Anderson Silva Will Face Chael Sonnen Next

November 9, 2011
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 117

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 117

Anderson Silva has his next opponent.

On Wednesday, UFC President Dana White confirmed that the UFC’s reigning middleweight champion will indeed face heated rival Chael Sonnen in a rematch of their 2010 fight at UFC 117.

During an appearance on Jim Rome’s nationally syndicated radio show, White was asked point blank if Sonnen would indeed get the rematch he’s been seeking for months.

“It’s the fight that everybody wants to see, people want to see Chael vs. Anderson. Anderson is in this position where he feels like this guy is so disrespectful he doesn’t want to give him a shot, but Anderson will end up fighting Chael Sonnen,” White confirmed.

“The answer is yes.”

That puts any debate to rest about who will get the next crack at Anderson Silva, once he’s healthy enough to return to action.

Silva’s former training partner Mark Munoz was also calling for a shot at the champion after his win in the main event of UFC 138 against Chris Leben, but it appears he’ll have to wait a little bit longer if he’s going to get a crack at the title.

Silva and Sonnen has to be one of the most heated rivalries in UFC history at this point, with the challenger continuously calling out the champion every chance he gets.

Sonnen was soundly beating Silva through four rounds in their title fight last August, but a mental lapse and bad positioning found the Oregon native stuck in a triangle choke late in the final round that ended the fight.

Silva locked up the submission and Sonnen tapped, ending his dream of becoming the UFC middleweight champion. Finally returning at UFC 136 last month, Sonnen finished Brian Stann with an arm triangle choke in the second round to reestablish himself atop the contender’s list at 185lbs.

While no date has been set for the rematch, sources have indicated to that Silva vs. Sonnen 2 will not take place on the Super Bowl 2012 card tentatively titled UFC 143. When the fight is finally scheduled, it will be in 2012, but not in the early part of February.

Silva has been recovering from a shoulder injury suffered in his last fight against Yushin Okami, and is still not ready to return to action.

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  • MikeMc1983

    Let the ranting begin. Lol

    • The amount of comments on this story (and stories like it all over the web is exactly why he’s getting the fight. Good or bad, people are talking about it. There’s buzz and buzz translates to PPV buys. If this was a story about Munoz getting a shot or the winner of Bisping – Miller getting a shot there would be all of 3 comments in here. Oddly enough, all 3 of those comments would no doubt mention Sonnen.

      So cry on crybabies, your sweet salty tears and angry comments have more to do with Chael getting this fight than anything else and he thanks you for it. Just think, your bitterness toward him is actually putting more money in his pockets. Oh the irony.


  • julianmoran


    • You’re gonna watch though.


      • bobbychariot

        nope – will boycott. i sometimes wonder what this 5-4 record convict lay and pray juice monkey has over @danawhite.

        • If I turned on my bullshit detector right now and pointed it at you it would explode into a thousand tiny pieces. You’ll be watching. You know it, I know it and everyone else here knows it. You look silly trying to convince anyone otherwise.

      • julianmoran

        Only because Anderson Silva is fighting, I would not watch a Sonnen fight otherwise.

  • I hate Sonnen and don’t think he deserves the shot yet but I am also ready for Anderson to shut this guy up.. I think when Sonnen loses this fight thats it for him at he needs to start over and work his way back up the ladder at MW…..

  • ngolimit


    • emiliomargarit

      I couldn’t have said better. I don’t understand why all the Sonnen fans refuse to accept the tremendous advantage that Sonnen had having been on Testosterone. This steroid gives you such an unfair advantage that it makes it impossible to compare an athlete on Testosterone and one not on it. But, Sonnen still lost the fight, which is really pathetic.

  • Let’s get ready for some more whining, crying and constant “yapping”. Sonnen is just a big baby, just like all the other Team Quest members.

  • Black Belt

    I am looking forward to the after fight comments where Sonnen comes up with some more retarded logic as to why he lost this time!!

  • T Spoon

    I know there are great fighters at MW, but they just match up very badly to Silva. Sonnen did a great job getting everyones attention, and he also gave Silva a hell of a fight. The only reason I like this fight,is because it actually presents a challange to Silva. Sonnen really knew how to hype this fight, and I know he will deliver.

    • emiliomargarit

      Sonnen did a gret job due to the fact that he was on TESTOSTERONE !!! Trust me, Testesterone enhances your ability to fight inmensely!!! This time Sonnen will not be on steroids, so no, he won’t pose a threat to Silva. Why don’t we do it the other way around and have Silva filled to the brim on Testosterone and see what happens.

  • kidsysco


    Allow Silva to flourish, more Light Heavyweight fights or GSP! Soon he will retire and we will wonder what we did with all of our greatest champions. Oh yea, we wasted all of their time with clearly inferior cheaters.

    I will not watch this fight out of principal alone. Silva deserves better and this is a disgrace.

    • Black Belt

      Absolutely correct!

    • bobbychariot

      couldn’t agree more. it IS a disgrace. I thought the UFC wanted to deliver the SPORT of MMA. If I want bulldust histrionics and hype i might as well watch TNA…

    • julianmoran


  • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

    Strange, I’m not seeing and hearing all the, “Sonnen vs Silva II confirmed!” noise one might expect. I’m still feeling a bit of uncertainty … is this fight really happening or isn’t it?

    I’d love to see Anderson shut Chael Sonnen’s big mouth, but I hate so many things about this fight. A big mouth and a good performance on steroids gets Chael Sonnen a title shot, when he’s 5-4 in the UFC, one win in a row and has lost all 4 times by stoppage and only has one stoppage victory. That’s just flat out disgusting when Jon Fitch is 13-1-1 in the UFC, has 4 stoppage victories, zero stoppage losses, 5 wins in a row and can’t get a title shot to save his life. Mark Munoz is 7-2 in the UFC, has 4 wins in a row and 4 stoppage wins. Chael Sonnen getting a title shot tramples all over the concept of needing to earn your way to a title shot in this sport. It’s the fight I want to see and it’s the fight that the fans want to see, but it’s in no way fair to give Chael this fight.

    With Chael cutting in line to this extent, I think it would be perfectly reasonable for Anderson to demand random PED testing for Sonnen for the duration of his training camp leading up to the fight. I think we all want to see if Chael is as good this time around without taking TRT “treatments” boosting his apparently failed testosterone production from way below normal to a hair’s breadth from utterly ridiculous cheating levels. Chael likes to make demands. How about a common sense demand in return?

    • Bob

      Exactly how I feel.

      I will not watch this fight on principle as others have stated. No money to the UFC to watch a cheater fight.

      The first fight Silva had a fractured rib! I have had a fractured rib and could barley get in and out of a car, let alone fight for 4.5 rounds and win.

      The first fight Sonnen cheated by using PED. Not just enough TRT to get back to a normal males levels but 4 or 5 times normal levels. He then spent 4.5 rounds smothering Silva with his blanket style fighting and was not able to finish the fight.

      The only good thing is when Silva beats him Chael will leave the UFC. Too bad Silva has to take the garbage out- the UFC should have done the same to Chael that they did to Nate, they both tried to cheat to win a main event.

  • KBEsq

    Wow, it’s so nice to see people commenting and actually getting this right. I’m so tired of people saying they love Sonnen, and I’m tired of hearing the now cliche (beat him for 23 minutes, blah blah blah). Perhaps everyone forgot that Sonnen is not only a cheater, but a criminal. Sonnen is the biggest loser, hypocrite in the UFC. He talks about character and standards, but he has less than anyone in the UFC.

    All he does is sit at home and rehearse his stupid quips that he sets up for his Ariel Helwani interview. He just reads from a script. Honestly, the fact that Sonnen doesn’t walk around with his tail tucked between his legs and his head pointed at the ground astounds me. I would love to say I can’t wait to see Silva beat this guy so he shuts up, but if losing after all his hype and trash talk, being caught with elevated levels of testosterone AND being found guilty of fraud does not shut this guy up, nothing will.

  • clarkw901

    Why y’all complaining about the TRT treatments? Have any of you started a petition to ban it’s use for treatment? If it’s legal, loophole or not, stop crying about it, IT’S LEGAL and therefore not cheating. Someone will come up with the if it’s necessary, he shouldn’t be fighting, it’s wrong. Well, when your shit don’t work no more and you need to take viagra, you shouldn’t be f@cking because if you need treatment for it, well, y’all get the idea.

    • KBEsq

      Clarkw901, listen to an interview Jack Encarnacao did on an episode of the Sherdog Rewind with a doctor who specializes in this. I won’t go into detail here, but basically, anyone doing TRT should not have elevated levels of testosterone in their system. If they really do NEED it, they should just be getting enough to put them at normal levels. However, that does not happen. Why? Because they don’t do it for legitimate reasons. They do it because they want an edge. Stop kidding yourself.

      Honestly, how many people have you ever even heard of needing TRT, and all of a sudden in MMA, such a small pool of people, we hear about large numbers of fighters needing this stuff? What are the chances of that? And in response to the argument that they need it because they used it in the past and their bodies do not make enough naturally anymore, that’s their problem. Furthermore, that argument does not address the issue of having MORE than normal levels, even if you are on TRT. Seriously, stop kidding yourself.

    • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

      What KBEsq said with a little details. When they are testing your testosterone levels, they are looking for two things. There are two subtypes of testosterone that should be 1/1, but in some freak naturally occurring cases the ratio is 4/1. Chael’s was one point (0.1) over the 4/1 ratio level.

      Normal T levels are between 300 and 1000, so to actually need the treatment, Chael’s natural production would have had to be below 300. Because some freak-of-nature athletes have abnormally high T levels, they don’t start investigating until the find T levels over 2000. Chael was over 2000. So rather than elevating his T levels to the median of normal — in the 500 or 600 range and injecting 300 units — Chael took enough T units to be over the 2000 mark, which would be 1500 to 1800 (five or six times as much as what he needed). He was injecting pure Testosterone — the stuff that steriods are trying to mimic. So explain to me how this does not constitute cheating??

  • judo johnson

    word on the street is that Chael is working with team BALCO, i think it will be a great fight cant wait

    • BigGuy

      Take it easy. Gay RonnieV might not be able to jerk off to Sonnen if you keep making these jokes…

  • BigGuy

    Sonnen lost the first fight. Sonnen will lose this fight. Then, hopefully Dana will remove his tongue from Chael’s ass and send him packing.

    Silva will dominate this fight and shut Sonnen up for good!

    • RonnieV

      BigGuy, why do you always sound like an ignorant idiot? You always talk shit, and you are always wrong. Go fuck yourself, and remove your tongue from Silva & GSP’s ass.

      • BigGuy

        To our gay friend RonnieV, I am not sure how I am always wrong. Since you are so smart, please enlighten me.

        Secondly, the part where you say, “Go fuck yourself, and remove your tongue from Silva & GSP’s ass” must have been the part you were writing to your mother.

        • Black Belt

          Don’t mind RonnieV. He is nothing more than a Sonnen nut-sucker. He is one of those delusional morons that really believes that Sonnen is the “true champion” because Chael keeps repeating it out loud. He will be convinced when Sonnen loses AGAIN, only this time he will not need 5 rounds to finish Chael. We’ll see…

        • RonnieV

          BigGuy, aren’t you the same pussy that was saying Penn was going to knock out Diaz, and then used the Penn is washed up excuse afterwards. You are an idiot. You can keep sucking Silva & GSP’s nut sack, because you two ass clowns (you & Black Belt) don’t like an exciting fight. You morons will be hoping for Silva to dance around the ring for 25 minutes, with an occasional jab. I never said Sonnen was the champion, but I know who dominated that fight, and I’m sure he can do it again.

      • julianmoran

        You d’ont sound that smart yourself.

        • BigGuy

          Thanks for pointing that out, julianmoran. This asshole’s theory is so absurd I am having a hard time responding to him. By his 3rd grade logic, everyone on here that has EVER picked the wrong fighter to win is a “pussy”. RonnieV is an absolute fuck-hole, so I am wasting my time. He is clearly too smart for the rest of us…NOT!!

          RonnieV, go crawl back between daddy’s legs and leave the rest of us “pussies” alone. Thanks for showing us all what a complete loser you are…Hahahahaha!!!

          • RonnieV

            Oh look uneducated BigGuy, was able to type more tough 4 letter words. I actually only call you a pussy, because that is what you are. BigGuy = Little chubby guy with a goattee, living in parents basement

  • Shan_Phoenix

    Everything is the way it should be. They are fighting because they are the two most competitive in their division. May the best man win. Silva clearly doesn’t like it when someone’s confidence bumps up against his though. He is not happy with Munoz for wanting a title shot but in fairness he got his shot and everyone should have theirs if they have earned it.
    It doesn’t matter what happens anyway. Silva has earned his place as the greatest already. I just wish he would win another belt already so he can join Couture and Penn. If I was him I would take GSPs, Bones Jones’s belt and retire as a triple belt holder. 2 more fights after Chael and split as the greatest ever.

    • MrAdidas

      BAHAHAHAHAHAH – He’d have to beat GSP @ WW & Jones @ LHW – Which is NEVER going to happen genius! Silva would get MURDERED by GSP if Silva tried to fight @ WW, as for Jones…… he’s a bigger & better version of Silva & a bigger & better version of Sonnen with ALOT more power & weapons.

      FYI: Silva’s too much of a pussy to fight LHW/Jon Jones, considering fighting B level bums @ MW doesnt really prepare you for the skilled fighters @ LHW!

  • bluebronco427

    Everybody on here needs to realize two things.1, UFC’s fight game isn’t done on a contender ladder all the time. The UFC is looking to put on exciting fights. 2, these guys are fighters, not role models. Fighters beat people up for a living and people should not be worried about them being “this” or “that. Get over it people.

    • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

      Good points certainly, so please don’t take the following as me attacking you, cuz I’m not. Just pointing out some flaws in your logic.

      So after clearly demonstrating that he could beat Demian Maia with ease in round one, Anderson Silva runs away from him and clowns around, acting like an idiot. And according to what you just said, we shouldn’t have any problem at all with that. Nobody should be bothered by bad behavior by UFC fighters, and if that applies to Chael it applies to everyone, Anderson included.

      Yes these are fighters and yes they beat people up for a living. But this is a sport and it has rules. Chael cheated, pure and simple. No I don’t think we should all just be okay with that and no I don’t think you get full credit for your performance while on PED’s. Minus the cheating, yes an instant rematch made perfect sense.

      Just things to think about. Despite all that, I wanna see Silva vs Sonnen II as much as I want to see any fight ever. Let’s be done with this thing!

  • Glad this rematch is going to happen. Hope to see Sonnen (has much as he runs his mouth) get another atempt at putting an end to Silvas reign. At this point he’s this only one to do so. Belfort would be next, but let’s see if he can give another run.

  • julianmoran

    Why would it be a matter of who dominated the majority of their last fight?

    Sonnen lost, Silva won, no question about it.

    If Sonnen clearly lost his title fight, why should he receive a rematch after only wining a given fight against a 1 dimensional fighter in between?

    What if Sonnen re-dominates the majority of his next fight against Silva and then taps again? Should he receive a third title shot against Silva, because he again would have given Silva his hardest fight to date? In that case, should Silva and Sonnen fight until they both retire?

    Should Maynard who dominated Edgar until he got knocked out also get a rematch for the title right away, because he gave Edgar the toughest fight to date? Should Nelson have also gotten a rematch against Dos Santos, even though he clearly lost, because he also gave him the toughest fight?… What would be the point?

    Are their people who do not understand how insignificant it makes it to be the champion in a division, if the clear loser (Sonnen) of a title fight does not go to the back of the line?

    Especially do to the fact that Sonnen cheated in his last fight. Did Marquardt not get cut from the ufc for the same reason?

    • RonnieV

      Reading all those comments about how Sonnen is a cheater just proves that the biggest idiots are on these boards. Read up on your shit before you post and make stupid allegations. CSAC lifted Sonnen’s suspension because he properly reported the drug he was taking before the fight, for a pre-existing condition. He is still legally taking the same drug. He was also briefly suspended for his money laundering crap in Portland. If this guy is such a cheater why is the UFC backing him up? I posted an article earlier in this thread backing all this up.

      • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

        I can’t find anything compelling that you’ve posted RonnieV. Just “he didn’t cheat it’s perfectly legal.” I posted something of substance on the matter, did you read it?

        End of the day, Sonnen has paid the price for overuse of his treatment. Yes it certainly does taint his close encounter with victory over Anderson Silva — but that’s in the past. If Sonnen can demonstrate throughout his camp that he is not quadrupling his TRT treatments like before — and you that via random tests — then hell yes, go ahead and do the fight! I want to see what plain ol’ Chael Sonnen can do, I’m not interested in the one that took 5 or 6 times the dose needed to treat his Hypogonadism. If he turns out to have freakishly high T levels, then he doesn’t deserve the fight. If he has median-of-average levels, then he’s not cheating and we can proceed without worrying about “how much of that was Chael and how much of that was the testosterone injections?”

        The majority of us want to see Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen, but none of us want to see Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen on steroids part II.

        • KBEsq

          Totally agree with bonkers. RonnieV – bonkers did post specific details of the Sonnen incident, and the interview on the Sherdog Rewind that I mention lists specific numbers. Sonnen was over using TRT.

          Money laundering crap? Let’s not parse words here; Sonnen is a fraud. He got involved in a deal as a broker and lied about repairs that were being purportedly done to a property so the title company would release tens of thousands of dollars from escrow that went directly into his pocket. That’s pretty low down, especially considering the judgmental things Sonnen says about other fighters.

          Regarding your comment on why the UFC backing him up, are you serious? The UFC is a business. That’s all that really needs to be said.

        • RonnieV

          I agree with most of your comment, and thank you for doing your homework. BUT, it’s complete speculation by you to say he took 5-6 times the required dose. If his suspension was lifted, and the UFC & CSAC doesn’t consider him a cheater, none of us should consider him a cheater. He’s an entertaining fighter that deserves another shot at Silva. He backed up all his talk last time, lets see if he could do it again.

  • MikeMc1983

    To be fair sonnen didn’t do the same thing as Nate. He may have commuted the same crime, but with much different results. Nate, from what I’ve heard had a problem on multiple occasions. Then failed pre fight medicals, and made the UFC lose their main event without any notice. Yes both guys cheated, but Nate had a major effect on buissness.

    Sonnen was unapologetic so that should mean something as well. I’ve always thought the way people act to athletes using PED’s to be a bit over dramatic. It seems that I’m in the minority with that thought so it seems i must have faulty reasoning somewhere. It’s just not schocking to me that guys who dedicate their lives to physically perform well would do a lot of things to perform better. People have made rules for all sports to present problems to athletes who are willing to go the extra mile, at sometimes great cost.
    An example would be that at the high school, and college level, football teams have a maximum time in which they may practice. However, some guys, and myself chose to go to the gym after practice everyday, and on weekends to “get ahead.” they put time restraints so not to give undue burden to the acual schooling, and also undue burden on people’s bodies. But it’s no coincidence that the greats in every sport seem to also be known as the hardest workers off the field. Jordan, Kobe, rice, manning, etc.

    Now I understand that putting in extra work is not the same as doing drugs, but it’s not as if the guys popping a pill, or shooting up are hitting the couch afterwards. These are the people who just want to be great too much. I think I wish they’d put the needles down, and do it more honestly. But it’s these mentalities that have given us some of the most exciting moments in sports. The McGuire/Sosa race actually made baseball exciting. Now I know we all would like to be able to look at them in a hero mold. For those memories to not be tarnished. I just don’t know if everyone is truely honest in saying that they wish the memory of those guys was clean, even at the risk of never having had the memory at all.

    Like I said, I know I’m in the minority. It’s not that I want anyone cheating. But from what’s been reported over the last few years it seems like the mentality of doing everything to win, and anything thing to win is a much finer line than we think.

    • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

      The reality is, what Chael did was not better and no worse than what Nate Marquardt did. Both of them cheated — and let’s be very clear on that. If you have Hypogonadism and are receiving TRT, you will not set off any PED test alarms UNLESS you are taking WAAAAY more testosterone than you’re supposed to be taking. About 1% of all athletes happen to be natural testosterone over-producing freaks of nature. The tests make HUGE allowances for this. If the epitestosterone vs testosterone ratio isn’t 1 to 1 like it’s supposed to be, they offer wiggle room all the way up to 4 to 1 ratios. If T levels are outside of the normal healthy levels of 300 to 1000 units, they don’t bother you until you’re over 2000.

      Both men were supposedly natural under producers, so less than 300 T with ratios probably out of whack going the wrong direction. Both men got caught over 2000 with ratios over 4/1. Both men were taking at least 5 times as much of their TRT treatment as they should have been. To fail your medical screening on this, you have to be KNOWINGLY trying to cheat, it doesn’t just happen by accident.

      Chael Sonnen doing it is worse than Marquardt. What if Sonnen had won? The UFC experiences the same backlash and negative press as it did after guys like Josh Barnett and Sean Sherk got busted after winning title fights. The title gets stripped. Depending on the degree of media backlash, Chael Sonnen might have had to be released from the UFC altogether. Vitor Belfort and Anderson Silva would have fought for the vacant title, and we already know the result of that one. Very likely, Chael Sonnen was vastly better off for losing.

      With Nate, most people don’t remember his other occurances because they were against mid-tier competition.

      Barnett still gets credit for beating Randy Couture, Tim Sylvia still gets credit for beating Gan McGee, Sean Sherk still gets credit for beating Hermes Franca. They all keep the W in spite of the fact that they all got busted for juicing. Nobody will ever forget the beating Chael put on Anderson Silva even though he too cheated. But in each case it always feels like a tainted victory/accomplishment. There’s just no getting away from that.

  • MikeMc1983

    One more thing. I don’t think it will happen. I don’t think I want it to. However, I wonder how people act if Sonnen wins. Not that I think anyone would change their thoughts of him, but wow, how strong the venom will be. If he’s not already he’d be public enemy number one.

    • RonnieV

      I’ll be happy to see Chonnen win, and I’ll be even more excited for the rematch. I have nothing against Silva or GSP, just getting bored of their fighting styles. they each get another loss under tehbelts, and the rematch will be epic. (Insert stupid BigGuy comment here).

  • judoxca

    Why is Dana White so fearful of inviting Hector Lombard to beat up his middelweight fighters? Or is it because his whole middleweight stable fears the best middleweight fighter on the planet? Now is the time, before Lombard gets too old to prove that he is the best and toughest fighter around.

    • Lombard was under contract with the UFC at one point but visa issues forced him out of a scheduled fight with Karo Parisyan and eventually led to his release. I think this was back in 2007.

      As far as him being in the UFC right now, that’s up to him. He’s signed with Bellator and there’s nothing Zuffa can do until that contract expires. I don’t think anyone is scared of him. Hector is good and it would be fun to finally see him fight some top level talent but his cardio has always been questionable and I think he’d have problems against some of the upper tier guys in the UFC’s MW division.

  • sonnen will get wath he wants

    ……. his ass kick!!!!