Anderson Silva Will Fight Whoever the UFC Wants – Georges St-Pierre or Jon Jones

November 18, 2012
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Anderson Silva at UFC 126UFC middleweight champion and icon Anderson Silva was in attendance prior to UFC 154 kicking off to speak with the media about his plans for 2013.

The champion spoke about a lot of possibilities, but mainly he focused on a super fight against UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

If St-Pierre is successful against Carlos Condit on Saturday, all signs are pointing towards a super fight between Silva and the welterweight champion in 2013.

The interesting addition to Silva’s talk was his new opinion on a potential match-up with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

In the past, both Silva and Jones have declined the possibility of the fight happening, but now the Brazilian legend says if the UFC wants it, then he’ll do it.

Check out the video interview below with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva:

  • GoNoles

    jones please

  • Aaron

    Silva vs Jones would be a better fight, period. These two are closer in weight and more evenly matched. Which begs the question: why would we even want to see a much larger Silva vs a much smaller GSP? It just doesn’t make that much sense.

  • Mike Hunt

    it seems like silva’s pouncing on the opportunity of gsp’s ring rust….

  • Fanooti

    I agree completely. GSP is much smaller than Silva. Jones-Silva is much better match up. I do think if GSP could land his takedowns it would be hard for Silva, but that would be GSP’s only chance. Silva’s striking is just too precise. Jone’s length would make it hard for Silva to impose his will so easily. I’ll take JDS over all of them!

  • SwampDonkey

    >implying smaller GSP couldn’t beat Silva.

    For real though Jones is young and hasn’t solidified his spot in the list of GOATs yet… GSP vs Silva are the more proven badasses, not that it matters, cuz Condit’s gonna beat GSP… so Jones vs Silva it is…

    • Aaron

      How many more amazing fighters do you need see destroyed by Jones? The guy is proven. He also presents a more interesting and more problematic style match up for Silva. Believe me, it a better fight for us to enjoy.

    • nassmma

      haha condits gonna beat gsp!!!!!! did u watch the fight

  • dsfasf

    If anderson fights Jones he should just retire if he wins that fight. Nothing more to prove for the spider.

    • MaritalArtist

      What about silva vs JDS?

      • JupzTer

        Well they are teammate at BlackHouse so it ain’t possible…

  • julian moran

    What is all this talk about Jones and Silva being closer in weight then Silva and GSP?

    GSP weighs in at 170 and fights around 185.
    Silva weighs in at 185 and fights around 200.
    Jones weighs in at 205 and fights around 225.

    The weight difference for GSP vs Silva is actually less then Silva vs Jones.

    Also, if GSP fought at 185, he easily could bulk up and fight at almost 200 come fight night. Silva however, fighting at 205 will not be bigger then 205 come fight night.
    So Silva would only have a few pounds over GSP, while Jones would have over 20 pounds over Silva.

    • Thank you for being one of the few that can see the truth.

      GSP is even bigger than that though. According to his own team he is 193 in the cage. Source below.

      Anderson’s weight is also frequently exaggerated. He was 202 in his last fight, 4 pounds under the limit, so he obviously didn’t cut any weight there, and even at that weight people were calling him a bit puffy. For all the talk about how big hie gets in between fights (which is probably just people trying to find a way to discredit him, since MANY fighters put on as much or more weight than he does) Anderson is not a huge MW. If he is 202 without cutting, and looks less ripped at that weight, why would he be that weight a day after making 185? (and look skinnier?) That doesn’t make sense now does it? So without seeing him on the scale but seeing that he looks skinnier than he did at 202 when he fights at 185, logically he must be less. I’d guess maybe 195-197, so he fights 5, 10 pounds tops heavier than GSP and that doesn’t factor in that GSP’s cut is to 170 while Anderson’s is to 185, so GSP who is shredded like a marvel cartoon character at 200 pounds in training might even weigh MORE than Anderson if they fight…. (do the math, if he weighed 193 for a 170 fight and they are going to fight at 178 if he put the same weight back on he will be above 200)

      • Barazquez23

        silva vs jon jones is a way better match up. silva walks around 220lb and hes 6’2 and hes also lengthy for the 185lb division. he destroys light heavyweights. its only obvious its a better match. Jon jones is 6’4 and he maybe walks around 230. gsp is like 5’10. alot shorter than silva. he walks around 187. if silva really wants a challenge fight jon jones. if he wants to beat a little man up, with a huge name. fight GSP. everyone knows the real challenge is silva. if he beats GSP, its expected. He beats Jon Jones, WOW!!!

        • Aaron


        • I agree it is the better match up, but people are rather misinformed about the size difference.

          Jones vs Silva is the more interesting fight because they are the better fighters right now.

          People try to act like it is because Silva is too big, but let’s just call a spade a spade and say that Silva would eat GSP for breakfast and Jones is the fight to make because even though Jones is bigger Silva might be so good that he can make up for the size difference.

    • Anthony Lopez

      Thank you! I think some people need to go back to math basics. Not only is Silva-GSP closer in weight, but it’s a matchup of the two faces of the UFC over the last 5+ years. Everyone wanted to see this fight for so long, and now annoying kids who just started watching UFC when Jon Jones came to the UFC are having bitch fits.

      • TandmWarElephnt

        I agree its not about champ versus champ or moving up or down in weight its about the two longest reigning champions! The two p4p titans that have been around… its not that it make more sense it just has more weight to it as a fight although i would like to see jones fight silva just cuz it would hopefully be the beating silva needs…. haha

        • Aaron

          I believe that kind of thinking dilutes the sport. You should expect the most challenging match ups and nothing less.

      • Aaron

        That’s so far from the truth. It’s about the best match ups. It always has been. When it’s not about the best match ups, its just hype. And I don’t know about you but I am sick of the hype. No more Kimbo slices or James Toneys for me thank you.

    • nassmma

      silva actually walks around 220 n his height is closer to jones n also his reach is much more than gsp n closer to jones so get ur facts straight buddy

      • KJ

        Speaking on facts, Silva has a 1 inch reach advantage over GSP, 77 to 76. Bones has an 84 inch reach, much more than both. Silva walking around at 220 lbs doesn’t tell us anything about how much of that weight is fat, etc… Silva doesn’t look like Bader at 220, so I don’t think that means much to his fight weight.

        • BRAD

          THANK YOU…. what ive been trying to explain to these uneducated idiots for the longest time in a nutshell

      • GSPisbigerthenSilva

        Silva walks around 220 when not training. Because he likes to party and eat BBQ. When Silva is in shape,prior to cutting weight he is around 200. GSP in shape before cutting weight is also about 200.
        GSP just dehydrates himself more and cuts more weight for his fights.

        • Nolovelost

          Umm no he doesn’t cut a lot of weight, watch any interview with him and he says the exact opposite. He’s not able to cut weight well so he only walk around between 10-15 pounds over because cutting weight is to hard on him

  • JupzTer

    Hmmm why would Silva fight a much smaller GSP… When he clearly destroy a bigger Bonnar… I’m not saying that Bonnar is better than GSP…


    Please you watcher silvia will destory both of them man i wish you guys fought more than you watched them you would know silvia beats both then you guys will just find another new nut to suck and hang on but do lile someone to the point you can’t see there weaknesses lol

    • ufcbuff

      Totally agree on this. I think GSP is awesome among the welterweights, or even some of the MW’s, but with no disrespect, Silva would easily demolish him. Silva has better stand up, very strong punches, and as you saw from the 2nd rd of the Sonnen fight, has gotten even way better in defending takedowns. I also believe he can take Jones, although Jones does have a very good chance of winning due to his reach advantage. Once Silva figures out Jone’s timing, he will allow himself to exchange with Jones, cause his punches will simply be harder. And once he connects, and it will, it really does matter how much bigger or longer u r. Silva will finish. And whoever said JDS will beat up all of them. I firmly believe that as well. A 265+ pound wrestler couldn’t take him down. He sent a 265+ pound HW down and rolling back with his punch, can u imagine what he can do with a smaller fighter. He is simply too fast and to strong of a puncher, and is very good on defending take downs. You guys want an ideal scenario that might happen, JDS beats Cain Velasquez again, which is very good possibility, and Cain will have no choice but to move down to LHW, cause he would’ve been beaten by the champ twice already. Jones and Velasquez would be a hell of matchup, where I will take Cain on this one. Cancel out the wrestling, Cain simply has more vicious hitting power.

      • Dude with or without the numbers Bones vs. Silva is a better match up. I am a GSP fan but like someone said before he would get eatin for breakfast if he faced Silva. Lets put the numbers aside here and go by common sense. Watch any interview with Jones and Silva side by side and they’re almost identical, put GSP in there and he would definitely look out of place. Sure, Jones has an 84″ wing span but he’s a freak of nature, even at heavy weight that’s hard to find, it is what it is. I think its funny how they measure wing span but no one takes into account leg length, yeah GSP and Silva’s wing span are close but what about the advantage Silva has with his legs, he’s only a muy thai expert! Also more weight doesn’t equal better especially for the shorter man, so what if GSP can get up to 185 of muscle, if he’s slower then he’ll be a 185 punching bag, with a chin that’s a lil shakey. Bigger guys tend to add and drop weight better because of the ratio (exception to ppl like faber who drop from 155 to 135 but having been doing this most of their lives.) On top of that Silva goes up to 205 for fun when he wants to, you don’t see GSP jumpin up and down from 185 to 170, obviously Silva’s bigger frame has no problem going up in weight and fights and bones’s weight class with ease. Yes bones will be bigger, but even in the same weight class there is always a bigger or smaller guy, it ain’t gonna be perfect. Get real ppl, JONES VS. SILVA, make it happen!

  • Barazquez23

    Silva is calling out a little man compared to him hahaha. thats funny. fighters move up in weight to challenge themselves not move down and fight smaller guys. silva is afraid of a real challenge. and that is Jon Jones. Its obvious. i hope GSP rejects that fight to make his ***** *** fight Jones.

    • shereko

      Just a dumb statement… Compare common opponents even. Belfort, Bonner, etc… Why would he be afraid? Jones has said, “This is about business and one of us could lose endorsements”…

  • Barazquez23

    Anderson is calling out GSP. hahaha… when fighters wipe out divisions they move up in weight to challenge themselves. not move down and challenge little men. I hope GSP rejects that fight so silva will be forced to fight Jones if he wants a super fight and a real challenge which is what he should do…. GSP should challenge Silva if he wants to not silva challenge GSP. thats pathetic

    • Robby

      Agreed… Though, if he were willing to meet George at 170 then I’d love to see it… I don’t like the idea of George having to move up in weight… he’d be at such a disadvantage having to bulk for a fight where he’s fighting the most dominant UFC fighter of all time whose last match was at 205. If this fight happens, I’d wana see it at 170. That creates a little problem if Silva wins, as he’ll probably move back up after that (if he’s even willing to drop to 170).. We shall see what happens

  • mayweatherscaredofpacask50

    Fight the bigger champ that’s where the glory is.people will respect you more r

    • Aaron

      Well said.

  • GSP and Silva are closer in reach to straighten that up first. GSP deserves this fight more then Jones. He’s been around since 04 fighting the best in the world, his only setback coming from that Serra loss. Who cares that hes smaller, hes a world class martial arts competitor and after all these years he deserves a shot a weight class above. Its an honor for both of them and would be disrespectful to ride off GSP. As for Jones, I like him but he still has a good 3 or 4 fights left in that division. Let him move up to HW if he wants a superfight.

    • Aaron

      No one here is disrespecting GSP. Quite the contrary. He is an amazing fighter but challenging Silva doesn’t make much sense. This is just a hype fight.

      As fans we should expect more. And by that I mean we should expect the best match ups. And for Anderson the better match up is Jones.

      • But Jones is still fairly new compared to GSP and what hes accomplished. And like I said let Jones move up in weight and have a challenge. GSP deserves this shot to go up in weight, Jones shouldn’t be in the picture. Just b/c a bunch of new fans of mma like Jones whos been around for a few years. Nah. Sorry. IMO of course.

        • Aaron

          This isn’t about Jones or GSP. It’s about Silva. Silva has competed enough at LW to have him fight Jones. Why didnt he fight the champ earlier? beause they made him earn it like a legitamate sport does. But now the UFC wants him to move to a lighter catch weight and fight GSP? That’s just insane. Why are they not making him finishing what he started? If GSP wants to fight Silva he should also do what Silva did. To just have this fight is very WWE of the UFC.

          • Actually Silva didn’t want any part of the LHW title, mainly b/c Machida was in title contention or holding the title at the time. He did beat Griffin after he just lost the LHW title and he destroyed James Irvin who may not have had the best run but is a veteran and tough guy. I think they would do a catchweight so it doesn’t hurt them in their rankings in their respectable divisions. But I do agree GSP should have a tune up fight before fighting Silva. What would you think of Chael and GSP? I know hes going up in weight but I think thats an awesome fight.

  • rbbsushiman

    Hw do u “ride” someone off?

  • shereko

    Simple math people… Hate on silva if you want but Jones is signed to fight in April already, so the GSP vs Silva fight would be in may, then if Silva gets past GSP then he gets Jones and schedules match up. Who cares who your favorites are and who you’re nut huggin thats business, the idea is to make money…. That schedule makes a lot for everyone

    • Aaron

      Again that idea dilutes the legitimacy of the sport. You should expect more.

      • shereko

        So you’re saying one of these things? UFC shouldn’t run the company to make the most money they can? Anderson Silva should sit on the shelf until Jones can fight (at 39 yrs old at that point and no guarantee Jones wins). GSP hasnt earned his share of a large payday?

        • Aaron

          That is sort of correct. Running a business doesn’t always mean maximizing profit. It also includes long and short term planing. Right now the UFC owns the biggest stable of fighters and so the entire industry is essentially in their hands. That means they need to do their best to treat this as a legitimate sport. If they can do that, people will eventually respect the sport And doors to the mainstream will eventually open. So what do you think is a better business plan?

          • shereko

            I believe you make intelligent points, and I agree that by them purchasing the competition, namely Pride… And that removes the ability of competition to make themselves better as a whole. But, basically their business model isnt much different than the NFL (afl/xfl/usfl) though my or your opinion doesnt matter if it waters down your perception of legitamacy and I hate the line “it is what it is” but fits here, bad economy etc means its about the money.

  • El Gvapo

    Why can’t we have two super fights? Anderson vs GSP then, if Anderson wins have him fight Bones. Simple really.

    • And lucrative.

      Which is why that is what the UFC is trying to do. Most fans seem to be having a hard time recognizing (or accepting) that.

  • Latin_lou

    It’s easier for Anderson to meet GSP at a catch weight then go up and do a catch weight with Jones or to 205, than to do it the other way around. As far as ring rust how many fights should GSP fight before ring rust is now a factor? Keep in mind that Anderson is 38 already.

  • Radio Doc

    For those who love numbers: Carlos Condit and Anderson Silva have the exact same height, with a reach advantage of 4 cm (less than two inches) to Silva. But I didn’t hear anyone complain about CC fighting a “midget”, or something like that. Now, the weight is a tottaly different matter, I’m not denying. But for now, I think we should stop using AS height or reach to justify why this fight would be unfair. OF COURSE those are advantages, but GSP proved last night that he can beat a opponent that is not only taller, but also a great striker.

  • DzNuttzOnYaChinZ

    Hendricks will smash gsp .. Jones will pull out the victory on Silva … Its what they dont want to happen .. ruin there two biggest fighters and not cash in on a super fight .. gsp wont be ashamed cause he wants to test himself against the best .. and anderson knows he wont lose to a smaller guy .. he’ll pick gsp apart …. SIlva is getting older and older so Id hope they make these fights sooner than their normal later … way way way later

  • Although GSP has the skills to give A. Silva a competitive fight I’ve never been excited about that match up. Some talk of Silva vs. GSP and Silva vs. J. Jones but no one talks about a GSP vs. Jon Jones fight because it doesn’t seem fair due to the weight difference. Well A. Silva walks around at 235lbs, very similar to Jon Jones’s walking around weight. GSP walks around at 190. The Super Fight is Jon Jones vs. A. Silva. The 170 div still has several exciting match ups for GSP. Nick Diaz, Johnny Hendricks to name two.

  • Reddevil

    For Silva to not win he has to fight both GSP and Jones…at the same time

  • Matt F

    GSP is still champ and a good 1 at that, GSP 1st then fight Jones. More PPV’s for every1 woooooH!

  • Adam J.

    Wow.. You guys are fighting over “facts”. GSP would have to actually take time to gain muscle to carry the weight a normal middleweight carries. He is NOT close in size to Silva. Anderson is a lot bigger than people give him credit for. He just has a slender build compared to Bader, etc. and by the way, why the heck would you compare Silva to Bader of all people? Bader is VERY dense.

    Silva having the ability to knock guys silly isn’t just because he’s so fast… He has power… Light Heavyweight power. The Jones-Silva matchup makes a great deal more sense. Truth is, if GSP fights at 185, we probably won’t see him fight at 170 for a WHILE. He has to transform his body for it because it’s litterally a big change.

  • TherealSAHAR

    Reach and size are the tangibles punks its about who’s the better fighter they just have to be around the same weight… Who’s the best you Nig’s tripping