Anderson Silva’s Manager Believes the Former UFC Champ Will Return from Broken Leg

January 5, 2014
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Anderson-Silva-UFC-148-Workout-9169It’s been little more than a week since Anderson Silva’s leg broke when UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman checked one of his kicks during their UFC 168 rematch on Dec. 28. But in the Golden Age of social media and instant access, we all want to know if and when he’ll be back.

Silva, though, isn’t ready to talk about it just yet.  And who could blame him?

He suffered a fairly traumatic injury. Silva launched a leg kick, and Weidman checked it. As he did so, both the tibia and fibula in Silva’s left leg snapped, sending the forming champion to the mat, writhing in pain.

Silva was immediately transported to a Las Vegas hospital for emergency surgery.

The surgery went well, and Silva will heal, but it’s still a matter of time before we know how long the recovery will take, and whether or not he’ll ever set foot in the Octagon again once he does recover.

One man who believes he will return is his manager, Jorge Guimaraes.

“I believe so,” Guimaraes told, confirming his initial comments to “He’s in great spirits. You know, only time will tell, but the surgery was a success. The progress is visible. I believe he will (fight again).”

When Silva might return – if he chooses to do so – is another matter.

The repair included inserting a titanium rod that runs the length of his tibia for stabilization. The surgeon that performed the operation said that Silva’s leg should heal within three to six months, and that he could be training again within six to nine months, but those are approximations.

Guimaraes believes that Silva could be fighting again within a year.

“He’s chilling with his family. He needs a little time for himself. I spoke to him briefly, and you know, that would be a perfect time for him to regroup; see what he’s gonna do now,” Guimaraes told “But I definitely believe he’s gonna fight again. I see that spark. I think in one year he’ll be back.

“He’s very positive. He was crushed the day that it happened, of course. But it’s all good man. He’s in great spirits right now. I believe he’s gonna come back stronger.”

That’s not to say that Guimaraes didn’t have initial concerns about how devastating this injury might be for his friend.

“That’s one thing that I wasn’t certain, just watching him, even the next day after having the surgery, he was very sensitive,” said Guimaraes. “But right now, he’s just going back to normal. He’s in great spirits. He feels great. The doctors are very optimistic. He’s optimistic too, just from the hearing the doctors.”

Anderson Silva is a fighter that hasn’t taken a lot of damage over the course of his career, much less than many of his counterparts. That certainly plays in his favor, despite being 38 years old, which is typically considered at the tail end of an athlete’s competitive career.

The fact that he is such a highly trained, high-level athlete also plays in his favor, as many athletes tend to recover towards the quicker end of the spectrum.

Regardless, Silva faces a long road back, whether or not he decides to step in the Octagon and fight again. But he’s currently hunkered down with his family, reportedly in good spirits, and prepared to endeavor the months-long journey back to full strength.

“He’s sitting back right now. The guy is just thinking about other things, spending some time with his family here in Los Angeles. He feels good though,” said Guimaraes.

“It’s gonna be a lot of physical therapy, but he’s in the right place,” he continued.

“It might take a year, but I think no later than one year, he’ll be back.”

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  • Kenny Powers

    Yeah when u think about he hasnt taken much damage in his career, and he’s so talented he could come back. 2013 was definitely a bad year for him but If u look at MW rite now, he can still beat everyone else in the division. He probly wont fight Machida or Jacare, but everyone except Weidman is a possibility. I still think he could beat Weidman but Chris definitely had his number in 2013.

    • Everyone is counting him out and being very disrespectful IMO. He goofed around in the first fight with Weidman and it was a freak accident that he broke his leg in the second. ( I like Weidman so I have nothing against him I’m just calling it how I see it) But your right Kenny Powers he hasn’t taken much damage, the guy only has 4 losses ( Not including a DQ to Okami, he beat him anyway, and not including an injury from Weidman fight) People act like if you loss one fight after being so dominant that your done. All I can say for sure is that the MW division is deep once again and it will be very interesting to see how things are when/if SIlva returns.

      • silvas daddy

        Perhaps tyrone was calling it as he sees it. I have to say his opinion is as valid as yours. Everyone has an opinion, so come down off your high horse and learn respect.

        • I’m still convinced you and tyrone are the same person but either way I respect everybody’s opinion on here and love having conversation with certain people but my point was tyrone is biased and with a user name like yours I’m guessing you are as well. The difference between our opinions is I never disrespect any fighter especially with a resume like Anderson Silva. All you guys do is make cheap shot comments about Silva. Respect is something I don’t have for fans like you.

          • XIRand0mHeroIX

            These same sheep will turn on Weidman at the drop of a hat and latch on to the next guy’s d*ck just as quickly

          • CombatScienceMMA

            Hold me

          • XIRand0mHeroIX

            I will, you are my everything

          • XIRand0mHeroIX


      • Your Mom

        Silva won’t come back to the middleweight division. Machida is going to take the title towards the end of the year, and he’ll be the one hanging onto it for a very long time. So my prediction is that if Silva DOES come back, he’ll come back and fight at light heavyweight, clean them out, and cement his legacy as the greatest of all time. Weidman has one more win waiting for him, and that’s Belfort. After that, he’s going to have to fight Machida, and Machida is going to absolutely destroy him. Blackhouse is going to rule by 2015, mark my words.

        • Good call. Silva returning at LHW would be very interesting. I can’t wait for the Machida/Moussasi fight. If Lyoto wins that I can see him getting that belt for sure.

    • deepgrim

      true he hasnt taking much damage in his career, but this is a different type of injury, and maybe he might not recover psychologically. when the healing process is finished it may come down to how confident he is on his feet, will he ever want to throw leg kicks again- so his arsenal may be effected, it really will be a matter of time. at 38 the healing process may take more time. so many ifs, will he come back like the champion he was before. I think most people will hope he does make a comeback but it may be a shame if he isnt the same anderson should he return

  • tyrone

    Weidman has two legit kos over silva. He kod “clowning “silva first fight,even though silva always fought like that and even though silva had a 4 month camp. Longest camp ever for silva. Weidman kod “serious ” silva with a kick check, usually a defensive weapon but in this case an offensive weapon. If weidman wouldn’t have checked the kick then silva would’ve hit weidmans knee or a little above it, thus possibly hurting weidman, but weidman checked that kick and deserves full credit for another mugging over the supposed goat.

    • I have never seen you engage in any intelligent or friendly conversation ever on this site. I always see you posting about how much you love Weidman and disrespecting Silva. I wish you weren’t so biased against Silva and stated more facts instead of opinions based on strong emotions you have for Chris Weidman as a fan. I’am a Weidman fan by the way but only to an extent considering he only has 11 fights and now is when he will be really building his name and legacy defending the belt.

      • tyrone

        I couldn’t care less about your observations

      • silvas daddy

        I dont see where tyrone was being disrespectful.hes stating his opinion.,but you were disrespectful by saying he had nothing intelligent to say just because you disagree. I remember going back and forth with you many times when you were riding silvas lap like a slut. You were proclaiming silva was gonna beat weidman, but now you say you are a fan. Guess weidman made a believer out of you, huh. You always talking about respect yet you disrespected tyrone and his response to you wasn’t even disrepectful.quit using the word respect when you obviously dont have it!

        • already know

          That guy “combat science “always on here talking crap. Usually about respect, lol.yeah he definately lacks it. Hes butt hurt

        • Druovanni Defoe

          Tyrone was on point until the end of his post where he had to throw in “supposed goat”… Last I heard Silva was just about unanimously considered the goat, not just by fans of the sport, but most of his peers too… That last part illustrates his bias, clear as day…

          • sow


          • tyrone

            My own entitled opinion, silva is not goat

        • I always said I was a fan of Weidman’s skill set but thought Silva would win. And it’s comments like “riding silvas lap like a slut” that make you and tyrone horrible fans to try to interact with on here. You guys put out nothing but your opinions and don’t care to have friendly conversations with anyone. You guys want to talk about respect but the only insult I have ever made was stating that you and tyrone never make an intelligent comments. It’s ok, we can agree to disagree. Maybe we can have a better conversation regarding Belfort and Weidman since you guys hate Silva so much.

    • mendoza

      Yeah, weidman said he prepared for silvas kicks in camp and actually discouraged people from kicking once he checked them because of the pain of bone on bone. It certainly wasn’t a fluke, he trained for this and he utilized it, therefore, props to weidman for being well prepared and better than silva in every category

      • Milan

        I think he said it because he wanted it to look like he didn’t win by an accident, look at him when he talks about it, his body language speaks the truth, where is the happines mixed with relief from winning the second time?

    • Drock420

      Anderson Silva “supposed goat”? He is the goat in the middleweight division at least, Until Chris Weidman defends that belt for 7 years like Silva did he’s not the GOAT.

      • tyrone

        If you beat the goat then you are the new goat. Silva should’ve retired and he wouldn’t have lost that status.

        • XIRand0mHeroIX

          That’s not even a little bit true… and after reading all your other comments on here you are clearly retarded

    • Milan

      I feel sad for both fighters because both fights ended with so many “what ifs”. Let’s say that Chris would have broken his hand while hiting Silva and had to throw in the towel because of that injury…It would be an unfair ending for both fighters because of that injury. I’ve trained martial arts for about 25 years now,and know for a fact that breaking a mans leg with a check/Block is not something you can do by pure will, it happens as an accident. and nothing more. I understand why Chris is talking about the leg check that broke Silva’s leg as something he’s been training at but that’s bs. He trained checking low kicks at camp because they where unchecked in their first fight, Silva breaking his leg is a freak accident as Dana said and I would have more respect for Chris as a fighter if he could be real about it instead of trying to sell that accident as something that was a part of his game plan.

      • tyrone

        Accident? Chris seen kick coming, chris react.ed by lifting leg up and checking kick. If chris wouldn’t have responded, chris may have been hurt, then everyone would’ve been ooo and ahhhh. Chris checked the kick in reality, not fantasy land of what if

        • Ortega

          Chris checking the kick wasn’t an accident, the leg breaking as a result of the checked kick was a freak accident. Do you really think Chris Weidman developed a technique to shatter shins when leg kicks and the checking defence have been developed for hundreds of years in Thailand? No such technique exists there.

          The reason a fighter cannot count on breaking an opponents shin with a check as a strategy to win a fight is because it is so unlikely.

          • deepgrim

            still not sure on this, obviously chris had worked on checking the kicks, so he may have devloped his techinique pretty good. take for example punches, you could say a ko punch was an accident, a fighter may land 20 punches in a fight and the last one ko’s the fighter, thats a low ratio success but you dont call it an accident becauce he trained to do these things, and so if a figher had 20 leg checks in a fight and breaks the oppositions leg its hard to call it an accident too. it is so rare that it happens, but alot of fighters dont throw leg kicks. THE techinique does exist in muay thai- its a cross block that weidman uses i believe. i think weidman may have opened fighters eyes a bit and the leg breaks may happen from time to time

          • a fan of honest fighters

            Trust me, fighters didn’t have their eyes opened by Weidman. Silva was 38 years old and kicking for years. Shins are small, if you learn to kick hard enough that your bone (like in the hand) cannot handle the pressure, it will snap. Weidman didn’t tailor any specific technique that we are all un-aware of. He used a check I learn in my second class in kickboxing. Anything is possible to break in fighting. When you are 38 years old your body starts to give out even if your mind pushes it further. Chris is champ, and let’s see if he can give the record a run for it’s money. If another guy breaks a limb hitting weidman, than we can talk about him being the man of steel.

          • deepgrim

            i think a few will have had there eyes opened by how effective the technique proved to be. nobody has been active checking barboozas leg kicks and they have been devasting- now i feel fighters will be thinking about it. there are quite a few skills that havent been used yet. how many times have ya seen someone try and take someone down again the cage, travis browne has now knocked out 2 people there, bet it wont be long before other fighters use the elbow drive now(jds could have used it many times v cain). spining heel. kicks are becoming more popular now. not saying he is a man of steel, i think he showed the techinque can be highly effective and fighters may be now spending more time drilling the technique

        • A fan of honest fighters

          Yes Tyrone, checking kicks is not an accident, the severe break was the accident. It wasn’t a hairline fracture, and it is not common practice for guys to break their leg in two. Stop being so ignorant to the obvious. I am not taking sides of Silva or Weidman. I am just pointing out the obvious, 100,000 checked leg kicks a year, how many snap in two pieces ?
          Nobody is taking away from every mma fighter training to check leg kicks, Weidman was right to respond and say from his point of view it was no accident, but from ours (viewers) that was clearly a defensive result, there was no offensive intention to break the shin, only to protect himself from taking the worst of the kick. Spend a minute kick boxing and see the difference. This actually IS a “what if” scenerio because the first fight was a performance for Roy Jones Jr, and the second was an unexpected injury.
          Nothing takes away from Weidman doing his best regardless of the outcome. The “what if” is that that greatest champ in the UFC didn’t end his career on a freak accident from kicking so hard he broke his leg. Common sense here.

        • Milan

          The accident isn’t about Chris being able to check a low kick, I was talking about the leg breaking because of it. There is so many factors that come into play for it to happen that no one can do it by pure will. But don’t take my word for it, you might have a Muay Thai gym near you, ask the ppl there who train throwing lowkicks and checking them with perfection in mind, if they can teach you how to break bones at will by checking kicks and they’ll help you sorting out fantasy from reality.

      • One of the best comments I’ve seen. Well put.

  • Innovator

    I see Silva coming back and entering the LHW divsion. He will make a run there and if its not successful he will retire. Couple fights will net him a title shot and Bones Jones will likely retire him and send him off into the sunset which would be a decent end to an amazing career for silva

    • Chase Brian Beebe

      he wants no part of jon jones he’s said it several times

  • Big Tuna

    No one wants to see a great go out on an injury hope he returns and leaves the cage walking

  • lowlb

    I have to wonder if they will take the titanium rod out of his leg after 6 mos-yr of healing. It’s not unusual to leave it in but it’s uncomfortable.
    If they leave the titanium rod in his leg, A.Silva’s leg kicks will be sick and wrong. Unfair even maybe?

    • R

      Lol. Titanium leg kicks, kinda like wolverine!
      I have plates and rods in one of my fingers, and it is uncomfortable. I play the piano, and have not lost technical ability. Playing the piano made my finger strong and flexible again. If anything, training will be much better for his leg in the long run, if he decides to leave it in. Its like long term physical therapy.

  • toom

    honestly im a silva fan and i hope he doesnt come back i dont want to see him damage his legacy by fighting past his prime not to say hes slowed down but after breaking his leg in half you dont know how thats gonna effect him mentally

    • a fan of honest fighters

      I agree. I think he cemented himself in history. Had so many unique fights, including some of the most unique losses ever. He made a lot of people proud to be fans, and represented the sport extremely well. He should train people now, and consider that boxing stuff for fun. MMA is a young man’s game, and it takes months and years of training to get to a singular position.
      Best to go out on top. Head held high like GSP.

  • Pat Garret

    The Spider, had a long and illustrious career, achieving more than many men, before him. But this injury at his age can be such a major roadblock for Silva. It’s a kind of injury that, I don’t know if Silva can come back from.This injury, reminds me of the old nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty back together again!
    Ps. I hope Silva does make it back late 2014.

  • dgs

    After this injury, factoring in his age and the layoff he will have to take, I unfortunately think even if he returns his best days are behind him. That’s okay, his legacy in the sport is secure, no matter what he does.

  • solo

    Imo its crazy to think he will come back within a year.
    I believe this injury is gonna have big effect on his life .
    I mean he could probably feel the pain just by walking too much, not to mention the fighting.
    But, as Dana would like to say “what do i know”.

    • Chase Brian Beebe

      remember when you told me weidman can never beat him?

      • solo

        Wow, are you like 12?
        I really dont remember. But you clearly do. i honestly dont believe i said it like that, but if i actually did than i was wrong obviously. Eh, what can you do.

  • why not

    maybe not a year but he could come back and kick some ass . if you look at bernard hopkins LW: champ at 48 . maybe not as hard sport but silva is only 38 and with modern technology his leg could be stronger than ever. i beleve he can go back where he was

    • Bob

      The “modern technology” you refer to is a steal bar with screws, and a cap put on the top so the bone marrow doesn’t grow into the object.. Silva doesn’t take TRT, or any other doctor prescribed medications (Unlike “The Natural” Randy Couture). That’s not to say I’m against, it, I will for sure do the same as my energy levels drop and I get older.. The fragility is something that gets worse from you bone density, muscle tissue, and ligaments.. Everything is just easier to injure. When you’re a kid, you get a cut, it heals in a couple days. I swear I’ve had a paper-cut now for 2 months and I’m 26.

      I’d like Silva to come back as a fan and just have a fight against another great fighter so he can go out on an emotional high.. I don’t think any less if he steps away, as I don’t think he’ll be able to beat Chris. His opportunity to do so was the first fight in my opinion. Chris is only getting bigger, faster, stronger, more technical and confident.