Anderson Silva Will Not Fight on Fox Debut Card, but UFC 134 Could Still Play A Factor in Main Event

August 26, 2011
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Anderson Silva UFC 126

Anderson Silva at the UFC 126 post-fight press conference

The UFC’s first show on Fox set for Nov 12 in Anaheim will feature a big fight for the main event, but Anderson Silva will not be involved.

Rumors first circled earlier this week that Silva was in the running for the main event of the Fox show for a fight against current Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson.

Sources had indicated that at least one of the fighters had been contacted about the potential fight that hinged on Silva’s performance this weekend at UFC 134 in Rio against Yushin Okami.

Well now, UFC President Dana White has thrown water on those rumors, but still says that the event in Brazil could impact the fight happening on Fox.

“Still working on it, I’m going to watch and see what happens this weekend. No it won’t be Anderson Silva, but what happens this weekend is important,” White said when addressing fans on UStream.

The possibility of a fight between Silva and Henderson always seemed like a long shot considering the Brazilian’s match-up this weekend and only 10 weeks remaining between now and the fight in Anaheim.

A lot of factors would have to go right this weekend as well as Silva’s willingness to take back-to-back fights in such a short amount of time.

While Silva is off the table for the event, White did say that this weekend’s show could impact the Fox card. Could that mean the inclusion of possibly the winner in the co-main event between Maurcio ‘Shogun’ Rua and Forrest Griffin?

No mention has been given about Dan Henderson still possibly being a contender for the card, and he has been competing at light heavyweight for his last few fights. He also mentioned that he believes 205lbs is his best weight class.

“I’m the most comfortable there, not having to cut weight, not having to jeopardize any energy or anything. I perform the best consistently at light heavy, so I would definitely like to stay there,” Henderson told MMAWeekly Radio just last week.

Time will tell the tale on who will end up on Fox, but White is promising a big main event to make sure their new television partners are happy with the end result.

“It’s going to be a big fight,” White stated. “Obviously we want to go out with a bang and pull big numbers off Fox, the first time we’re going to big fight on Fox.”

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  • Cptmats

    Well, If it’s not Silva But it does depend on the out come of UFC134…..Then its Shogun !

  • natpaukar7

    Henderson Shogun! enough said

  • natpaukar7

    Or Jones vs. Henderson

  • devine22

    natpaukar7 Dana said this weekends fights has to do with the fox fights!? Hendo an Jones aren’t fighting this week. Oh but Nog is an they love the ratings that Brock brings !!!!! They are going to give Brock someone that can take a beating an doesnt have KO power !!! Brock vs Nog

    • Cptmats

      Your way off track ! they are talking about who may be fighting Hendo . We allready know one one fighter and the outcome of UFC will have to do with who Hendo fights. Dana allready said it wouldn’t be Silva so it has the be the winner of Shogun vs Forrest…..which will be Shogun !

  • Rasslin

    good point – I think for shizzle one half of the main card is going to be an American that can draw and Brock is that man…not sure what rio has to do with Fox …but we’ll see

  • afk

    brock won’t be ready to fight until early 2012. pretty sure shogun v henderson is the big draw they’re looking for. it appeals to a lot of different people and nationalities and they could even play up hendo’s split decision over shogun’s brother if they really wanted some extra beef lol.

  • Told you it was a cruel hoax! No way was Silva going to be fighting for his title on free television.

  • Mario

    Good to know this won’t happen after all.

    Let’s watch Silva defend his title tomorrow against Okami first, yeah?

    Then we’ll see what happens.