Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson Targeted as First UFC on Fox Main Event

August 24, 2011
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Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson at UFC 82

Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson at UFC 82

Fresh off their recently signed seven-year television deal with Fox, the UFC is believed to be in negotiations with Dan Henderson to have the Strikeforce light heavyweight champion return in a fight against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. The bout would headline the UFC’s inaugural event on the Fox network, which takes place on Nov. 12 in Anaheim, Calif. The bout will be fought at 185 pounds. sources close to the situation confirmed the information, which was originally reported by has also learned that negotiations have reached a point where nearly all has been agreed to for Henderson’s return to the UFC. The major sticking points appear to be the purse for the potential Silva-Henderson showdown, and, of course, the fact that Silva already has another hurdle in front of him.

Silva is currently gearing up for a middleweight title defense against Yushin Okami at UFC 134: Rio on Saturday night. The Silva-Henderson match-up depends on Silva winning his title defense this weekend.

Henderson, in speaking with MMAWeekly Radio last week, explained that he sees himself as a valuable asset and even said that his UFC return would, more than likely, come down to the dollar amount.

“It will probably come down to money, but it’s coming from the same people,” Henderson said. “So, it’s a matter of where they’re going to make the most money off of me as well, and to be able to pay what I’m getting paid, they need to be making money as well.”

The Strikeforce 205-pound champion went on to comment that the biggest fight the Las Vegas-based organization can promote is a title unification bout with whoever the UFC champion is. Unfortunately, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is already scheduled to fight “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 135 in September.

Silva, however, will have over two months to prepare for a Nov. 12 match-up after fighting this Saturday. The timing might be right enough for him and Henderson to meet in Anaheim on broadcast television. will continue to follow up on this story as more information becomes available.

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  • phrankthetank

    That could be a great rematch, hendo seems to have hit his stride lately, cutting back to middleweight could throw him off though (case and point – Jake shields)

  • judo johnson

    That would be awesome if HENDO could catch him with the BIG right!!!! i just dont see HENDO winning this one, i hope i am wrong

  • bajafox

    This fight should have happened before Hendo went to Strikeforce…

    I think the time in between, with age and going down to 185, the outcome will probably be the same. Still, I hope Hendo does land a right and lights out for Silva

  • WanderleiSilva

    Wow! Horrible fight for hendo, HORRIBLE!

    Why should he have to fight at MW again?! He sucks at that weight. I mean he can still beat the majority of MW’s, but against the very elite he gasses, looks weaker and seems to fade mentally. Its the age and the weight cut. They should have this fight at LHW honestly. Hendo plz dont ruin your legacy just for the $$$. Just wwait for Jon and Rampage (and rashad sadly) to finish their business

    • WanderleiSilva

      IMO Hendo should fight Shogun IF shogun beats Griffin. Then the winner gets the next shot. Honestly thats an awesome matchup, when they were in Pride many talked of this fight, especially after Hendo KO’d Wanderlei. I wanna see this fight, and dont wanna see an old weakened weightcutted Hendo gassing and getting Subbed by Silva. NO WAY

  • j-k-martin

    Perfect first network bout.

  • This is too good to be true. It has to be some kind of sick joke by MMAWeekly. Curse you, Erik Fontanez!

  • b-soc

    I have no interest in seeing Dan at 185 anymore, and the match up is BS. Dan lost his last fight at 185. He’s a 205er. He’ll have difficulty again with that cut, and he’ll get destroyed again.

    I see a number of people wishing for Hendo to land that right hand, but Silva is just too good a striker to get caught by that shot.

    • WanderleiSilva


    • phrankthetank

      Sonnen and even Cote caught silva with heavy rights. With the way hendo is throwin it these days, and the way silva seems to disrespect the striking of other fighters, I dunno, it’s possible, I just think the weight cut is what takes too much out of him

  • Mario

    This is stupid.

    So, what happens if Anderson Silva is dethroned by Okami?

    Nevermind then?


    People shouldn’t get ahead of themselves.

    I guess we can all kiss Silva vs GSP goodbye!

    That fight ain’t happenin’ anymore!

  • shakejunt

    Who has Dan beat in the past 2 years that warrants him a fight with Silva?

    • somecokehead


  • Bob

    Hendo’s last fight at 185 he lost to a 170 fighter!

    But Hendo has a punchers chance- but then again everyone has a punchers chance.

  • Unador

    This is a bad match up for Hendo. It is starting to sound to me that Hendo is winding up to retire, could care less about match ups and victories. His main goal seems to be to score a fat paycheck for a title unification bout at 205. Or a big check for a main event rematch against Silva. Both of which I disagree with.
    Strikeforce has consistently been not much more than triple A baseball. I know Dan has the belt at 205. IMO that should let him walk in to a contender fight, and then a title shot. If not two contender fights. It doesn’t seem fair to the other UFC fighters or justifiable to the Fans. We got guys fighting the cream of the crop in the UFC waiting for a title shot, only to be put on hold to let the SF LHW champion get a UFC title shot.
    When we all know, the SF LHW champion fought guys weaker than any of the UFC LHW contenders to get the SF belt. It is arguable that several of the top lhw contenders could have beat everyone hendo beat to get the SF belt also.
    I just think jumping to a title shot, like Diaz vs GSP is an offense against present UFC fighters that sacrificed fame and fortune from a smaller circuit to compete in the UFC and make a title run.
    Basically, what the UFC is saying is that, when they call you to the bigs, your better off staying in a smaller circiut, beating a bunch of no talent hacks so you can get the belt, which will catapult you passed any present contenders straight into a title fight with the UFC and a fat check.

  • BigGuy

    Henderson should not be fighting at that weight any more. This is simple: Silva will beat Henderson.

  • armando

    why wont silva come to cali