Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz Has Not Been Ruled a No-Contest… Yet

February 7, 2015
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The UFC 183 headlining bout between Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz has not been ruled a no-contest.

There were several reports on Friday indicating that the bout result had already been changed from a unanimous-decision victory  for Silva and instead recorded as a no-contest result. That is inaccurate. on Friday confirmed as much with Bob Bennett, the executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission. The NAC holds jurisdiction over the sanctioning of the bout, which took place on Jan. 31 in Las Vegas.

Although Silva tested positive for steroids in a Jan. 9 out-of-competition drug test, the fallout from that test has yet to be fully realized.

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Silva is currently under a temporary suspension until he has a disciplinary hearing before the Nevada Athletic Commission, according to Bennett.

Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz UFC 183 kickSilva could address the commission at its Feb. 17 meeting, but does not have to address the commission that soon. He has twenty days from the written notice of his positive drug test in which to respond. So he is within his rights to respond in writing after the Feb. 17 date before having to go in front of the commission.

If that happens, the soonest Silva would have a full hearing would be at the commission’s regularly scheduled meeting in March, which has yet to be scheduled.

Once Silva’s case is presented to the commission, its five members would then determine Silva’s fate and make a determination on the result of the bout. If the positive test is upheld, it is likely that the bout would then be overturned to a no-contest result, but not before.

In the meantime, while the situation plays out, UFC president Dana White has confirmed that Silva will remain as a head coach on the fourth installment of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil, which is currently in production in Las Vegas.

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  • christopher Breuer

    Quit playing games and trying to stay in the headlines that bout should be a no contest and what a ripoff. I paid for 60 bucks for that junk.I’m pissed!

    • Joe Dog

      Caveat emptor.

      • christopher Breuer

        I just feel like the UFC scammed us if they knew he tested positive for steroids before the fight.

  • Sayonara E Serginho Faria

    This is embarrassing, depressing and makes me not wanna ever watch a UFC PPV for a long time.
    As a huge Silva fan I am extremely disappointed and it’s hard to swallow this one. 😉

    • André Amorim

      Porra nenhuma, você só quer é criticar os brasileiros, pra ganhar moral com os americanos, em todo comentário seu é falando mau dos brazucas, seu pau no cu!

  • TheCerealKiller

    This has to be turned into a no contest if Silva’s second sample confirms the steroids.

    • uncle

      Anderson really hurt his image by speaking out so soon and denying
      everything cause I don’t want to hear no excuses if he lied about taking
      this sh*t.

      • Guest

        cung le’s test results were proven wrong and his suspension lifted. silva’s test results are just as whacked.

    • deepgrim

      you would presume so, but why did they never turn the overeem lesnar fight into a no contest?

      • Guest

        because overeem didn’t fail for the lesnar fight, but failed a pre-fight test for the dos santos fight.

        • deepgrim

          ah right, i had it in my head it was a post fight test

  • Daveholio

    What a joke. If anything, Silva should get the DQ (he cheated!!!) and they should give the win to Diaz. Nick is a freakin champ.. going 5 full rounds against a ‘roided up “GOAT”.

    • Guest

      silva didnt have anything in his body during the fight whereas diaz did. silva should be the one who keeps the win over that stockton dumbass.

      • Me

        That makes no sense as steroids don’t work like an energy drink. You are supposed to use them before.

        • Guest

          he did use them before, which is why it was a failed an out of competition drug test (a few weeks before the fight.)

          • Sir_Roy

            You are almost too daft for words.

      • Daveholio

        I’m sorry, but your comment makes no sense. Silva was using steroids. Performance-enhancing drugs. You know what that means? It means it gives him an unfair advantage. HE CHEATED. Dias had cannabis in his system. Not performance-enhancing, and makes no difference when he used it.

        • Sir_Roy

          Nothing that kid says makes any sense.

    • Fifthdegreedan

      Hmmm silva was never the GOAT. He is a kick boxer who fails in most other areas. Georges St. Pierre was always the greatest of all time. Want to know something? More people believe this than you realize.

  • Trevor

    Seriously who cares about this crap? Anderson is done he was good maybe even great although he stayed too long and got knocked out and then we all know what happened next. Take your career and be happy about what you achieved and walk away. If steroids would help you recover from that injury (which they do ) good on him for doing it as any sane individual would do whatever they could to best their chances to succeed from a life changing injury. He should not have been in any rush to come back (if ever) and obviously should have way cleared the drugs. Now for Nick …come on I realize this is a forum for angry little kids but he is an idiot (both the Diaz boys are) If you are getting paid big bucks to do something that likely is your only option in life than follow the rules and make your appearances and get paid. He is not and will never be a contender for big success in the UFC and this was a stupid fight anyways. Why pay for these useless PPV anymore (I don’t ….go have a meal and a beer and watch them for what they are background fuzz) .

    Make it a no contest take the applicable fines and let them fade away as they should…..they are both over! IT’S A DEAD HORSE.

  • LokiD

    Innocent until proven guilty. What a concept. Diaz is a bitch so instead of a 7 and 7 UFC record he’ll be 7-6-1? Whoooo greatest of all time! Right!!!!!!!!!!!! Diaz is a little crybaby dopehead, someone change his diaper and send him home, I’m so sick of his bitching. His daddy should have shot him in the side of the toilet.

  • Sir_Roy

    Diaz vs. Anderson is a no contest. Regardless what they ultimately decide to do.

    Silva struggled to a 5 round decision against a fighter who’s only misdemeanor is getting high every so often. Yeah, yeah, it’s a banned substance and he needs to be spanked … again … I get it. But it sure as sh!t doesn’t give him an advantage in the Octagon. Steroids on the other hand … a disastrous and highly dangerous advantage. Some liken it to heading in there with rocks lining your gloves.

    Anderson’s a great fighter. No doubt. But he was a superstar in a mediocre division with a laughingly low talent pool (though it’s looking marginally better in today’s game to be sure). An average top 10 welterweight gave him all he could handle really (sure, he’s past his prime, but still). Shows how stacked the WW division was / is in comparison. GSP dominated that division clean (prove he didn’t naysayers before piping in with your conspiracy theories). Just saying.

    He’s a precision striker with very decent knockout power who caught a few breaks. What he isn’t is the greatest of all time. Certainly not anymore.

    • Guest

      you’re an idiot. anderson struggled? ever occured to you he was cautious about not breaking his leg again. or the fact that diaz is no slouch? you talk like he fought a nobody. what a dumbass.

      • Sir_Roy

        Sensitive? Panties in a bunch? Can always stroke your Anderson action figure till you feel better …

        1. Never said Diaz was a slouch.
        2. I did specifically state that Anderson was “past his prime”. That includes the leg injury. So yeah, accounted for that thanks.

        GSP tore his ACL. Tough injury to return from too. Injuries happen. Both in training and in the Octagon. Not an excuse to roid up and then struggle in a 5 rounder against a smaller dude who’s not even title contention in a lighter division.

        Sorry bud. This particular “come back” burst the Anderson bubble big time. I respect him as one of the greats, I don’t judge him for using performance enhancers as I don’t know the game in which he’s playing entirely, BUT, if we want to look at the GOAT, I would look at GSP first (not a cocaine aficionado, not a roid user, and far more successfully came back from every bit as devastating an injury career wise) then, y’know what … Fedor … then Jones. Because yeah, I look at the whole professional package when I deem an “athlete” great, let alone greatest of all time.

        • Guest

          GSP was in his prime when he suffered his injuries and Anderson was way passed his. That’s a terrible comparison. ACL injuries are bad but the footage of Silva’s leg snapping for most 40 year olds would be career ending no doubt. Anderson hasnt been proven he’s roids. Does his body look like a steroid user? Cung Le’s suspension of taking HGH was lifted and so will Silva’s.

          GSP has had his fair share or greasing and taking roids. So don’t gimme your crap about him being innocent an all. GSP is pretty good but to overlook a guy like Silva, who’s broken all ufc records is a pretty dumb to overlook. You’re just going against your own anger because of one mistake he made.

          Anderson is definetly the best P4P over GSP and Jones. Fedor is probably in front or right behind Silva.

          • Sir_Roy

            Get out of here with that “he was in his prime and Anderson was not” bull crap. We’re talking 6 years. Not 20. “Way past” … gimme a break.

            GSP was 30 when he had his injury. Silva was 37. Let’s not get too crazy with all this “in their prime” talk here. Athletes hit their peak from 28 – 35 years of age. Silva was far from “far past his prime”. Nice try though. Oh and, for the record, tearing one’s ACL was long considered career ending as well … regardless your age bud.

            GSP has had his fair share of taking roids? Really? Silva gets caught with two, count them, two types of anabolic steroids in his system, but to you he’s not a user and we need to give the benefit of the doubt (chances of a test coming up with two different roids being a mistake are almost nil bud). GSP has NEVER been tested with illegal substances in his system, has been the most outspoken with regards steroid use in the industry, but in your books he’s the roid user tween the two? Get out of here idiot.

            I’m not overlooking anything. You’re the one with myopic vision who’s blinded by fan service to Silva here. Not going to get into the breakdown of Silva’s career here. But he’s not the GOAT. Not even close. Especially when the level of competition is considered.

          • Guest

            6 years is still a big gap. Silva suffers one of the most devastating injuries at a time when he’s nearing retirement while GSP was healthy as a horse and in his prime. Silva was clean for nine years and suddenly marks like you think that one mistake equals a lifetime of wrongs. what a dumbass!

            The fact you overlook what Silva has accomplished and say GSP is the GOAT is utterly ridiculous. Seriously. Silva was always up for the superfight whereas GSP wanted no part of it because he was chickens**t and knew he’d lose. That doesn’t sound like GOAT to me. A GOAT takes on all challenges and all comers and GSP continued to stall the big fight fans wanted to see for years. Even at LHW, Silva defeated 3 guys who were drugged up at the time. His record breaking accomplishments and his undefeated streak for 7 years is ranked higher over anything GSP has accomplished in UFC.

            Silva’s level of competition was far more superior to the guys GSP faced. Dan Hardy, Thiago Alves and a one eyed Josh Koscheck aren’t exactly top level competition.

          • Sir_Roy

            1) The middleweight division was never, ever, even remotely as stacked as the welterweight division. And this was never more true than during Silva’s reign at the top.

            2) Silva walks around at 30 – 40 pounds heavier than Georges. He fights in a different weight class you dork. Silva is a HUGE middleweight whereas, despite his large frame, GSP is an average sized welterweight. Of course he’d want to fight GSP … especially considering the PPV money GSP brings to the table.

            3) The only questionable competitor on your list was maybe, maybe, Dan Hardy. (Thiago Alves was a beast and despite a few setbacks against Story and Fitch, just had a strong performance against Jordan Mein.)

            Let’s look at a few of Silva’s accomplishments; Tony Fryklund, Chris Leben, Nate Marquardt, James Irvin, Partick Cote, Demian Maia (struggling his arse off as a welterweight) … the only truly respectable win was against Dan Henderson and Dan got caught being stupid (was actually winning the fight up to that point) and Vitor who likewise got caught. I would have loved to see an immediate rematch there.

            Silva’s a great striker, amazing precision, decent BJJ but he is not the greatest of all time. Leaving GSP aside, I’d place Jones above Silva (despite his glaring character flaws). A roided Silva had a harder time against Diaz than GSP did bud. We knock GSP for his 5 rounders, well, Anderson went up against a welterweight and guess what? 5 rounds too. What happens when you start dipping into real competition. I know it stings. You’ll cope.

          • Guest

            Thiago Alves aint no beast these days. He’s traded wins and losses back to back and got his ass handed to him by jordan mein in the first round. a one hit comeback doesn’t change the fact he got smashed in the first round. GSP had so many chances to put away guys like Koscheck (rematch) and Dan Hardy but he still couldnt get the job done. His fighting style or lay and pray is p*ss weak and boring to watch.

            Silva’s victories over Rich Franklin, Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson, Thales Leites, Vitor Belfort, Yushin Okami, Nate Marquardt and Demian Maia are simply outstanding. At least his style of fighting puts fighters away and wows people’s minds whereas GSP’s lay and pray is all he does and doesn’t even finish opponents. And the fact you put Jones over Silva due to certain things you dislike about one or the other is pathetic. You’re simply in denial and you know it.

            Silva had a harder time against Diaz? More like Diaz had a harder time with Silva. GSP was too chickens**t to stand up and fight with Diaz and had to resort to his boring style which put on a boring fight. Silva vs. Diaz was more watchable than GSP vs. Diaz.

          • Sir_Roy

            The fact you tout the disaster that was Silva versus Maia as “outstanding”, let alone a few of those others, means we’re pretty much done here. You’re just ducky. Or “pathetic” to use your adage.

            And bud, GSP stood for 15 minutes of their 25 minute match you schmuck. Diaz did squat with it. Georges did more against Diaz than the almighty “striker” that is Silva did. Fight metrics (stats) don’t lie. Again, deal with it. 105 significant strikes versus Diaz’ paltry 41 landed. The almighty Silva landed 108 significant strikes, but absorbed 77 in turn. So without looking at the ground game (which GSP dominated), even in striking, GSP did better. Sorry chum. You lose. And have proven to have absolutely NO idea what you’re talking about. Makes me think I’m debating with a 5 year old.

            Oh and, Jones is a better fighter than Silva in all areas save precision. Deal.

          • Guest

            it seems you’re the only one who thinks gsp vs diaz was better than silva vs diaz. the critics would agree silva vs diaz was a more competitive bout than the one sided fight gsp had with diaz.

            jones better than silva in all areas? HAHA. you really just made yourself look like an idiot. can’t take you seriously anymore. next you’ll probably say Tito Ortiz is better than Fedor in all areas. You’re a dumb fool. Go re-educate yourself loser.

          • Sir_Roy

            Do you even hear yourself? “Critics agree that Silva vs. Diaz was a more competitive bout than the one sided fight GSP had with Diaz”. Do you know what that sentence means? It means GSP trounced Diaz (i.e. “one sided bout”) and that Diaz was more of a challenge against Anderson (i.e. “more competitive”). Which is to say, GSP trounced Diaz with more ease than Anderson did. Catching on champ?

            It’s a little sad I actually have to spell that out for you.

            Damn. You’re just a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

            Yes. Jones is better than Anderson Silva. If you are dumb enough to draw a comparison between the skill levels as existent tween Jones and Silva and Ortiz & Fedor, then it only validates everything I’ve learned about you to date. No surprises there.

          • Guest

            GSP is one of the most boring fighters on the planet. He may have the best jab and single leg takedown in the UFC/Welterweight division, is a ground hugging b*tch who wins on points couldn’t finish a sandwich. He fights not to lose than than fight to win. When thinking of GOAT, nobody immediately thinks of GSP, its obvious you’re delusional and just hating on Silva because he made one error.

            Anderson silva has an amazing highlight reel of finishes. Who has jon jones knocked out?!? oh wait, nobody. Better than Silva my ass! Go educate yourself then get back to me. Until then, you’re just delusional and very biased.

          • Sir_Roy

            Now you’re just trying too hard. I trumped you in all corners here bud and now you’re just being sad. You revealed how ignorant and, well, “dim” you are in every post you’ve made thus far. If you’re not, in fact, a twelve year old then shame on you really.

            Your whole blurb just sounds like; “wah wah wah, boo hoo hoo, you’ve caught me in every lie I’ve tried thus far, shot down every exaggerated opinion I’ve regurgitated with facts and revealed my nonsense at every turn, so I’m going to resort to senseless b!tching, wah wah wah”. You in a nutshell. Only you’re far less eloquent than that. I was paraphrasing to spare your feelings. Have a nice life.

          • Sir_Roy

            Oh and, for the record (another fact to denounce your bunk), Jones has finished 15 of his 21 wins. Many highlight reel finishes to be had there I’m afraid (standing guillotine versus Machida no less – choked him right out), 9, count them, 9 TKO / KO victories.

            To coin a phrase “go educate yourself”. Chump.

          • fighter2020

            bottom line we are talking knockout right? Anderson Silva has one punch one kick knockout. he looks good doing it too unlike anyone who has ever stepped inside the cage.he makes it look like cutting into butter. Anderson Silva hands down is the Michael Jordan of MMA. on top of all that he was able to accomplish so much even at an old age.

          • Hurricane Dave

            Lol. Silva did have a harder time with Diaz than GSP did. Silva fought great and knocked out scrubs and if that impressed you there is no hope for you.

          • James

            Whoa! Silva broke 2 records pal. GSP broke far more. Let’s not get crazy over your love for Silva. He was s phenomenal striker but far more people realize GSP was the true GOAT and not one trick pony silva. Even GSP haters realize GSP was the more complete fighter and silva was not. Look past your Silva love love and I’m sure your smart enough to agree.

  • Sarge

    Lies. It’s got to do with Silva refusing to wear Reebok. It’s all Politics.