Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre? ‘Probably’… if GSP Beats Carlos Condit

August 21, 2012
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Anderson Silva vs Georges St-Pierre UFCThe term super fight is often times thrown around way too liberally in the mixed martial arts game, and we in the media are as guilty as anyone of its propagation.

But when it comes to Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre, largely considered the top two or at least among the top three pound-for-pound fighters in the world, a fight between the two UFC champions could not be argued as anything less than deserving of the super fight moniker.

A couple of years ago, all the talk about a showdown between the UFC middleweight and welterweight titleholders remained out on the fringe somewhere. It was but a pipe dream.

Now, heading into the second half of 2012, Silva has yet to show any cracks in his armor, still riding an unbeaten streak through his entire UFC tenure. St-Pierre, having grown up in the Octagon, has only two blemishes on his resume. He lost early in his career to Matt Hughes and then suffered a surprising TKO loss to Matt Serra several years later. He has since avenged both of those losses and currently rides a nine-fight winning streak.

The pickings in each fighter’s respective weight class are somewhat slim and Silva is 37 years of age, nearing the end of his career.

A super fight between the two makes more and more sense as the fights go by, and now, it looks as if it is becoming less of a dream and more of a reality, even to the boss.

UFC president Dana White has often been vague about a fight between the two, saying that there is a lot for each to accomplish in his division. As time passes, however, he’s talking more and more specifics.

“I think if we do the fight with (Anderson Silva) and Georges St-Pierre, it would be at a catchweight; probably like 178 (pounds), something like that,” White said on Tuesday’s edition of the Dave & Mahoney show on X107.5 radio in Las Vegas.

“Georges St-Pierre says he does (want the fight),” he added. “He wants to do it, yeah.”

GSP’s desire is definitely a key to making this fight happen. The welterweight champion has often said that he would have to put on permanent weight to move up and challenge Silva at middleweight; that he didn’t want to be one of the guys that bounces back and forth between weight classes.

A catchweight fight, however, could solve that issue, and leave both belts intact.

Silva’s camp has also been quite vocal lately, saying that there isn’t much left for him at middleweight. They have specifically targeted a super fight with St-Pierre.

So it seems the stars are aligning for this fight to possibly happen; at least, more so than ever before.

When asked if this could be St-Pierre’s next fight if he gets past Carlos Condit at UFC 154 in November, White even went so far to answer, “Probably.”

That’s far from definitive, but it’s the closest the UFC kingpin has ever come to saying the fight was going to actually take place.

“He has got to beat Condit first though,” White added, leaving an out. “That’s a tough fight. Georges has been off for over a year, so we’ll see.”

Are the odds good that Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre will take place?

As good as ever.

Now it just remains to be seen if St-Pierre can get past Condit, and if Silva will continue to avoid a fight with No. 1 contender Chris Weidman and wait for something a little more super.

Stay tuned to for more about a possible Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre showdown and other UFC News.

  • People need to stop asking for Silva vs Jones. Silva and GSP have been in the UFC forever now and breaking records, going on incredible win streaks against top guys contionusly. Jones is awesome but still has a long way to go. Don’t disrespect GSP by outing him in this fight and asking for Jones and Silva. Let Jones fight HW’s if he cleans out the LHW division. GSP has earned this fight with Silva. That loss to Serra is the only thing that sets him back, even though it was many years ago. But I think GSP should fight at 185 against Silva. Silva shouldnt cut more weight for a catchweight fight. And GSP vs Sonnen intrigues me as well.

    • stevemcz11

      I agree with everything but the GSP Sonnen thing. Silva has said he wont fight Jones so I dont see that happening. At least I hope it doesnt happen. Silva vs GSP would be epic

    • MrAdidas

      Completely disgree with you & STEVEMCZ, GSP is much too samll to fight Silva, even at 178lbs or 180lbs, Silva will still have the size, strength & more importantly the REACH advantage. Silva is still going to out weigh GSP by at least 15-20lbs come fight night, and that’s ALOT of weight. Especially for a guy who will already have 3 HUGE advantages b4 the fight even starts. This fight is a LOSE LOSE LOSE for GSP, no way he can win. He doesnt have the frame to compete vs. a guy the size & height of Silva.

      Before the fight starts, Silva will have the weight, size, strength & height & reach advantage. That’s 4 major advantages for Silva before BUFER does his thing, no wonder Silva wants to fight GSP/smaller fighters. Which is the reason why Silva is terrified to fight @ LHW/Jon Jones.

      • Triggerman99

        And everything you just said is exactly why Silva shouldn’t fight Jon Jones.

        So its OK to say that its unfair to GSP to fight Silva, but not so for Silva to move to LHW and fight Jones?

        Yeah….nice unbiased assessment there, pal.

      • stevemcz11

        You wanna talk REACH? GSP 76in, Silva 77.6in , Jones 84.5in!! There isnt as big a difference between Silva and GSP as there would be between Silva and Jones. As for weight Jones would probably be 225lbs or so for a fight with Silva and Silva would be 202 or 203lbs. As for strength Silva has never been a fighter who tries to overpower his opponents so I cant say for sure if he would be stronger than GSP. There would definitely be a big strength disadvantage for Silva however if he were to fight Jones. And finally height 6ft 2in for Silva and 5ft 10 for GSP, I dont think that is a game changer to be honest. Did you research anything before you started typing???

        • macgrubber

          “GSP 76in, Silva 77.6in”

          if you dont think this is that big of an advantage then its easy to see you sir have never stepped in the squared circle before. Moron.

          • KBEsq

            Are you joking? That literally means he has a little more than half an inch on each arm. That’s NOT a big advantage. It’s negligible.

            Honestly, those stats the list are a joke too. Other than weight, I don’t think they carefully measure these guys at all. Chuck Lidell is listed as 6’1″. Let me tell you something, Lidell is much taller than that. I see discrepancies like that all the time. I bet you if they measured the reach again, it would come up differently.

          • ToxicDLA

            Totally agree with KBEsq on this. Especially the part about inaccurate measurements. Like Leonard Garcia being listed as 5’10” and Roger Huerta being listed as 5’9″ but obviously WAAAAYY bigger than Garcia. I know, old example, but it’s the first one that comes to mind.

    • The issue I have with GSP getting the shot, is that he’s boring. No doubting that he’s great; but he’s not compelling as a fighter. And don’t give me the “I don’t get it” argument. To be up there with Silva, Jones, etc. you have to try and finish fights.

    • rsnowbass

      Agreed on everything stated but after a absense this long for GSP and coing off a serious injury, I’d say GSP needs at least one more fight after he decisions Condit to get back to pace and form before Anderson Silva…

    • somecokehead

      GSP should take the fight for the pay day … tap from the first punch and laugh at Dana and all the fans who want to see him get knocked out. Then retire and say fuk the ufc. Sonnen vs anyone is boring. all sonnen does is talk. u sound like a punk.

      • KBEsq

        Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. GSP probably has at least 15 fights in him, in which he will make six figures every fight, along with endorsements/bonuses, etc.

        He should take one money fight, and quit after. As another poster said in another story, your name says it all.

  • oh please…this fight isnt happening…GSP (should he beat Condit) will fight the winner of Hendricks/Kampmann…by the time that fight plays out, Nick Diaz will return and eventually get his shot at GSP (assuming hes still champ)…Anderson will sit out until Bisping/Stann and Belfort/Belcher plays out and one of those winners will fight Weidman for next MW title shot…its more likely that Shogun will drop to MW if he loses to Gustaffson or Evans will drop to MW…those fights are more likely to materialize then any “superfight” w/ GSP or Bones…these “superfights” are just fanatasy fights that arent ever gonna actually happen…

    • Your right on point. Real smart fan you are. The only thing is that the GSP vs Silva fight needs to happen now and maybe UFC is realizing it. The longer they wait brings more of a chance to lose out on big money. In other words stop freaking teasing us with this fight lol.

      • MrAdidas

        Why does this fight need to happen?!? One much bigger fighter vs. a much smaller fighter. You must be a Silva fan, b/c I dont see you asking/wanting for a Silva vs. Jones fight, b/c we all know what happens in that fight & Silva certainly knows whats going to happen.

        You don’t find it funny that Silva only wants to fight smaller fighters, which is why he stays @ MW the worst division in all of MMA/UFC. I also find it funny that Silva fans fail to remember when Lyoto was Champ, Silva said that – that was the main reason he didn’t want to move up, then Lyoto loses, & Jon Jones OWNS Rua, so Silva realises Jones is a little bigger than he is, so Silva sticks to fighting mostly smaller B level fighters. Yeah that sure sounds like a guy who should be GOAT, fights BUMS in the worst division, while he should be fighting @ LHW!!! WOW that’s so impressive. YAWN!

        Not a BJ Penn fan, but @ least he had the balls to fight people his own size & bigger. While Silva fights guys like … Leben, Cote, Maia, Leites, Luter, Vitor who’s “washed up”/mr bandaid who fought Silva after being out for 18+ months, Okami/overrated, Forrest & Irvin – NONE of those fighters are world class fighters, not even close. Vitor WAS a stud years ago & Forrest beat a 1 dimensional Champ/Rampage who also sucks. Whats funny, is that Sonnen was a “bum” b4 he fought Silva, everyone thought Silva was going to KO Sonnen in the 1st. Not sure what’s so “impressive” about Silva’s competition, or lack thereof. Not een close to the skilled fighters GSP, Jones, Dos Santos or Edgar (when he was Champ & SHOULD be Champ) fought.

        • Triggerman99

          LOL! This guy is hysterical!

          He continues to play the size advantage card when it comes to why GSP shouldn’t have to fight Silva, then goes on a tirade about how Silva needs to move to LHW to fight BIGGER FIGHTERS.

          If you’re gonna be biased and hate on Silva, at least try and do a little better job hiding it.

          • RonnieV

            Adidas is clueless, and doesn’t want to see his man crush GSP get punched in the face. GSP actually gets up to 205 between fights, and has trained regularly with light heavyweights & middleweights. His regular training partners at Grudge a couple years ago were Nate Marquardt and Rashad Evans. He even rolled with Jone Jones, and a couple lighter heavyweights. Silva is definitely not too big for GSP. The only thing you guys are forgetting, is that GSP hasn’t fought in 16 months, and his last fight he looked like crap. I doubt he gets past Condit, and he still has unfinished business with Nick Diaz (who is just as tall as Silva). This fight will never happen, and if it does, Silva TKO’s him in the 2nd round.

          • leotrong

            silva is six two 220 as big as any LHW GSP is five eight

        • Reel_Sports_Fan

          I am with you on the level of competition, or lack there of, Anderson Silva has always faced to maintain his so called best of all time status. There is no doubt he is one of the greatest fighters in all of MMA. We all know his ability, but the MW division has never been on par with the quality of fighters as the other divisions. Im only knocking Silva because if you want to be the best you, or act like you are, you have to beat the best. It has always been known he is more naturally suited to fight at LW but chooses to fight at MW. The superfight with GSP has always been extremely intriguing, but as stated above fighting Jon Jones just makes more sense. Analysts have called GSP a smaller WW since he usually only drops a few lbs to make weight, which is why he wants to stay at MW if he does fight Silva. He doesn’t want to lose his speed and explosiveness by constantly changing weight. Anyways back to Jon Jones, the match up as far as size goes is similar and would prove to be more exciting, since GSP would be looking for take down and control. I don’t honestly don’t know who would win this fight and that’s what makes it so awesome because I don’t think anyone does. For Silva, win or lose, it would cement his status as the greatest of all time. It would also be a huge step for Jones eventually setting up fights for him in the HW division.

          • Triggerman99

            I’m not saying this to be a d!ck to you, but there are at least 4 completely incorrect statements/opinions in your post.
            -What analysts said GSP was a small WW?

            -What do you mean Silva is “more suited to fight at LHW”? He makes weight easily every time at MW, so that’s where he should fight.

            -How are Silva and Jones closer in size than Silva and GSP? Jones is a very big LHW. Just watch any of his fights and tell me it doesn’t like he’s in a different weight class than his opponents. And that’s against other LHWs!

            -How would fighting Silva help Jones in getting set up for a HW fight? I don’t think I need to explain why that doesn’t make any sense.

          • Reel_Sports_Fan


            That is one article straight from the mouth of Firas Zahabi one of the best trainers in the world GSP’s as well. This was one of a few articles I found stating he is a smaller WW.

            As far as Silva being suited to fight at LHW, he walks around at 220, so the only time he actually is 185 is when he gets weighed. Then he gains 10-15 lbs of fluid and food by the fight, which is easier for him because of size. These signs all point to it being easier for him to be stronger and healthier at 205.

            I agree Jones is a big LHW but when I say similar in size I mean the way Anderson silva fights. He uses his legnth to keep people away. Jon Jones is long as well and therefore better suited to deal with him than anyone else. He is also only 2 inches taller than Silva. GSP is 4 inches shorter than Silva.

            By Silva fighting Jones, he will realize he should man up and move up a weight class as well. It’s like they are men fighting boys, it’s just unfair.

        • rsnowbass

          Mrs.Adidas again. Holier than thou. His word is the only truth. No one reads your 5 paragraph drunken rants…

          My response for you Mrs…above

        • KBEsq

          I love when people says Silva sucks. It’s just so funny to me. People like you always list the same fighters to ‘prove’ he sucks, too, excluding all the great fighters he’s fought and beat. I’ve got news for you, Belfort is not washed up. Belfort is beating tough, young guys right now. Saying Okami is overrated is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. According to pretty much anyone who knows anything about MMA, Okami would make a list of the most underrated fighters. Silva also beat Sonnen twice, and the only reason people might say Sonnen sucks is because Silva beat him. Do you see the circular reasoning there?

          He also beat Henderson and Maia, who are two great fighters. By the way, do you think it’s just a coincidence that you think the worst division in the UFC is the division with the most dominant champ? Did you ever think that it LOOKS like the worst division because Silva dominates everyone; not the other way around.

        • I think you’re right this fight is total advantage for Silva.He’s 35 lb heavier walk around then GSP and GSP isn’t even a big Welter Weight he’s average that he could fight 155.Here’s a fact GSP is the same walk around weight as Benson Henderson and Gray Maynard!I used to really liked Spider but lately I really think he’s a Bully!Just look at the other Day:Sonnen and Weidman both offered to fight Jones,than Silva did make himself look stupid saying he’ll fight any 205-er but Jones WTF is that.Than at the Sonnen fight he was clearly Greasing HIMSELF and was totally holding shorts and shit IDK although I can’t stand Sonnan and was rooting for Anderson,it was totally low class shit!Than finally the fact that he’s associate himself with Seagal,who’s a known Bully,Liar and Woman Beater,it’s just unbelievable!GSP is always respectful and I think there’s a chance that he can shock the MMA world and Submit Silva.Don’t forget Silva been beaten by smaller but smart ,Intelligent fighters in Pride!!!

    • Sadly I think you may be right. No doubt GSP will beat Condit, but it just seems something always comes up to make the superfight not happen.

      If it does happen it would be incredibly difficult to choose a winner. I would have to lean towards Silva, but too many people here are counting out GSP.

  • this is going to be the fight of the century if it is in the magical cards.. I’m a sylva fan but with GSP in there will make it hard for me to decided ,,, KEWL BEANS & CODOS TO MR. WHITE FOR SETTING THIS UP …. mg…..

    • MrAdidas

      Im a GSP fan, but you don’t got to worry about this fight being anything more than a 1 sided beat down. GSP is way too small, & Silva has the size, strength & reach advantage. Not much of an “even” fight if you ask me, not like Jones vs. Silva would be. But I forgot, Silva doesnt fight people his own size & especially not people bigger than him, especially if they have the reach advantage of him.

      Silva vs. Jones is THE fight people should want to see, b/c that fight would last much longer & neither fighter has much of an advantage over the other.

      • MikeMc1983

        Are you saying that silva is nearly the same size as jones? Hmmm…

        • Triggerman99

          No, he’s saying its not fair to force GSP to fight a bigger fighter, but it is fair to make Silva do it.

          It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?!

  • Iamrozylo

    This subject was cool 2 years ago.

  • MaritalArtist

    I’d love to see this fight. I like condit, but I hope GSP barely decisions him, so I can see this fight. I also would like to see sonnen fight him too, and bones and a sonnen/silva III as well. While we’re at it, how about big country vs bones. Ah, so many fights, so little time….

  • Triggerman99

    I’m so tired of hearing about this fight possibly maybe probably potentially eventually happening.
    When we have pen to paper on a contract, let me know. Until then, stop telling us about the possiblity.

    • worldchamp

      Thanks for beating me to this exact post. It will never happen, but Dana is just dangling it out there like the douche bag he is!

      Well, I may, might, possibly, perhaps, be interested in the fight that could, potentially, or eventually take place. Even though I still say Dana has no plans on ever making it happen!!

  • JRod

    It sounds cool, but Anderson is HUGE compared to GSP. Not dogging Georges in any way (he’s a beast), but I don’t think he could cope with Anderson’s size and strength. Silva could easily fight at 205, and that’s something you can’t say for GSP.
    Looks cool in concept, but it won’t happen IMO.

  • adam1848

    I think the fight will happen. Neither one of these guys can pass up the opportunity to make in one fight more money than most fighters will make in their career. We all know this would be the biggest fight in the history of the sport, and that means serious cash. Silva has indeed “shown cracks in his armor” and it is his take down defense. GSP is unarguably the best take down artist in MMA history. I see this fight going exactly like Silva v Sonnen 1, except GSP won’t get caught in a triangle. He will lay on Anderson for 25 minutes and grind. And if he gets knocked out, he loses nothing, because he is a welter who got beat by a middle weight. In my opinion, the guy moving up has nothing to lose. All of the pressure will be on Silva. Anderson knows he only has a couple fights left, and I imagine he wants to make them as lucrative as possible. GSP v Silva probably gets twice the PPV revenue as Silva v any MW.

  • worldchamp

    Don’t you think GSP will face Diaz before Dana ever even begins thinking about him fighting Silva? Then we get to hear, “If he beats Diaz we can set up the fight with Silva”. Then it will be another fighter before Silva. Silva will be long retired by then. Dana is full of ****!

  • trevor

    If GSP wants the fight (and is not being bullied into it) give it to him wherever he feels comfortable. I think he is the best fighter in the UFC (pre-injury that is) and it remains to be seen what comes next. For Anderson this is a lame fight, beating everyone in your division and then some heavier and wanting to drop weight to fight smaller guys? What’s the point? I would love to see GSP clean him up but the fight is clearly Anderson’s to lose.

    • Triggerman99

      Well the problem with saying GSP should get the fight “wherever he feels comfotable” is that he feels most comfortable at 170. Silva can’t make 170.
      I think its actually a lose-lose for Silva to take this fight. He’s already the top pound-for-pound fighter in most most people’s eyes (obviously that’s not fact, but majority opinion), so what’s the benefit of fighting the WW champ? If GSP were to win, he’d take the top P4P spot without a doubt. If Silva wins, he was supposed to, and is still top P4P.

      I would rather just watch Silva retire as the greatest MW champ ever. We have the rest of our lives to debate whether or not he is the P4P greatest ever.

      • spacinjangler

        Silva used to fight at 160, if I’m not mistaken… I bet he could do 170. If he did, that would mean belt implications that probably no one wants to mess with.

        A catch weight would make more sense.

        Extremely high risk for both fighters. For GSP because I think the odds are against him. For Silva because, as you said, he’s got more to lose in terms of his legacy – the risk of losing to a smaller guy.

        • Triggerman99

          I never heard of him fighting at 160. Maybe when he was real young? I think he fought Okami the first time at like 176.

          I don’t think he could make 170. Maybe when he was younger, but probably not now. Even if he did, one would have to wonder if such a massive weight cut took too much out of him and put him at a big disadvantage.

          See, this is why superfights are so damn tricky! LOL

  • stevemcz11

    I think GSP will go to MW if Silva cant make WW. He has been saying for years that he would like to fight Silva and was always getting bigger with the intention of fighting Silva eventually. Whatever way they do it this fight will be great.
    Also every fight is lose lose when your top p4p. The difference here is if GSP comes back at full strength then they are both arguably top p4p and this fight is the only non lose lose situation either fighter can opt for.

  • spacinjangler

    I don’t fully understand this fight… I mean, I understand that they are two greats, and that fighting each other would be a perhaps unprecedented draw… I just think that it’s not an even match. I’ve heard it said that all other things being equal, the bigger man wins. Unless they plan to do a catch weight, I think Anderson has a size and more importantly a reach advantage.

    I think of Wanderlei Silva going up to fight guys like Mark Hunt and Mirko Crocop and being outclassed Yes, I recall that Wandy weighed as much or more than Mirko that night… but I think Mirko had the bigger frame and height advantage. Was that good for his career? I’m sure GSP could easily match Silva for weight, but I see the same risks for him.

    I could be wrong though. And yes, I would watch that fight…

    If I had things my way, if Anderson fights GSP, and particularly if he wins, he should take the same risk GSP takes, and try taking on Bones…

  • ThePilot

    GSP is a lot smaller than Silva, probably the reason Silva supposedly wants to fight him. If Silva still refuses to fight any more LHW’s then I would love someone good like Evans to come down to MW and fight him! As for GSP he has Condit then Kampmann/Hendricks then Diaz(if he’s good enough to beat a couple of guys).

  • pooby

    GSP doesn’t want this fight and I don’t think DW wants it either.

    Imagine, GSP, one of the UFC’s superstars get humiliated by Silva. Silva then retires…..

    That leaves only Jones as the big name in the UFC.

    (I know, Cruz, Aldo, and JDS are badasses, but they don’t sell like the other guys.)

  • Omg I’m loving the comments on here. And I mean that in a good way. I love fans talking. But anyway, who cares if GSP is smaller. Everyone can’t be as big as Silva. Silva even said he would cut down to meet him. That fight is more about GSP then Silva. Thats why I’m saying don’t count out GSP. And Silva and Jones would be nice but that about everyone saying JJ needs to go up to HW and fight guys. Silva already went up to LHW and took out two guys via stoppage. I’m pretty sure Anderson isn’t afriad to fight anybody in the world.

  • slydog

    I really think GSP would outclass AS. His wrestling is more explossive than Sonnen and so is his striking. His submission defense is top notch and so is his GnP which would all play against AS weaknesses – the way Sonnen did the first time. GSP can also evade AS striking alot more than Sonnen. He would close the gap very easily with bob, jab, explode then would probably not finish him but would control him the entire time.

    That is ALL if GSP comes in to win a strategic fight using his tools and get silly the way Sonnen did.

  • stevemcz11

    No way im counting GSP out. Both of these guys are more dangerous than anybody either of them have ever faced.

  • dgs

    Silva cuts a good bit of weight to make 185, he could easily fight at 205 (and has done so successfully). There is no way I see him making 178 and being healthy in the process.

    I do believe GSP cuts a good bit to get to 170, so in a fight with Silva he wouldn’t need to cut any weight at 185 (or very little weight, as I understand GSP walks around at 190). Still, he will be the smaller fighter in this fight come fight time by at least 10 or so pounds, probably more.

    If Jones beats Henderson, I would MUCH rather see a fight with him and Silva at 205. In my opinion, it’s a much more interesting, exciting fight, and more fair in regards to weight differences.

  • Triggerman99

    Does anybody actually know- for sure- what these 3 guys actually weigh in their off time?

    Because all we’re doing here is saying “GSP weighs this and Silva weighs that, so they should fight because they’re closer in weight” and “Silva weighs this and Jones weighs that, so they should fight because they’re closer in weight”.
    I got a better idea;

    I think GSP should fight Ben Henderson, because Henderson’s neighbor’s cousin’s best friend told me that he walks around at 175, so it would be a fair fight because he doesn’t have to cut much weight. If Henderson doesn’t take the fight, he’s scared.

    • stevemcz11

      Unfortunately your neighbour could be right. All anyone else knows is the weight during the official weigh ins. But usually they are pretty close to what they were before they start the weight cut

  • Drock420

    Yeah most of these guys like gsp anderson and now jon are having long winning streaks. And people get excited because they want to see them win or would like to see if people can upset them. I think that the UFC is at least smart enough to know that if they put them against each other and those guys lose the UFC will lose a lot of money because it will lose star power. Honestly would anyone be as excited to see andersons next fight if he just lost to gsp or vice versa. UFC is greedy and will not risk losing business by giving the fans what they want and making superfights. The may make Silva and GSP because silva may be retiring soon and gsp has been inactive and last fights werent as excited. But silva and JONes there is no way in hell. Theyre gonna make Jones the Floyd Mayweather of MMA

  • Triggerman99

    OK, I just read a quote from Firas Zahabi (GSP’s trainer) from before the Sheilds fight where he says that GSP walks around at 194 pounds, and on fight day, he’s still upwards of 190. So let’s go ahead drop the idea that GSP isn’t big enough to fight at MW.

    To be fair, I couldn’t find an actual quote (lots of opinions, but no actual quotes from anyone who actually knows) regarding what weight Jones or Silva walk around at.
    But my point is this;
    GSP at 190 vs Silva in a MW bout is not that big of an issue. Silva doesn’t look like he cuts a lot of weight (not super-ripped or drawn-out looking at the weigh-ins), so I can’t imagine he’s any bigger than 195-200lbs on fight day.

  • luckyshot316

    It won’t happen because Pierre will be hurt again after this fight take another 20 months or so off. Silva will take time off just like he did after the Sonnen fight (In which he had an extended layoff before that fight I believe.) So Bring Diaz back have him fight Silva at a catch weight or fight Wiedman at natural weight. That should be able time for them both to have their lay offs out of the way….Better yet…..Stop letting fighters take more then 45 days off….If you are losing focus then relinquish the belt and stop holding up divisions….this is getting ridiculous…Pierre hurt, Silva taking time are causing fighters that are on a roll to sit and wait like Condit….Once you regain focus….come back and fight for your title

    • MikeMc1983

      Fighters shouldn’t get more than 45 days off? Very rarely does a fight fight within 2 months of his last fight. (roughly 60 days if you were not aware.)
      The ideal in the industry is fighting every 3 months. (90 days)
      Champions seem to fight a little less for whatever reason. They’re closer to 2-3 times a year.

      People keep mentioning Diaz fighting silva and Gsp. You guys do recall he lost his last fight right? As well as getting suspended for that event. If a guy was going to get a title fight coming off a loss it would have to be someone better than him. He’s no more than a 2/1 favorite against any contender in either weight class, and an underdog to quite a few of them as well. So if people are trying to assume he’d come back, beat a contender, and then get a title shot, they’re getting way, way, ahead of themselves.
      Just imagine how bad Diaz fans would feel if he got matched up with someone like Vitor… It wouldn’t be pretty.

    • shereko

      45 days off… Umm please get informed before posting. Most of the suspensions just for a laceration is 60 days, heck most recent Meisha Tate is suspended after winning was 45 days, with no contact for 30, so how would they have a camp? Most camps are almost 9-12 weeks ideally, which you’re talking about champions, they get what is ideal. Perk of being a champion. Remember they can call shots, go ahead and say “Well fire them then if they don’t want the fight” … ok whats the UFC without its champions? Fire all them you fire the earning power too. Things are the way they are for a reason.

    • luckyshot316

      Sorry I didn’t specify. I meant 45 days of from final fight to start of next training camp… apologies. THis would give 6 weeks for heal time…..Diaz lost the last fight on record but this would still be a fight that many people would love to see….Thats another good idea for a fight that you mention Belfort vs Diaz…..but like the rest of you I have my money on Belfort.
      The fact of the post remains the same….THe lengthy layoffs hold up divisions…No one can dispute this logic….Interim titles need to be used more frequently.

  • MikeMc1983

    It never ceases to amaze me how people act as if a guy like silva is “scared” to fight people. With that talent comes quite a bit of arrogance.

    The other one that’s odd is how people act as if Gsp isn’t a big ww. Gsp isn’t fighting anyone bigger than he is either.
    Silva has fought two pretty large mw in rich Franklin and okami. Not to mention Forrest and Irving at lhw. Both those guys are large 205ers.

    I can’t recal which fight it was, but I do recall silva defending his title and weighing in somewhere around 180lbs. It was quite a few fights ago. Rogan said during the broadcast that silva came in lighter because he wanted to see if he could make 170lbs. That certainly does not matter now. It’s not as if at 37 he’s capable of doing the same thing. It was odd to see a champ come into a fight so far under weight though. Don’t see that often.
    It is interesting that people act as if he’s massive, and he’s never came close to having weight issues.

    Jones however is a pretty big guy for weight class. People keep mentioning silvas reach advantage. It’s not as if his reach is longer than everyone’s in the weight class above him.

    I’ll go so far as to say that there’s a bigger size difference between silva and jones, than there is between silva and Gsp.

    I don’t consider myself a fan of any of the fighters. I’d love to see both fights. Hell, throw them all in together and have a triple threat match wwe style. I’d love to watch any of them.

    Again, I’m not a fan, but I’ve learned to not count Anderson out of any fight. Is silva got in there with dos santos I wouldn’t bet money against him. There’s just no smart money going against Anderson.

    I’m now done writing this book.

    • Triggerman99

      Thank you for taking the time to write, as I agree with everything you said, but am too lazy to write it all out like that.

  • Seena

    I’m an MMA fiend so I read every argument and some people are delusional. My name is Seena and I train at monster gym where GSP comes to train for his boxing with the Grant brothers. GSP has NEVER weighed over 190 pounds or at least that is what he tells his trainers. Anderson Silva has fought at a 170 pounds in the past when he was in pride but im not saying he can make that weight now because he’s older and it’s been a while. I’ve seen GSP destroy patrick cote in the gym and other heavier fighters that I won’t mention. I think GSP should move up to 185 and fight for the belt, try to beat anderson silva and go down as the P4P GOAT. I might be bias but I see GSP manhandling Anderson Silva for 5 rounds on the ground and maybe getting a submission in the 3rd to 5th round

    • shereko

      Well, I would say you are biased, but nothing wrong with that… I do agree, and thats what I’m saying is that GSP keeps himself in great shape even outside of camp. Silva likes to eat, and likes salty/carb food. Funniest fact between the two is they say that big macs are their favorite food… difference is GSP stopped eating them unless very rare occasions, Anderson will still eat them outside of camp.

    • shereko

      also on your prediction… respectfully, GSP couldn’t submit Dan Hardy, or finish Kos, how is he going to submit Silva? He might out point him and control the fight, thats the only intelligent prediction in his favor.

  • shereko

    Anthony Johnson apparently still weighs around 200 pounds after dieting, and attempts to lose a massive 30 pounds (or 17.6% on top of the 170 pound limit) during the equilibrium changing and sweating phases.

    In any case, the key weight to keep in mind when making fighter size comparisons is the fighter’s weight right before the equilibrium changing phase, not his weight before dieting.

    Divide that weight by his weight by his weight class, and you’ll get a neat little standardized number that is actually useful for comparing how big a fighter is in comparison to other UFC fighters.

    For Example, Anthony Johnson’s is around 1.1765, while St. Pierre’s is around 1.1294, and Sam Stout’s is around 1.0968.

    When considering it this way, you’ll find that Anderson Silva isn’t actually the giant middleweight he’s made out to be, and that all the fuss over him being a light heavyweight masquerading as middleweight is a simple matter of people complaining about him being too good for his division.

    Let us punish him for his excellence and make him go up in weight to fight against guys who can walk around at 250 pounds or more. (Not than Silva can’t handle it.)

  • i think we have to wait to see how gsp fights agains condit before we talk abaut him and silva;) why not make silva fight Weidman in the begining of next year and if gsp and silva wins make the fight and get it over with;) silva vs jones will never happen;)

  • mma fanatic1982

    idc about the hieght or reach advantage lol whoppdy doo jones has that on every fighter, but to say gsp walks around 205 is a lie!!!!!! he did an interview saying he was talking to nate m. telling him he weighs around 190 like him (gsp) and he should cut to ww and fight. gsp walks 190!!!! silva walks around 220 coming from his own mouth when he was goint to fight irvin in lwh!!! thats a 30 pound diff!!! jones just did a interview if u read it on this site, saying he walks around 225-230!!! thats only 10 pounds diff at most, but yall act like jones out weighs silva like silva out weighs gsp, nope not even close! silva is scared of losing his record of goat so he wont fight jones, but he knows gsp is smaller and wont have the strength to wrestle or anything to harm him!!!! stop saying gsp silva weights is the same as jones silva. silva is right there with jones weight!!!!! do.realsearch before!!!!!

    • shereko

      You do the research I posted it right above yours… there is difference in “walking around weight”… throw all the !!!!!!!!!!!! around it you want, doesn’t help your point. Science and your hatred of a fighter are 2 different things. Jones also said he didn’t want that fight either. So throw MMA around your name… it doesn’t mean s#!+… If someone carrys around more fat routinely that means they are a lot bigger with the same body fat? lol ok.

  • mma fanatic1982

    ofcourse your right lol anderson is not a big mw, thats y dana said he is big mw, and thats y when he fought at 205 twice he looked fat and smaller than his opp haha. plz, he didnt look fat or out of shape either time, anderson is a big guy. these guys train all yr , they just dont cut cut till the fight is schelduled, but they not fat nor out of shape. i train and we have fighters that fight in our gym, and we train everyday and in shape lol we dont just sit on our butts and get fat till a couple mnths befor a fight! money says u dont train and never have, and never been around a mma place! yeah i say what i want cause i live it and know what im talking about. u.just a silva fan boy! if its so unfair to.silva to have to fight jones when they weigh the same, then how is it not fair to gsp when hes 30 pounds lighter everyday!

    • Triggerman99

      Just because you have been around “an mma place” doesn’t mean your opinion trumps anyone else’s. I’ve been there too, bro, and it doesn’t change the fact that Jones is a lot bigger than Silva. He just is. You can pick and choose little partial facts all you want, but all you really have to do is perform a google image search of “Anderson Silva and Jon Jones side by side” and you will see with your own eyes how huge Jones is next to Silva.
      Saying Silva is much bigger than GSP, and then saying Silva and Jones are the same size is ridiculous.

  • shereko

    Who said anyone was fat?? Apparently you have this personal issue with that… but, I said he carrys more body fat than GSP… which so does about 99.9% of society. Also, with that is more water weight, which is in the cutting phase drops around 15-20lbs… but you know this because you “live it” haha ok. And because I state facts then I’m a fanboy. Ok, I see that you’re quite articulate and don’t actually read since you’re always “training”… Not sure how its hard to believe what you say because, well yes I do/have trained and nobody I know thats any good talks with the arrogance like you do because if you’re good, you don’t have too. So with that being insinuated… lol just because you were a jv wrestler in high school, and went to a dan gable seminar, and one drunken night found yourself cuddling up to your Chael Sonnen poster, don’t give you reason to be all high and mighty and think you’re the all knowing. Since you know so much, please… educate my ignorant mind:

    1. If Silva walks around at 230lbs, why does he never have issue making weight, including times he’s weighted in under 184, yet Jones weighs in very close on day of?

    2. Please educate me more and tell me where Dana said that Silva is a big MW? I mean you’re a big shot and all I assume he’s on your speed dial if you can’t find the article.

    As I stated: the key weight to keep in mind when making fighter size comparisons is the fighter’s weight right before the equilibrium changing phase, not his weight before dieting.

    Divide that weight by his weight by his weight class, and you’ll get a neat little standardized number that is actually useful for comparing how big a fighter is in comparison to other UFC fighters.

  • First of all,to all these morons who say silva wants gsp becuz hes scared of jones,u dont know what ur talkin about.its jones who said silva is my mentor I wont fight him I have too much to lose.btw,andy went up a weight class & ko’d 2 people.lets see jones go to hw & ko Anybody. If this was still 2006-2009 &andy wanted to continue to clean out the division,hed beat weidmans young ass too.but hes already beat everyone,hes 37 & hes earned the right to pick fights that will pay him the most.who’s chris weidman? What silva is supposed to just stay in the ufc FOREVER to beat up every possible guy that shows just the slightest ounce of skill? Bs! Hes been the most dominate fighter in ufc history,hes just all of a sudden scared of chris nobody weidman? I dont think anderson silva is scared of any fucking man alive on this planet. Hes done the work to pick whatever fights he wants now. Hes been the most beautiful fighter in mma history as far as deadly skill,and we wont have it too much longer.we should as true fight fans be glad we were alive to see the spider do his thing.if people out there dont like it,but on the gloves & fight urself. Silva is king & im happy that I get to see him fight whoever else he decides to fight. Quit hating hes the GOAT!

  • shereko

    How about Jones fighting 6’4″…-JDS- 6’4″ 239??

  • Triggerman99

    No, no, no….see, that won’t work, because it doesn’t involve Anderson Silva possibly losing, so people won’t be satisfied with that fight at all. That’s what this is all about, after all!

    • shereko

      HAHAHA 🙂

  • mma fanatic1982

    if i was arrogant i sincere apoligize! i am not a master at mma lol it was just my opinion but im human and sometimes too nice angry passioniate etc. we have diff opinions so i will just say that either way somebody gets screwed between silva and gsp. i agree with the ppl that think silva shouldnt have to cut to 178 for gsp, but thats only cause i believe he is a BIG mw and cuts alot already, so him cutting almost another 10 pounds to get lighter than 185 i think will take too much a toll on his body and leave him dehydrated and WEAKLY fight night. that being said bc i think silva is a big guy, i think gsp is at a disadvantage if he goes up a whole weight class to fight a big mw with great great skill. size makes a diff when.u dealing with greatness like gsp, silva, jones. its one thing to jump up.and beat a elite fighter in another diivision but its another to try to beat someone whos equal at your level and bigger than u. silva gsp and jones are rare breeds of greatness, gsp cant beat silva, silva cant beat jones, not cause gsp sucks or silva sucks, just simply bc they r so great and even in skills that the weight will be a factor. if im as equally skilled as “bob” but bob has 20 pounds on me then i will lose. if u have a great phenom like gsp againt a heavier but not equally skilled opp then gsp can win cause his superior skill can make up.for the weight the other guy dont have this skill to use. just my opinion. the days of small guys like royce beating big guys are over, they didnt have the knowledge or skill to defeat royce, but know the knowledge is out and the training is better. just leave the guys alone, let silva be goat of mw, gsp of ww, jones of lhw. one shouldnt have to give up an advantage to the other just to prove themselves. if u want to rate against eachither than do it by there comp wins lol like college football. i will give my OPINION, i really dislike jones over most, but even though i cant stand the dude and praying for hendo to land a blow lol, jones impresses me the most! gsp record and dom is remarkable, so is silvas, but jones is outstanding! jones dom over former champs from ufc pride etc. mostly by finishes is just incredable, and my opinion just beats gsp and silvas list of mostly just top contenders! NOW to the guy up there who said who is weidman and is backing up silvas trash excuse like oh i have more title def than he has fights haha. funny cuz silva only fought once to LEBAN before givin his shot at the belt, and hes going to knock a guy whos foughtin more than Once lol, HYPROCRITE!!!!! just my opinion guys, sorry if i offend anyone god bless everbody!

  • mike