Anderson Silva Wants Roy Jones Jr. After UFC 168: “It’s My Personal Dream” (Video)

September 24, 2013
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AndersonSilvaUFC117_5976-478x270Everyone has dreams. And Anderson Silva has his.

After losing his first fight in seven and a half years, Silva saw Chris Weidman walk out of the Octagon with the belt that had been wrapped around his waist for the better part of seven of those years. So one of the first things on his agenda is remaining focused and regaining the middleweight belt at UFC 168 on Dec. 28 in Las Vegas.

But beyond the UFC belt, Silva has other dreams.

One that he has often mentioned is boxing multi-time world champion Roy Jones Jr.

Silva was part of the UFC World Tour that stopped in Los Angeles on Monday to promote his UFC 168 rematch with Weidman. During his meeting with the media, the conversation steered to the topic of him boxing Roy Jones Jr. was on scene to catch up with Anderson Silva and discuss the potential of him fulfilling his personal dream of fighting Roy Jones, Jr. in a boxing match.

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  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Roy Jones is nearly 50 yrs old! Silva should aim for the UFC title since he fell asleep during the last fivht

  • robc

    He’s 44 dude. Tell him to his face that he is nearly 50 and see what happens.. Not to mention Roy Jones would obliterate Silva in a boxing match. It would not even be close…

    • Werdoomb

      The fact that Roy Jones is 50 makes this fight interesting. Roy Jones in his prime would kill Anderson in boxing in the first round.

      But we are talking about Roy Jones that is 44 years old, old and poorly conditioned. Silva, however, is still very well conditioned.

      I would pay to watch this fight but I am not sure if Roy Jones would want to fight a nobody in boxing. No one in the U.S. except for MMA fans know Anderson Silva.

      • Truth

        Nope, 100% wrong. Roy Jones isn’t in that bad of shape and would train to get in boxing shape.

        It completely boggles the mind how so many mma fans are so clueless about the differences b/w pure boxing bout and an mma bout.

        Silva has ZERO chance of defeating Roy Jones in a boxing bout as Roy has ZERO chance of defeating Silva in a MMA bout unless Silva does the same crap as w/ Weidman (although Roy Jones did similar thing to Glen Kelly by putting his hands behind his back, while dodging and then getting the KO).

        The actual boxing fundamentals are hugely different from MMA boxing.

        Second, Silva’s chin is goin down, and his own age isn’t helping. Weidman’s punch wasn’t that hard, how you think Silva is gonna handle Roy Jones’ punches even at his age.

        Third, conditioning in boxing is totally different from MMA. Boxing uses more aerobic conditioning during the bout, whereas MMA has more anaerobic conditioning.

        Bottom line. this is just a DREAM for Anderson. This bout in reality would be a nightmare for him. End of conversation.

        Anderson should ONLY be worried about rematching Weidman or his MMA career. He has NONE in boxing. Period.

        • mike hunt

          you missed the fact boxing gloves are bigger than mma gloves so Ko’s come easier in mma,

          I dissagree that silva wants a professional boxing career this is more of a boyhood dream (did you even watch the video ?)

          a fun super fight,

          chris wiedman can punch hard and it’s how you catch the punch that matters surely an avid boxer like yourself knows about stance and foot positioning,

          nightmare or not just let em fight we all want to see it

  • candelario

    we all would watch

  • Austin, TX

    Ever notice how Anderson likes to challenge people who are smaller, older, out of shape, out of their prime, etc. But he turns down fights with Rua, all legitimate light heavyweight threats (Weidman at middleweight for a long time) etc. Notice how he doesn’t clamor for Jones, anybody his size in their prime or truly a threat etc. They grease him down for his rematch with Chael and nobody says anything. knees him while down, nobody says anything.

    • KingLettuce

      So many things wrong with your post. Not worth the time to correct.

      • Austin, TX

        Feel free to articulate your position. His victories and defenses are a who’s who of nobody’s, and out of their prime fighters. The middleweight division is the weakest division ever. notice how he never clamors for actual threats. he likes to challenge St. Pierre. (4 or five inches smaller, 30-40 lbs lighter street weight.) he fights nobodies and people then pretend he’s out of this world. he never steps up to Light heavy except as ridiculous exibition matches against people who aren’t even threats. Its ridiculous. James who?, Forest Griffin, please. Stepha Bonnar? Really. Now look at his “defenses” in the middleweight division. Weak fighters. Has beens, nobodies. All of them. He’s fought nobody really. His behaviour in the Octagon also shows what kind of person he really is. He picks and chooses everything to make himself look as good as possible. He’s not a take all type of fighter. He’s a manipulator. Look at who he’s fought. Nobodies all, people way past their prime etc.

        • Kbroesq

          You’re just such an idiot it is baffling to me that you can use a keyboard. Even if the MW opponents were ‘nobodies’ as you call them, how is that Silva’s fault?

          He took the fights against the MW fighters that were in line for title shots at the time, and then went to fight LHW just for fun (no other fighters in contemporary times even do that and you insult him for not fighting the right LHW?!).

          You want to call Henderson, Marquardt, Sonnen (twice), Okami, Maia, Franklin (twice), Griffen, and Bonnar nobodies?!

          By the way, both Griffen and Sonnen (who Silva won against) beat Rua, so if Rua isn’t a nobody, then why are guys who beat him nobodies???

          There’s seriously nothing Silva can do to get some people’s respect because they just hate the guy. What do you want the guy to do? I cannot stress enough how just completely dumb you are.

          • Austin, TX

            He fights in a weak, the weakest division. He then likes to challenge St. Pierre. Weak. Weak division. He fights people past their prime and or weak fighters, admit it. its ok. Silva is a weak champion. And overrated is my point. Admit it. he’s overrated. Even Jon Jones fights champions at least. As did Fedor, St. Pierre, Couture, etc.

          • Triggerman99

            Yeah, Vitor and Chael were clearly past their prime when Silva beat them. Chael just submitted Rua inside of one round, and Vitor nearly killed 3 pro fighters with his bare hands since he fought Silva.
            Honestly, do you even do any research before you post, or just spew out the first uninformed idea that floats into your brain?

          • Austin, TX

            Everybody else fights champions. Silva fights second bests, also rans, and over the hill fighters. Weak weak division. Those fights are at 205 and have no relationship to him or anything. Everybody else fights champions in their own division but Anderson. The second fight with Chael at 185 was a joke. They let Silva get away with murder. He was greased down and made illegal kicks and nobody called him on it. They toweled him off like that really removes the grease. It was a joke. I’m just saying he’s overrated.

          • Triggerman99

            Again, what the hel| are you even talking about with this “champions” nonsense? Who? What champions? Who is this “everybody else” who is fighting all of these “champions”? Your twisted logic is mindboggling.

          • Austin, TX

            Look at their records. I’m not going to post it here. Look at their records. Other people were fighting champions and former champions frequently during their reigns. Anderson is fighting…..well look at who he fought and how old etc. Go look at St. Pierre, Jon Jones record, Fedor, Minotauro etc,. Now go look at Anderson’s opponents/defences etc. Notice anything? Total champions or former champions versus Silva’s record of nobody’s and has beens.

          • Triggerman99

            And those former champions you are referring to are of the variety that you like to call “past their prime” or “over the hill”, the types of guys you claim Silva has been beating up on for years. We have now come to the point where you are literally using your own arguement against yourself. This is just getting silly now.

          • Kbroesq

            Ohh yeah, as Triggerman points out, I totally forgot about Belfort. I absolutely HATE Belfort more than any other fighter, but that guy ain’t washed up or weak by any stretch of the imagination.

            Why don’t you just say what the reality is: Over the course of 8 years and like a 15 fight win streak, Silva faced a few opponents who were beneath him, but he also faced PLENTY of legit competition and beat them (finished them in spectacular fashion actually).

            It’s funny, no one has been the champ for as long as Silva. When other people inevitably lose the belt after 3-4 defenses (at best) they face weaker opponents and no one holds it against them. You hold it against Silva that he’s faced some questionable opposition as the champ, but ANYONE who is the champ for that long and has to fight 2-3 times a year is going to face questionable opposition. In fact, name me one champion who has had NO opponents that the fans didn’t question (in the established divisions).

            You want me to admit Silva is overrated? He’s not; he’s done more in the sport BY FAR than any other fighter, so he deserves that recognition whether you like him or not.

          • Austin, TX

            Name one champ that the fans didn’t question opponents for?

            Couture, St. Pierre, Fedor, Minotauro, Hughes, Liddell, etc, etc.

          • Triggerman99

            Literally every single one of those champs you mentioned faced questionable competiton. Those are the worst examples you could ever apply to your arguement.

    • Kbroesq

      This comment is just…unbelievable. Silva has never turned down a fight. White has said that time and time again. He has only ever questioned proposed opponents right to a title shot. Other than this desire to fight Jones, Silva has never challenged anyone. He just takes the fights as they come.

      Not one time has Silva ever dodged an opponent. You cannot cite to a time that you wanted to see Silva fight a particular fighter, and we as the fans did not get that fight – NEVER.

      Regarding Rua, he would destroy Rua and show me a legitimate news source that he turned down a fight with Rua. Show me a legitimate news source where Silva turned down a fight with ‘other LHW threats.’

      Why don’t you just say “I hate Silva and I’m going to insult him and be disrespectful no matter what happens.”

      It would save everyone a lot of time.

      • Austin, TX

        it is common knowledge that Silva turned down Rua and others not at middleweight and or an easy fight for him. Dana (love him) says many things my friend. He (Anderson) avoids talk of Jon Jones or moving to Light Heavy where he belongs in stead concentrating on St. Pierre (much smaller) or other weak nobody middleweights. Yes its true he doesn’t get to turn down fights in the middleweight division because nobody is actually even in the middleweight division that can threaten him at least. It is a division of weakness, has been forever. At least until Weidman came along. My point is that he challenges people who are smaller, older, weaker, not the best. Consider Fedor. Even smaller 1/2 inch etc than Anderson. Fought the best heavyweights on the planet for five years or so undefeated. All of them heavyweight champions or former champions. Contrast this with Silva’s record of fighters. Fedor is a far more legendary. Even Jon Jones fights champions at least. Silva fights nobodies.

        • Triggerman99

          This guy is hilarious! So Silva’s a punk because he won’t “challenge” LHWs? Yeah, he should just go around picking fights with bigger, stronger fighters, that’s a good idea. While we’re at it, let’s go ahead and imply that Silva should be ashamed of himself for cleaning out his own division and leaving no legitimate challengers. Oh wait, you already did that? my bad. LOL

          • Austin, TX

            i’m not saying he’s a punk I’m just saying that he’s overrated and has victories and defences over weak and/or over the hill fighters. But he’s favorite challenge is St. Pierre. a much, much smaller fighter. I’m just saying he’s not the greatest of all time. He’s maybe number 4 or so. Everybody else fights champions. He fights mostly nobodies and over the hill fighters.

          • Triggerman99

            Nice backtrack, but you’re still wrong. I have no idea what you mean when you say “everybody else fights champions”. Silva was the champ when he was beating everybody, so what the hel| are you talking about? If you’re already the champ, how are you going to “fight champions”? And you keep saying that he’s fighting “over the hill fighters”. Who exactly are you talking about? Every MW title defense of his was against the top contender at the time. Some of them may be over the hill now, but that doesn’t mean they were at the time.
            You’re stance has no basis in reality whatsoever.

          • Austin, TX

            I haven’t backtracked anywhere. My original post was to this article about him challeging a 45 year old Roy Jones Jr. etc.
            I’m simply saying he is indeed overrated. He fights weaker opponents. He then agrees to take exhibition matched at 205 against more weaknees. Light Heavy is Anderson’s natural weight class. He doesn’t challenge equal champions in their prime. He challenges old men and St. Pierre. I’m just saying he’s not the greatest of all time. his opponents haven’t been what other peoples opponents have been. Others peoples records (Fedor, St. Pierre, etc others) have included one champion or former champion after another. Not Anderson’s. Only an aging Rich Franklin and an aging 40 something year old Hendo and everybody else and people who aren’t even in the UFC anymore.

          • Triggerman99

            So now you’re saying Silva has an unfair advantage at MW and he should be fighting at LHW because, in your opinion, it’s his “natural weight class”? WTF?! I’m starting to think you don’t even actually believe the $hit you are saying, and that this is just a massive troll-job going on here. lol

          • Austin, TX

            “Captain. Sensors are picking up a Silva Nuthugger Class 1 vessel.”

  • KingLettuce

    It should be an exhibition that’s free to watch. I still think an over the hill Jones tools Silva. I’d rather watch Silva fight Kimbo in a boxing match…that’d be something.

  • Ping

    You guys complaining about Anderson challenging an “old” man are stupid. Anderson is 38, and Jones is 44. It’s not like he’s 28. It would most likely be an exhibition, for like 6 rounds. Jones would be able to get in good enough shape for that and probably KO Anderson or at least win a decision.

    • dgs

      Many posts on this and other MMA boards (this is the only one I post on however) are stupid. But every now and then you get a voice of reason like this post, that reminds you why you even bother reading comments on these kinds of boards at all.

  • SpinxEmptyFaces

    Anderson please fight Mike Tyson too! I’m the owner of a funeral parlor and I could use the business. Since you like pink so much, I will make a custom pink suit just for you…

  • Magwheelz

    It’s all for the money.

  • Manuel Lopez

    This guy keeps saying he wants to fight Roy. I could care less to see such a fight. Roy is too old now and besides he gains nothing from beating up Silva. And Silva loves to ask for fights that can’t or are very unlikely to happen. Is UFC keen to the idea of building up such a senseless bout? Roy was great a LONG time ago. Silva just better focus on Weidman. Weidman is gonna tear his head off again, that is my prediction!