Anderson Silva’s Doctor Explains Condition that Forced Fighter to the Hospital

November 5, 2014
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On Tuesday, it was reported that former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva was rushed to the hospital after losing feeling in his legs and suffering from sever back pain.

Silva’s diagnosis showed that he was stricken with lumbago, a condition commonly found in athletes in contact sports. Soon after news of Silva’s hospitalization got out, Dr. Marcio Tannure, the fighter’s personal physician, went into detail with about the physical setback.

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Anderson-Silva-UFC-90_750“He has felt this pain before. It has nothing to do with the surgery,” Tannure said, referencing the procedure Silva went through to repair his broken leg from late last year.

Tannure said that the recovery for the fighter’s current injury will keep him out of the gym for 10 to 15 days. Part of the recovery, Tannure explained, is physiotherapy and taking ant-inflammatory medication.

“Strengthening and balance of the muscles are the best prevention for this type of problem, along with reducing the training intensity,” the doctor said.

Tannure also confirmed that the condition will not affect the scheduling of Silva’s Jan. 31 fight with Nick Diaz. The fighters are booked to headline UFC 183, which takes place in Las Vegas.

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    He’s faking .. Don’t be scared homie .. Jk hope this doesn’t flare up again before the fight ..

  • MuayThaiFood

    Anyone ever heard of lumbago? I hadn’t, so I googled it. Erik Fontanez, you should try that sometime then you might be spared writing an article that sounds ridiculous and explains nothing. Lumbago is an antiquated word which means…….sore lower back. Enlightening isn’t it?

  • Sirus

    This is the exact opposite of “explaining”

  • Chicago

    i wonder how much of this is mental. Im not saying that he faked it. not saying that he is looking for a way out. but it seems strange that his 1st fight back from a horrific accident is the 1st time he has a reported problem in his camp. FYI this is coming from a GOAT “nut hugger”.