Belcher (no real significant contender fights since his loss to Okami in 06. Now that he is healthy would love to see him fight top 10 guy)

    Personally I think Sonnen gets the next shot. Then matchup Bisping v Okami. If Bisping wins he gets next shot, a win over Miller does not get Bisping the title shot. Another couple matchups I would like to see to clear it up: Stann v Belfort and Maia v Belcher.

    • BigGuy

      I have to agree with you on this one…

    • shereko

      HAHAHAHA Nice work! #7 Demian Maia (enough said)

  • jared499

    Oh maybe Bisping v Munoz would be a number 1 contenders match.

  • TSPakaTony

    At last some sense well said jared!

  • morgan50

    I can’t wait until Anderson destroys Sonnen so I don’t have to listen to anymore of this Sonnen crap. Anderson’s is not going to play it safe this time. He is back (just ask Vitor Belfort and Yushin Okami). The feeling out process is going to be shot and Sonnen going to be staring up at the lights. If in some Parallel universe (to quote Sonnen)Sonnen manages to win I will join the Sonnen nut hugger club and start a blog praising Sonnen the self proclaimed greatest Middle weight on the planet. I will post how great he is for 365 days straight. With a new reason why he is the greatest each day but I’m not worried about it because it’s not going to happen.

  • johnbartholamule

    Not only does Sonnen NOT deserve a rematch, but he does not deserve to be in the UFC….PERIOD! We do not need people like this bozo trying to turn the UFC into the WWF…..this is NOT wrestling!!

    Sonnen was a bit funny for the first 5 minutes of his career but his disrespect crosses so many lines it is not even funny! His crap is just NOT NEEDED IN THE UFC! UFC is the real deal and a place where ELITE fighters compete for things like honor. Chael knows NOTHING about this or MMA for that matter.

    He is lucky I do not run the UFC because his smart ass would be sent back to the B leagues so freakin fast his head would swim!! The guy has ZERO class!!

  • johnbartholamule

    I am also SO DONE with the dribble that comes from his nasty little mouth. The guy has no shame or pride! He basically did the equal of “Saying Uncle” for gods sakes!! And he has the nerve to say HE is the real champ?? REALLY??



    • GSPp4pbest

      Are you mental? The fact that you are this upset shows you will probably buy the sonnen vs silva fight just for a chance to see him get beat. Trash talk sells fights hate to break it to you. The UFC needs more bad guys, and Brock was a perfect example of what running that mouth does for a fight. In my opinion the UFC would be better if they used those high personalities and got fighters talking and into a rivalry. There just isn’t a better way to put it noone wants to see to good guys fight. O if you rewatch the fight Silva almost got knocked out by Sonnen just a little reminder to everyone talking about how destroyed Sonnen will be in the next fight.

  • There is one simple fact about being P4P best: no one can dominate you if you are the best. Did Sonnen manhandle AS like his bitch? Yes, he did. So, all you AS lovers should STFU.

  • clarkw90

    If it’s so easy to beat Sonnen, just fight, don’t make your fighter look like a bitch by saying all that mess. Sonnen didn’t cheat, TRT is legal. If you complain about it, find a way to make it illegal completely. While you’re at it, find a way to fire the doctor that allowed Silva to fight with broken ribs. He got caught and tapped. No shit, how many of you would just get choked out and lose a bunch of brain cells? Remember, Ryo Chonan made Silva tap to a heel hook. Silva quit! My god, he has no heart. I believe injury claims were made as well. Can’t wait for the rematch, but i think it’ll go the same way as the first fight.

  • Werbicky

    Silva can’t refuse to fight Sonnen… no way. Unless he’s badly injured.
    I’m Brazilian, Silva fan, whatever, but if he refuses to make this rematch, he’s gone, and I’ll have to agree with Sonnen that he’s the true champion.