Anderson Silva Will Reportedly Admit to ‘Therapeutic’ PEDs Use

March 2, 2015
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship is reporting on its website that former middleweight champion Anderson Silva will admit to having used “several performance enhancing substances” in order to aid in his recovery from a severely broken leg. The UFC report cites Brazilian media outlet UOL as its source.

According to the report, when Silva goes before the Nevada Athletic Commission in March – a specific date has not yet been set – he will admit to the commission that he took the substances, but only to aid in his healing, not in any attempt to gain an advantage over his opponent.

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Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz UFC 183 kickSilva is currently under a Nevada Athletic Commission mandated temporary suspension after having tested positive for Drostanolone and Androstane on Jan. 9 in an out-of-competition drug test, and then testing positive for Drostanolone again in a Jan. 31 fight-night drug test.

The Jan. 31 test also returned positive results for Oxazepam and Temazepam, anti-anxiety medications often used to treat sleep deprivation.

The anti-anxiety medications are not banned substances, but Silva failed to reveal them on his pre-fight medical questionnaire.

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Silva, according to the report, will claim that the physician-prescribed drugs were intended to aid in his recovery from back spasms and muscle pain.

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  • Sadstrangelittleman

    It’s still cheating because it’s banned. Nobody would have faulted him if he told everyone he was taking them per Drs orders for recovery but did not fight while using/waited a reasonable amount of time before he got into the Octagon. Steroids were actually made to help recovery not to cheat so if he had a legit Dr telling him to take them and prescribing them then OK but still to be on them while training and fighting is cheating.

    I think of it this way – Frank Mir was in a horrible accident and “maybe” used steroids to recover (on DRs orders) but he did not step into the cage on them nor did he train while on them. If you use them to recover from a horrific injury then fine but once you are healed stop using them and just be you in the cage.

    To “admit” this now really does nothing for Anderson because he has already had many chances to come clean – When it was first announced he popped for example – So not only does this not make him (by definition) a liar but also a cheater. I think that coupled with the constant showboating in fights and then trying to act humble (yes I KNOW it’s “his style”) makes him far from the GOAT. GOAT shouldn’t just be defined by skill but also by character and the way the fighter promotes himself and the sport as a whole. Anderson really has not done much in the way of promoting the sport positively – No just being a PPV draw does not mean he actively promoted the sport, just that he was popular and fought for a living.

    • JJDNB

      I totally agree. Changing up your story shows that you were lying.
      Mir was on TRT(legal cheating) when it was allowed, so not the best example of a fighter using for recovery:)

      • Sadstrangelittleman

        True he was but I was using him as more of an example for someone who could have reasonably used steroids to recover from a horrific injury.

        TRT is a whole other thing to me because of the weird way they allowed it and the rules surrounding it. I get the “legal cheating” moniker but really if the commission allows them to use it then it’s just legal (not fair) but legal.

  • guest

    I’m sure the UFC coached him very well. At this point it’s about throwing yourself at the mercy of the almighty

    NSAC and hope that by doing so, they will show some leniency. I see a 6-12 month ban for Anderson.

  • Seth

    “therapeutic”…Duh, of course. That stuff wasn’t intended to help him during a fight. Anderson, save yourself and come up clean – say you did it for same reason as everybody else – to be better and win more fights, especially the one against Father Time. Why is he looking for an excuse?

  • Tony

    That’s weird , at first he denied ever taking them but now he has taken them to heal but not to use as an advantage in fight. Lol. In fight , what did he do ? Use only 60% of speed,power,etc… This guy has proven himself a liar and its pretty safe to assume he’s always been a cheater. I’m glad Weidman beat him like a b!+(#. Hope they fight again so I can see some more highlights of him being abused.

    • JJDNB

      I second that. Brazilians are horrible liars.

  • Tony

    I remember in the first Weidman fight after being pummeled in the first round , Anderson displayed roid rage in between RDS by screaming and frothing at the mouth and had to be told to calm down by his corner. Yeah he’s always been a cheat. He failed the surprise test but only because it was a surprise. He knows how to cycle off and on because he has proven that.

    • TheCerealKiIler

      maybe he was bitten by a rabid raccoon?

  • truth

    I just went to my orthopedic surgeon (hospital of special surgery in nyc) which is one of the most prestigious places for sports related injuries in the world. I ask my doctor about Andersons injury and what he got caught for. My doctor said that steroids are never used as a therapeutic medicine for broken bones especially the ones in Andersons system. This whole bs about therapeutic use needs to stop because there is no science behind it. It’s just something Chael Sonnen said.

    • TheCerealKiIler

      I am a doctor… I know.

    • MikeMcK

      Well hell, if you talked to your doctor then that settles it. You should make sure the NSAC sees your post.

  • TheCerealKiIler

    This is why Nick Diaz is actually the best fighter in the world. Doesn’t lie, uses pot to give other fighters a chance. Never uses peds, plus drives drunk and doesn’t smash his whip! He even shows people how to treat the organization you work for. Nick Diaz runs Dana Whites business for him behind the scenes. Nick Diaz told Anderson to stop juicing but he couldn’t resist. Shame to ruin such a long streak of not getting caught cheating. The money it earned him is still good though.


      You have zero credibility for these claims to be true.

      • TheCerealKilIer

        I am actually a doctor.

    • FakeSerialsMOM

      What a loser.

      • TheCerealKilIer

        I can’t figure out how he mimics my account. And why me? I am a cool guy.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Anyone else NOT buying this BS?!? First he admitted for almost a month that he “knew nothing about the PED’s” and had nothing to apologize for, and now he says, well it was for recovery due to my shattered leg?!? BAHAHAHA oh my, how sad that Silva’s legacy has taken quite a beating. The fact that he (a month later) says it was Doctors orders makes him look even more pathetic, than if he came clean about it once he got popped!
    Wonder if Silva was the Lance Armstrong of MMA?!?

    • TheCerealKilIer

      I guess people need to believe in these cheaters. Anderson was said to be the least likely to ever be using peds. Now the myth has been busted. What say you now Anderson nut huggers? GSP is the GOAT. Whether he used or not?? Never get catch! Poosy git Catch! Silva needs to take his money and run and hide until he is forgotten about.

  • godcmevup

    Sadly that’s the end of his legacy.

    • TheCerealKilIer

      Sad for who? If you cheated your whole career and got to keep all the money you stole would you be sad? I guess it would be better for Anderson if he wasn’t caught but now we know his secret weapon. Furthermore we know that when someone is so dominant as Anderson was, there is probably a logical explanation… peds.

      • godcmevup

        Actually I never knew someone on PEDs can have such an average physique. Well, at least we have better drug testing in place now, to prevent further damage to the sport.

        • TheCerealKilIer

          Yes the public is finding out what ‘elite” athletes have known for years. Not all steroids are the same. Alex Rodrigues is not huge, Lance Armstrong, Jon Finch. Guys like McGuire, Clemens, and Lombard were obvious. Truth is they all get to keep the money they ‘earned’ cheating. So the message to future generations is… It isn’t cheating if you don’t get caught.

  • Axl Bender

    Silvas whole career is steroids, Joe Rogan brought up an interview Silva did at his personal gym a while back, there were specific needles used to inject a specific steroid. His entire career needs to be put in the garbage along with everyone else that tests positive from now on.