Anderson Silva vs. GSP Makes Sense; No Upside to Fighting Chris Weidman Right Now

September 1, 2012
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Anderson Silva at UFC 117Anderson Silva is sitting on top of the world right now.

Not only is he the longest reigning and defending champion in UFC history, Silva also finished off one of the most epic feuds in all of mixed martial arts with his last win over Chael Sonnen at UFC 148.

Now the only question that remains is what’s left for Anderson Silva to do in MMA?

That’s the question that is circling the Brazilian legend as inquiries continue to swirl about whom he’ll face next in the Octagon.

The biggest possibility right now remains a superfight showdown with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in 2013. According to Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, a fight with St-Pierre makes the most sense, but it’s far from a done deal.

“I think it makes the most sense. First of all, Georges St-Pierre has to get through Carlos Condit, but if he gets through Carlos Condit, which is not going to be an easy task, but if he gets through there that’s a fight that makes sense for both guys,” Soares told MMAWeekly Radio.

“A superfight like that I think is going to be the biggest fight. I think a lot of fans want to watch it and I think it will be a highlight for both of their careers. I think that the superfight is definitely a big challenge, fighting someone like Georges St-Pierre.”

The biggest hurdle remaining before that fight can even be proposed is for St-Pierre to defeat Carlos Condit at UFC 154. If that happens, a Silva vs. St-Pierre superfight in 2013 would almost seem like an automatic lock.

If St-Pierre isn’t successful in his return fight in November, Soares believes there are still challenges ahead for Silva at 185 pounds, but nothing or no one that deserves a shot at the title at this moment.

That includes UFC middleweight contender Chris Weidman.

“As far as the middleweight division, yes, I do think there are still a lot of challenges. I just think that the middleweight division, you’ve got guys who have been on a pretty good win streak like Chris Weidman, but unfortunately Chris Weidman as far as a fight goes, I mean, Anderson would fight anybody the UFC puts in front of him at 185 pounds, but we would just like to see a bigger fight,” Soares stated.

“I think right now, the fight the way it is, that might be a bit of a tough fight to promote. Once again, not taking anything away from Chris Weidman, because I think Chris Weidman is a very talented fighter, but I just think it’s a tough fight to promote right now.”

Soares says the UFC has never come to them and officially offered Chris Weidman as Silva’s next opponent, so they are still in a holding pattern in terms of what’s next. When the UFC does finally call with a fight they want Silva to take, he’ll say yes, just like he always has done.

In their minds, however, a fight with Chris Weidman just doesn’t make sense for Anderson Silva without something else happening first.

“He’s a very talented guy, but there’s no upside to that fight. If he goes out there and beats Chris Weidman, it’s expected of him. The guy only has 9 or 10 professional fights or whatever it is, and now all of a sudden he’s going to fight Anderson Silva, who has 15 consecutive wins in the UFC. It’s just one of those situations where it’s a no-win situation for Anderson,” said Soares.

“He has to go out there and destroy him and if he doesn’t destroy him, what’s that say? I just think the Chris Weidman fight is a difficult fight to promote, but I feel that outside of that the middleweight division is a little bit murky right now. There isn’t a solid No. 1 contender right now.”

Soares says that they will likely begin discussions with the UFC towards the end of this year in regards to what’s next for Silva in the Octagon. There is obviously less road ahead of Silva than behind him at this point in his career, but there are still challenges he wants to conquer.

“Personally, I don’t think there’s anything else Anderson needs to do to prove himself as far as MMA. I think he’s done what no one has done before, but I feel Anderson being the kind of fighter he is, he’ll know when it’s time to hang it up,” said Soares. “I leave that up to him.”

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  • me vs you

    weidman is the no.1 contender.

    sounds like silva’s head has gotten a litle too big.
    it’s not a big enough fight? read between the lines…not enough money. silva’s beginning to sound like money mayweather.

    so the middle weight division isn’t stacked right now, but weidman’s record speaks for itself. by silva’s logic, weidman will never be deserving of a fight, because there are apparently no challenges at middlweight. a champion should fight the best in his division or step aside. the more i keep hearing soars and silva distance themselves from a fight with weidman, the more i think that silva is completely scared of the kid.

    i hope dana makes the fight anyway…i’d rather see weidman kick silva’s ass than watch silva trounce a rusty, broken gsp…styles make fights, not fighters and i just don’t think that gsp and silva is a good match.

    • jmsbjj

      I agree but bitch ass dana does not have a ranking system,which f–ks over the deserving fighters.

    • Stop being a retard.

      who the f–k is Chris Weidman?

      …. is what everyone who is not a super hardcore MMA fan will say if they were to book that fight right now, and I say that as one of the 34 people who actually has FUELTV and saw that fight live.

      The two most successful UFC champs in history can fight in the biggest fight in UFC history and make loads of money. You aren’t silly enough to think that they give a rat’s ass about what you think or that anyone gives .0045 fucks about CHris Weidman whining about how he thinks he is the number one contender, are you?

      Weidman needs to shut the f–k up (he is not Chael Sonnen, not as controversial as Chael Sonnen and doesn’t have a fanbase like Sonnen does, so the Chael Sonnen ‘talk your way into a fight’ strategy doesn’t apply here) and beat one of these guys, on a PPV card or Fox card


      until then he can cry all he wants but he won’t get that fight.

    • demetriousgonzalz

      your a mental midget kid silva scared of a nobody he’s waiting for gsp not for money but for fame u idiot

  • fightfankevin

    I kind of do agree with Anderson on the Weidman thing. He isnt a huge draw and the attention wont be there. But the show does go on , and Andy’s getting wishy washy. Before he said he has no desire to leave the middleweight division anymore. Now he wants to, but take on a smaller, injury riddled, ring rusty St. Pierre. It probably will happen. And i hope GSP spanks Andy.

  • I really dont think Silva v Weidman is that hard to promote. A new young gun who has finally arisen from nowhere to dethrone a legend, string together some highlights like his pwning Munoz, and boom people will buy to see if the Spider finally gets caught. I mean Silva can basically sell a fight regardless of who is across from him because people want to see the historical moment when he goes down.

  • pooby

    GSP hasn’t finished a welterweight since BJ. Anderson would kill GSP.

    This fight doesn’t “make the most sense” for the fans but I’m sure it does for Silva’s bank account and his undefeated UFC record.

    GSP needs to get through Condit and stay healthy first.

    No, Ed, a fight with Jon Jones makes the most sense.

    • demetriousgonzalz

      future hw were he should be in the first place vs former ww anderson already went up in weight jon should do the same the fight dont make sense if that makes sense then anderson should just fight jds your a creep kid

    • Michael

      i second this

  • I respect Chris Weidman as a fighter but are you guys kidding me! He hasn’t even been in the UFC for 2 years yet. He has 9 fights. He barely beat Maia who went down to WW. And yes congrats on Munoz but there are guys like Fitch and Alves who went on 6 or 7 fight win streaks against top guys consistently before getting title shots, not beating 2 top guys and getting title shots. Silva has been in the UFC since 06′ breaking records fighting every challenger. GSP has been in the UFC since 04′. Big deal he doesn’t finish guys, these are world class pro fighters; nobody has been able to finish him either other than Hughes and Serra. If GSP beats Condit he deserves Silva, he’s earned it.

    • atmosphere

      agreed. Kinda like Rory MacDonald, Weidman has been quietly climbing the ranks and hasn’t really been marketed much.

      At this point of his career, Silva should be looking only for big fights anyway. with his legacy is already cemented, superfights and fighting other big, recognizable names makes the most sense.

  • This may be an insane comment, but GSP should tell Dana if he beats Condit, he’ll fight Weidman to get that shot at Silva so everyone can shut up about him being #1 contender.

    • MaritalArtist

      Not the worst idea. If GSP can pack on some weight, he’ll be a great matchup for either Weidman or Anderson. Go GSP!

      • MaritalArtist

        Combatscience …. There are several great matchups. Also , in addition to the GSP Weidman one you mentioned, there’s GSP – sonnen, and how about if condit wins, condit-silva at 170? Just theoretically…..

        • MaritalArtist

          If Condit gets lucky and actually KOs GSP, it would be a great display of striker vs striker…. Condit vs goat

          • I like the way you think friend. And yes so many interesting match ups in the WW and MW division. Especially when fighters shift weight classes. Subscribe to me on twitter, facebook or youtube to keep up with more media or to talk fights.

  • Again, and just like the latest BS with JBJ, I think a Champ should fight whoever the UFC puts in front of them.

    I’m with the others who commented, I think the fight with Weidman would be very easy to sell.

    • JAVbal1633

      I guess you dindt read the part where it says “Soares says the UFC has never come to them and officially offered Chris Weidman as Silva’s next opponent.” So I guess you either think hes lying or just dindt bother to read that part…..

  • stak

    It sounds to me like Silva and Soares are afraid he’ll lose to Weidman so they want to fight the smaller and safer GSP.

    • gnodeb

      Or Weidman sounds like he is afraid he will have to fight once more before he gets title shot. And that fight won’t be easy at all so he is trying to take a shortcut.

      I don’t enjoy any party here. Results should dictate who will fight who and when. Not some trash talk or public scandal that has nothing to do whit MMA. Kids calling out champions are annoying the same way as champions avoiding real contenders. And we can not say who is who because without real ranking system we simply don’t know. Even worse, looks like nobody cares so this becomes bigger circus with every show…

      • Bingo.

        Weidman declined an offer to fight Belcher, Vitor called him out and Weidman wanted no part of it. He has had opportunities to make himself the real #1 contender and chose to play it safe.

        He was never declared the #1 contender, he just decided to keep saying it in hopes that people would believe him.

        • soboc1

          Belcher>Weidman fo sho.

    • demetriousgonzalz

      thats because your an idiot

  • I f–king hate Ed Soares! Anderson is a f–king serious backseat champion! Nothing to gain from defending his title? F–k you Silva. Silva and JBJ are by far the worst champions in current UFC. I’m not saying they are bad fighters before some idiot white knights them, but these guys are jokes. A champion is a champion and SHOULD fight anyone in front of them. People arguing different must want MMA to turn into boxing. People saying GSP v Sonnen, that wont happen. Aside from Sonnen now being two weight divisions above welter, he has been vocal about not liking the welterwight division in the past. He isn’t going to fight there.

    • shereko

      Really? Thats what you read into that? Wow… You should probably seek help, what they said was Weidman isnt a big enough fight yet… They were not disrespectful to him at all. But how many fringe fans know Weidman? Like it or not that matters… Silva doesnt have many fights left, he’s human and wants the biggest fights right now, and you gotta admit Spider vs GSP is bigger than Weidman considering the ppv dollars, and let Weidman have more than 10 fights… Hell Bisping has put in time as well. If you’re clouded by hate on the topic its not helping your point.

    • JAVbal1633

      I guess you ALSO didnt read the part where it says “Soares says the UFC has never come to them and officially offered Chris Weidman as Silva’s next opponent” With that being said why is he so bad? Who has he NOT faced? He beat everyone the UFC has put in front of him. He didnt like the idea of facing Sonnen RIGHT AFTER his last fight cause whether or not people agree even though Sonnen did well, he FINISHED Sonnen. It wasn’t a close controversial decision. He finished him. Sonnen had his chance and he blew it. After he beat the living shit outta Vitor and Okami and then beat Sonnen again. And yet people like you still criticize him?? I’m just baffled.

  • natpaukar7

    I do not understand the concept of GSP being an easy fight for Silva…I see GSP as a rather large and unbelievably powerful WW. Anderson Silva will probably win because if GSP even considers striking with him I say Good night…though…Silva has never really fought a good kicker…just another dynamic to bring up…on the other hand…I would be more than willing to bet that GSP out wrestles Weidman…or Sonnen for that matter and clearly, Silva. There are three fights that make sense for Anderson Silva right now…they are Jones, Weidman and GSP…IMO while I would love to see Silva GSP it makes the least sense as far as progression of Silva’s career because he could very well lose…then Weidman…there are a bunch of contenders in the MW division who I believe Weidman would spank so he should (bisping most obviously) and personally I say Jones makes the most sense because Silva has fought at 205 before and if he fought Jones I believe he would KO him and thus further his legacy the best out of these three possibilities.

    All three could beat silva, GSP IMO is most likely to…style wise…he is a phenomenal wrestler who can hold his own striking with distancing kicks and bring Silva to a boring decision…but a loss none the less…he won’t be submitted and he will train extensively to avoid strikes.

  • djgillagin

    For you people who haven’t been a fan of the UFC, and just watch it because it’s Kool. No one has beaten Anderson silva in 5 years, has beaten everyone thrown in his way. He’s 37-38 years old he’s done it all, he beat the guy that last defeated him. He beat the last guy, that almost defeated him. He’s defended his belt 10x, and is on a 16 fight winning streak. He has beaten legends, the next big thing and everything in between. He only has a couple of fight left under his belt. So why not go for the big fights, fights that the fans have been wanting for years. Against another great in gsp, who
    Also has 6 title defences. What does a win over weidman do other then, w on his list of a guy that has “the tools” to beat him. Like Maia, hendo, Chael 2x, okami, vitor etc. Anderson silva time an time again has shown everyone in the UFC that he is and will be the pound for pound beat in the world. So let the man decided who he wants his final fights I be against because he deserves it and trust me he he’s not going to pick a easy fight. This video is for you haters

  • WarriorScholar

    Anderson only has a few fights left and he wants them to be big money fights.

  • kennypowers

    Let me just stop you there cuz this is almost too easy. First thing, what has Weidman done? Beat a way overrated Munoz, honestly though it was an impressive KO, but besides that, he barely beat Maia, who Anderson completely destroyed, and who else? Nobody. Anderson has morefights as a champion than Weidman does in his whole career. Not saying chris isnt real deal, but he has no right calling out the king. That’s like Jeremy Lin calling out MJ saying he could beat him one on one. Let Weidman face the winner of bisping v. Stann, and should he win, then he’ll be #1. Andersons career is coming to a close and wants big fights. He has nothing to prove and he should wait for a true challenger. You noobs gotta start paying attention and realize what going undefeated for almost 7 years means.

  • saqibkhan

    oh please A-Hole Silva cut the crap for being Nice guy. I am not a UFC fighter and I knew before-hand that show is going to be canceled, and Silva who works for UFC and is a TOP guy knew what xactally was going on and reported UFC that he wants to fight after “24 hours”, he made sure all bookings are canceled and everything is a done before he contacted Dana. and shame on mmaweekly for posting this news for over a week, are they trying to HYPE Silva & make jon jones look bad?

  • saqibkhan

    btw i was refering to the article in which Silva offered to fight & save UFC 51, however that article is replaced with this new one today but still talks about “Silva being hero to step in and save the card”.

  • No upside? How about the champ defends the title as many times a year as possible, what an idea!

  • somecokehead

    Maybe Gsp should call out Bendo or Aldo… no he is not a punk… Why does Silva want to fight GSP but not Jones? Makes him look like a bully to me. When someone is forced to put on more muscle it changes a lot. 15 pounds of muscle is no easy task, then he would have to adjust his style a bit. This fight favors Silva in numerous ways. I hope GSP say no. He doesn’t owe Silva or the UFC anything. He also has enough money. Tell him to fight Jones if he wants a challenge and a big fight. Finally stop talking about this, it is an obvious cry for attention mmaweekly. tisk tisk.

  • dgs

    I hate when these fight managers speak for their fighters. All this Soares character is interested in is the paycheck that would result from a fight with GSP. These managers should stay quiet and let the UFC decide who their fighter will fight, regardless if it makes sense to them.

    If anything, a fight with Jones makes far more sense, as Anderson has proven he can fight at 205 with no problems. Anderson could easily move up a weight class, as his walk around weight is about 215 or so. Why isn’t Soares asking for this fight?

  • b-ri

    He wants a “super fight” fight with a smaller guy instead of someone his own size. He knows Jones’ll whoop his ass.

  • mike