Anderson Silva’s Emotional UFC 162 Post-Fight Video Blog with Usher and Roy Jones Jr.

July 11, 2013
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Anderson-Silva-UFC-148-Workout-9169Over the course of his UFC tenure, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva‘s persona rose to almost mythical proportions.

Chris Weidman, at UFC 162 on Saturday night, however, disrupted the belief that Silva was unbeatable, knocking him out it the second round.

Silva’s team captured the fallout from the night on video, revealing  a very emotional side of Silva that we’ve never born witness to before, as the loss to Weidman was his first in the Octagon.

Check out Anderson Silva’s UFC 162 post-fight video blog as he talks to Usher, Roy Jones Jr., and Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo after his loss to Chris Weidman.

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  • Temp

    Who is Usher to talk to Silva about “Lessons learned”…He couldn’t hold Silva’s jock strap. What a douche.

    • PlayaPlaya

      A friend can’t tell another friend to learn from their mistake and keep their head up?

  • Ricardo

    this is a Layer, Unsher very funny in this video lie history too, anderson arrogance he lost, and this story that it is nice that everything is a lie,

    • Ulysses Bryan Ocampo Capalar

      damn you and your grammar. This isn’t WWE, go watch that if you want to, just get away from mma, your a disgrace.

      • anonmoose

        Grammar you say…? You mean “you’re” as in “You are”.

        • David Luu

          LMFAO!!!!!!!! “your right” LMFAO!!!!!! correction “you’re right!”

  • Manuel Lopez

    From what I saw the experience of this loss was humbling for AS. He needed that and I’m saying that with respect, no hate. We humans tend to get drunk with power and fame and when we start believing our own hype that is when we get to be our worst.

  • I don’t think Anderson even understands what Usher is talking about. Just nodding his head and agreeing, I live in Thailand and I don’t always get the point what people are talking about. I revert to the method that Anderson is using to feign some understanding its less awkward then just outright saying you don’t understand.

  • silvas daddy

    Him crying proves he didn’t throw fight.wake up you nuthuggers, your hero got ktfo, lol!!! A great humble american now has a stranglehold on title as well as silvas heart!!! Also if it was a fixed fight, why not tap out to kneebar? Fake getting kod and then let head hit ground violently and then get gnp ‘d without defending it, nah.he got ktfo. This is better than viagra.

    • lawliet

      Who cares, still the G.O.A.T

      • silvas daddy

        Fedor is goat.fedor fought giants and won.silva fought only guys his size. Weidman is better than silva, he already proved it, and if you do not agree then your words are empty and come only from feelings not facts

        • h.roon.

          Fedor was good but he didnt compete in the ufc, the level of the competition and talent in ufc is unmatchable in any organisation. So unless fedor did in UFC he aint the GOAT

  • silvas daddy

    I think chris gave silva that gnp after ko for, anderson putting his nasty ass lips on weidmans at weighin. Disrespectful piece of sh..

    • Darin

      Please come up with something original to say. You’ve written the same childish thing under half a dozen stories. Besides, Chris Weidman beat Silva, you didn’t. You have no right to gloat.

      • battle ready

        Well said. It seems like this guy is the little kid on the play ground gloating that some one he likes won the game of dodge ball this time. Usually the kid who never achieves much in his own life.

        • Darin

          I dont need any backup from a nuthugger like worse than anyone.i dont need a yes man you loser

        • silvas daddy

          You sissy

      • silvas daddy

        Weidman put that gnp on silva cause silva put his nasty ass lips on weidmans at weigh in.disrespectful piece of …
        I will post this every article cause i know it kills you nuthuggers.enjoy my posts. I count you as my most avid follower.borderline stalking, you must like big men

    • keyboard warrior slayer

      your an obese moron.

      • silvas daddy

        And you sir are butt hurt

  • ronbo

    usher giving a lifes lesson speech??? lmao. the cheesiest fkn dude on planet earth is giving advice lmao

    • dgs

      I agree with everything you typed. I would take life lesson advice from my four year old daughter before I would from that idiot.

      Usher, another tool with no talent who has more money than God thanks to our vapid, materialistic, consumerist society buying up his crap in droves.

      • Mike McKinney

        Wait, did you just say usher has no talent?
        You don’t have to like his music, or dancing, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have talent. It’s not as if he’s Paris Hilton. I’m. Not a fan of the Dave Matthews Band, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have one of the best drummers to ever live.

  • Chicago

    I still think It’s funny that people think that the fight was fixed. I have seen 2 movies with AS in it & he couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag. I hope he comes back with a drive and focus to close out his career.

    • Baller31

      lol that’s a point that i haven’t heard made before

  • disqus_dFpgJSTh6u

    The usher speech was just absurd…

    And I hope Weidman never changes and keeps his locker room to his family and fight team… and not random pop stars and movie stars.

  • dgs

    It was weird hearing Dana speak in complete sentences without dropping an “F” bomb at the press conference. I didn’t know Dana could speak in complete sentences without dropping an “F” bomb, so that was more interesting to me than the rest of the video.

  • Undefeatable

    I would like to see Silva win the rematch just to shut these Weidman ball lickers up!