Anderson Silva’s Manager Amused, but has Choice Words for Chael Sonnen

August 25, 2011
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 117

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 117

Whenever a microphone lands in front of UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen‘s mouth, anything and everything is fair game.

Sonnen has frequently unleashed his verbal attack on UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, his camp, his trainers, and even his manager during different interviews.

Most recently, during a Q&A session, Sonnen quipped, “I won the middleweight championship. They tarnished and took it from me after I whooped a man’s ass for 25 minutes, he wrapped his legs around my head for eight seconds, and they declared him the winner?”

His shtick doesn’t go unnoticed. One of the recipients of his lingual lashings does see the humor in Sonnen’s barbs on the mic.

“I think he’s very creative,” manager Ed Soares said of Sonnen when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio. “I had a ton of people texting me after his Q&A and it’s funny cause it is what it is. I heard the one he said about ‘if there was one empty barstool next to him and me, Anderson and the Nogueira brothers walked in, we’d flip it over and each of us would have a seat’ and it’s just to me, that is so funny and so ridiculous, what can you do?”

Regardless of how funny or ridiculous Sonnen’s comments might be to some, Soares says eventually the brash former political hopeful will eventually come face to face with one of the fighters he’s been talking about and that’s when the verbal assault will become physical.

“The guy is out there saying what he’s saying, but eventually he’s going to have to pay for everything that he says, and it’s going to be inside that Octagon. Maybe that’s why he’s doing that, he’s really looking to get another shot at Anderson,” Soares said.

Because of Sonnen’s comments, it only seems right that he gets a response for his claim that he beat Silva for the better part of the fight, but only lost in the waning moments of the bout when the Brazilian slapped on a triangle choke, forcing the tap.

Anderson Silva applying the triangle choke

Anderson Silva applying the triangle choke

Soares has a message for Sonnen if he feels he was somehow wronged in that fight.

“At the end of the day, I heard him say, ‘yeah I beat him up for four rounds, and then for eight seconds, he slaps his legs around me and he gets the belt strapped around him.’ Well, that’s the game,” Soares stated.

“If it’s that stupid, learn how to defend the triangle. It’s not the first time he got caught in a triangle, and I guarantee it won’t be the last.”

Sonnen may be able to earn another shot at Silva if he can get past Brian Stann at UFC 136 in October, while the champion defends his belt in his home country of Brazil this weekend against Yushin Okami at UFC 134: Rio.

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  • Gus84

    Sonnen = fail

  • j-k-martin

    With his last battle vs. Silva in mind, I think Sonnen may be the only guy not threatened by meeting him in the ring.

    • clizzark

      Sure, if he can load up on the roids again and pray that Silva has to fight injured again.

  • judo johnson

    I hope they fight again, that first fight was awesome, i still hope HENDO wins!!!!!

  • Bob

    Lets not forget that Silva stepped into the ring to face Sonen with a fractured rib! Anyone that has had a rib injury will agree that they could not have fought to their full ability with the injury. Yet Silva was still able to beat Sonen.

  • BigGuy

    Sonnen will talk until the day he dies because that’s what guys that cannot reach the mountain top do. He is never going to be a champion in the UFC, and he is aware of that. The best thing that happened was that Anderson beat him in the latter part of the final round. It must have been devastating for Sonnen to walk out of that match a loser…AGAIN!

  • bajafox

    Sonnen will have to wait a while if he beats Stann. If Silva beats Okami, then he’ll probably face Hendo in November, if he gets passed Hendo he’ll more than likely need a break before going back to training. I don’t see this match happening until February or March, assuming the stars line up for Sonnen.

  • lonniebatt

    Yes indeed Soares knows exactly why Chael is doing what he is doing and it appears to be working without a doubt he cant even go to Brazil because of how good a job he has done to upset the order… yea! Chael

  • somecokehead

    Reality is if Sonnen didn’t tap,,, He goes to sleep! Maybe that would shut him up for good. Maybe Stann will do it for him, like he did to Leben. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Unador

    Sonnen, what a joke.
    Beating a guy up for 25 minutes is no where near as dangerous as being irreversably locked up in traingle lock where your arm can be broken off for kicks after you lose consciousness, and then eventually your life.
    This is a fight. A fight to the finish. FINISH. Silva FINISHED Sonnen.
    Sonnen did not have the skill, strength, determination, talent, ability, or experience necessary to finish Silva. All Sonnen has is a trick to out score you with pts to get a Judges decision.
    Sonnen is not a winner, hence his legal problems. He’s a cheater, hence his problems with the athletic commision.
    Nor is Sonnen a fighter. He’s just a competitor. He should drop weight and fight Guida, they have the same style. Or jump weight if he such a fantastic capable fighter that deserves the 185 belt. Jump weight to 205 and Fight Tito, or stfu imo.

    • kienergy

      Sonnen may be a lot of things but he is no joke as a fighter. I bought into the Anderson Silva pound for pound best idea before… but Sonnen and no one else showed that simply wasn’t true. The best pound for pound fighter is GSP, not someone who can’t stop four rounds of constant takedowns and ground and pound. Anderson simply doesn’t want to fight Chael again, rib injury or no rib injury. Silva said Sonnen doesn’t “deserve it.” LOL… what would be more deserving than owning Silva for four and a half rounds? Anderson doesn’t want to face another beatdown, simple as that. Now… if Silva is as great as you seem to think…. why would he want to avoid the rematch? Could it be he predicts rounds one through four will go pretty much the same as their previous match and round five will not go in his favor? And most of you Silva fans and supporters… none of you seem to be too keen on a rematch either… and I wonder why? Maybe you too are concerned Silva will fail. If I believed Silva was the best, which I did before the Sonnen fight, by the way, I would welcome the rematch of so close a match to prove Silva’s superiority. I want to see a rematch as soon as possible and will be happy to watch it no matter who wins.

  • macgrubber

    Unador you raging bro?
    Sonnen will beat Silva if they fight.

    • Unador

      nah, not raging at all.
      Sonnen is just a maximum of talk, and a minimum of execution. Reference the Maia fight. Round 1 triangle choke. And he knew it was coming, his whole team got subed by this guy. He knew exactly what to expect, and talked all of his talk about how it stops here, with me, I’m good blah blah blah
      tap tap tap another big L for Sonnen.

      and Sonnen and Silva already fought once, and Sonnen lost. So…. a rematch victory just sets up Silva vs Sonnen III. Besides didn’t Sonnen fail his post fight drug test? And wasn’t Silva comeing off of a rib injury? Considering Silva should be better, and Sonnen worse without his PED’s. I expect another L for Sonnen here. Tho he desperately needs the W to collect the next fat check for Silva/Sonnen III.

      Besides, even if Silva fights the same exact fight. Sonnen has already displayed that he has no finishing power against SIlva even with his PED’s.

      He should jump weight and fight Tito. Silva jumped weight and fought Griffin, a top ten LHW. If Sonnen claims to be better than Silva, then jump weight like Silva and fight a washed up has been.

  • elbowcrush

    Even if Silva had not finished Sonnen and Sonnen went on to win the title, it would have been stripped from him for the use of PED’s.

  • 2000MileWall

    Did Anderson ever bring up his broken rib before the fight?
    Why did the Dr. over seeing the fight let Anderson step into the cage with a broken rib?
    Was it not until after the Sonnen fight,that he showed proof of his broken rib,and wouldn’t not be more plausible that Anderson suffered his broken rib during his fight with Sonnen?
    Not that it would have made a difference,because Sonnen failed his test.

    I understand that it’s hard for some fans accept certain facts when it comes to their favorite fighters,but I see people getting very emotional over things that they have no clue what’s true or false…Blinded by partisan,and what you hope/want to be true,because it’s your favorite fighter…

  • kienergy

    It is so strange to me when people claim someone is not a fighter if they don’t fight the way they want them to fight. Shouldn’t it be that a good fighter is one who fights and wins often regardless of tactics? If you don’t like wrestling, why watch mma where it is allowed and used to great advantage? Maybe you could watch boxing where the referee keeps stopping the action to unclinch fighters. Or you could watch K1 kickboxing… or Muay Thai? If you really want to pretend that striking is the only real fighting, and wrestling is not, climb into the cage and get your feelings hurt, because you’re wrong. The more you complain about boring fights, the more likely all the sport and real fighting will be sucked out of mma and it will become more and more fake. Mixed Martial Arts is mixed, and all the current champions and nearly all in the top ten of each division train in all aspects of the game- striking, wrestling, and submissions. If that doesn’t fit your beliefs, too bad. Don’t complain about the fighters when it’s your beliefs that are wrong.