Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami on Tap for UFC Brazil in August

April 13, 2011
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Okami vs. Silva from ROTR 2006

Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami at Rumble on the Rock in 2006

Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre? Not so fast.

It appears the UFC has switched gears away from the proposed super fight and opted to put middleweight champion Anderson Silva in against the last man to technically hold a win over him, Yushin Okami, at UFC Rio in Brazil on Aug. 27.

UFC president Dana White confirmed the bout to USA Today on Wednesday.

Okami earned a title shot by defeating Nate Marquardt last year, but after Silva dispatched of Vitor Belfort in February, most thought the next fight on the horizon for the champ would be a battle to be declared the sport’s undisputed pound-for-pound best fighter in a match-up against St-Pierre.

St-Pierre of course still has a fight coming up at UFC 129 against Jake Shields. If he is to ever face Silva, it now appears to be a little farther off than many fans had hoped for.

Okami gets his second shot at Silva after an illegal up-kick from the Brazilian brought an abrupt end to their first fight at Rumble on the Rock in 2006. After being taken down by Okami early in the fight, Silva launched a head kick that knocked out the Japanese fighter, leaving him unable to continue.

Okami was declared the winner, and that was the last time Silva had a blemish on his record. Now they will look to settle the score in Brazil.

  • Cswan101

    this is some crap..not saying he doesnt deserve the shot but why the hell are they gunna put all this hype on if gsp wins or not ..and now it really means nothing other then he keeps his title but everyone wanted to see that fight 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00. times more then silva vs okami just sayin..that shouldve been the backup if gsp lost

    • Frye557

      Agreed, the notion of a super-fight was bouncing around for too long, to just scrap it and go with Okami. If this was the intention all along, White shouldn’t have led the fans on to believe that a fight between Silva and GSP was plausible.

  • Cswan101

    exactly and especially to announce it 2 weeks before the gsp fight ..the only reason i even cared about that fight was because i want to see the super fight…but noo now were gunna see a fight of way less caliber

  • marblemouth

    yea it might be a step down from the rumored “super fight” but even so they should give okami what he deserves, didnt wanna screw him to like they did pettis, but alot of ppl that wanna see the gsp-silva fight, alot including me dont wanna see that fight so happier bout this announcement

    • Frye557

      He does deserve a shot, but imo, he isn’t a stellar contender. He could have easily waited, or taken another fight until GSP v Silva happened. But you’re right, he was promised a shot.

    • Frye557

      That being said, if Silva does defeat Okami, by October/November, Silva should be ready to fight, and that should give GSP enough time to put on muscle to go up to MW. Could be a stretch but the timing could work out if Silva and GSP win.

  • Mario

    Anderson Silva vs GSP will NEVER happen. Trust me folks. The hype is nice, but that’s all you guys are gonna have. GSP isn’t even interested in fighting Silva. I prefer this scenario.

    Let him fight the last guy to put a red mark on his record. Besides, it’s been a long time coming for Okami. He’s top of the division whether you people like it or not. Okami’s one of those fighters that doesn’t lose often to just ‘anybody’.

    • Frye557

      He may be top of the division at the moment, but who has he really beaten that’s notable? Nate? Belcher? Split dec, with Munoz? He grinds out decisions, and struggles with guys Silva has walked through. Since Okami is a wrestler, that’s about the only advantage I give him over Silva. Other than that, I don’t really see why he necessarily got a shot at the title, especially after his fight with Nate (less than impressive to say the least).

    • Frye557

      You have a good point with Silva avenging a loss. That might be the major draw of this fight, even though everyone who watched their first fight knows Silva was winning and would have won anyways. But regardless, it’s still a loss, and it will be interesting to see the longest reigning UFC champ avenge it.

  • BigGuy

    I have always been a big fan of Dana White, but he is a serious douche bag on this one! He is stringing everyone along with all of the hype and bullshit of this superfight happening if GSP beats Shields, and now he pulls this bone-in-the-ass move! I knew he wouldn’t ever put this fight together because of the mess the “superfight” between Penn-St. Pierre caused. It was hardly a superfight!

    Stop jerking us off already! Now that they purchased Strikeforce I guess things are thinning out, and the fights the FANS want to see mean nothing to Dana!

  • jared499

    You guys do not get it, what has GSP been saying this whole time, If he goes up for the superfight and needs to add weight and to do that properly he will need time to do so. If this fight is going to happen, this is the perfect timing, it allows Anderson to get in another fight to keep off the “rust” against someone who has some significance, yet is not a real threat to the title, and it is going to allow GSP 8 months to gain the weight he will need to fight the Spider, should he beat Shields.
    If this thing is truely going to happen, it just got set up for December/January PPV. Hopefully Cain will be back and face the winner of Lesnar/JDS on the same card. Or if the UFC can muster the intestinal fortitude, a whole card of unification bouts between SF and UFC championships, minus the Middleweight and Welterweight titles of course.
    How about this January Card UFC
    Spider vs GSP
    Cain vs. JDS
    Melendez vs. Edgar/Maynard
    Jones vs Hendo
    Diaz vs KOS (WW title if GSP vacates title to stay at weight which he said he would.)
    Fedor vs Lesnar
    I would literally pay $100 for that PPV UFC make it happen.

    • Frye557

      Read my previous post, I said the same thing you did regarding timing. I think that could be the good thing about this, as it will give GSP the time he needs to move up, but it also puts the fight itself in jeopardy if Silva loses, which is a real possibility.

      • ShockednAwed

        Seriously? A real possibility?! Even your last two posts suggest you agree with the majority that Okami has more chance swimming the Atlantic ocean with his refridgerator strapped to his back! 😀

        No question, this is a stay-in-shape fight for Anderson, I think you’re right about that.

        • Frye557

          I also though Silva would walk through Chael too though. And both Chael and Yushin have similar styles so who knows, Okami could pull off a lay and pray win. It is a definite possibility. Like I said, he’s a wrestler, so that immediately puts him in a pretty good place. I do like your metaphor though

  • ShockednAwed

    I also agree with anyone pissed off with Dana again – I was sure he said before Silva vs Belfort that, as long as Spider and GSP won their next fights, they’d square off. Regardless of what St. Pierre would have preferred, or if this fight versus Okami is just to keep the rust off Silva, when the president essentially makes a promise like that, he needs to keep it. Or at least acknowledge he’s breaking it.

    And if this is a move to make the timing work better, tell us that. I guess I’m just disappointed that Dana still hasn’t lived up to his promise to make up the Abu Dabi debacle.

    • jared499

      Completely agree with you on the fact that Dana has not followed through with his promise to make up for Abu Dabi. But he can not come out and say that this Okami fight is just the warm up fight for Spider vs GSP. If he were to say anything like that if would decrease the sales of the Brazil PPV. Also we must consider the venue where this is taking place. UFC needed a strong Brazillian to headline the card, who was left. Lyota is already fighting Randy, Vitor not such a big draw after getting knocked out by a front-kick, Thiago suspended for Roids, and Nogueira
      brothers either hurt or just fought and lost. THis is just like every European venue, that needs to have Bisbing on the card to sell the tickets.