Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman II Targeted for UFC 168; Rousey vs. Tate Could Get Pushed Back

July 8, 2013
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Anderson-Silva-Chris-Weidman-UFC-162-weigh-1-478x270Heading into UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman on Saturday, UFC president Dana White said if Anderson Silva lost to Chris Weidman that there would be an immediate rematch.  He said it would be a “no brainer.”

Weidman ended Silva’s record streak of 10 successful UFC middleweight title defenses with two left hands and follow-up punches on the ground early in the second round.

On Monday, White told Los Angeles Times reporter Lance Pugmire that he’s excited for the rematch and is considering making it the UFC 168 headliner on Dec. 28 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is scheduled to rematch Miesha Tate on the UFC 168 fight card, but White said he’s considering moving that fight to Super Bowl weekend and replacing it with Silva vs. Weidman II. White believes the rematch between Weidman and Silva would be the biggest fight in UFC history.

Weidman offered Silva a rematch during his post-fight interview with commentator Joe Rogan.

“I just have to say all respect to Anderson Silva,” said Weidman. “I’ll give him an immediate rematch if he wants to do it.”

A rematch hinges on whether or not Silva wants it, something he said he did not immediately following his first UFC defeat.

“Chris is the champion now,” said Silva. “I finish my work. I no more fight for the belt. I fight for the belt for a long time. I’m tired.”

During the post-fight press conference, Silva pulled back on his comments, leaving the door cracked for a possible rematch.

“I want to take some time off and maybe three to four months, think about what I want to do. Really, right now, I can’t think about (a rematch),” Silva explained. “I just want to take some time off, go home, and think about everything and be alone.

“There’s a lot of pressure in defending this title. I defended it for a long time, so I need some time to myself.”

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  • Triggerman99

    So Dana’s starting to shuffle fight cards and targeting a date for a fight that he can’t even make yet?

    • Manuel Lopez

      Deep down Dana’s pissed. In his mind Silva was his Fedor. I always knew that the first man that didn’t buy the hype around Silva was going to beat him. Weidman seemingly came out of nowhere but I kept watch of his rise… He’s smart, young, humble and now the new middleweight champ!

  • insane187288

    Besides the super fights what fight has dana not been able to get? If fedors dad hadnt have died when he did then there would have been a brock fedor fight. The UFC is a huge success and Dana is a big part of it. I really think i knows what he is doing and saying.

    • Chris M

      yea but does silva want the rematch we all know dana does because of the money!

      • bajafox

        Dana could have made more money had he won with his superfights. AS has an automatic rematch, no money involved, it was an automatic

  • Chris M

    silva is moving to light heavy!

  • Tony

    You know, on the “block” or in the school yard, a person who is always fighting or known to be the hardas@, will somtime’s drop his hands down and dare the scared “opponent to be” to hit him. I’m by no means calling AS a bully, but the tactic he uses in most of his fight’s is one in the same. GSP want’s nothing to do with a AS super fight…that being said, what if behind the scenes him being “KO’ed” was just a ploy to draw out the BIG MONEY FIGHT with GSP? (I know i’d let Chris knock me out to wake up with that kind of money) I mean think about the way he draws his opponent’s into his fight….GSP will absolutely not fight an undefeated AS, GOAT, P4P best ever- all the titles. But another human, that can potentially be beat, well that’s another story. I can’t prove this theory but with being able to loose and still make $600k, add in the fact that this is a man that puts his hands down ALL the time and lets guys tee off on him with no effect/ trains and gets hit in face HARD ALL THE TIME… ??? I don’t know that he didn’t throw the fight, with the hopes of getting the biggest fight/ payday of his career. Not to mention what he could get paid to re-match CW, even if ALOT of these guy’s seem like dummies, realize these are businessmen with teams (in some cases) of business savy people helping them. I know Dana knows the truth, BIG-BETTING-BUSINESS for all Vegas big wigs. Who knows

    • JDMMA

      you are an idiot !!!

    • silvas daddy

      So so sad!!!

    • Chuck

      I AGREE! Couldn’t have said it better!

  • Tony


    Obviously, because you said it I guess I have to be. Oh, wait a minute….your a nobody from nowhere just like me, commenting on stuff that doesn’t even pertain to our lives on a website that…..get ready here’s the kicker…… gives a section for readers opinions. Go figure! Your about as sharp as a round rock with the whole idiot name calling thing. Is your vocabulary that weak?? Sucks for you

  • Tony

    silvas daddy

    just out of curiosity, what is so sad? Ill tell you what I think is sad, a person (celebrity status or not) could just throw a rock in the air, tell everybody its a meteor that hit Earth and people actually believe it! I guess there’s a sucker born everyday

  • drkdisciple

    Rematch? last I heard Anderson does not want a rematch

  • james

    Anderson gave it away! Thats it!! Got caught playing! Weidman is not the better fighter and deep down everyone knows it…

    • shakejunt

      deep down your butt is very sore

      • Maddawgmar

        I don’t think it’s deep down. On the surface his butt is extremely sore

    • Baller31

      Even silva said Weidman is the best in the world, or did you miss that?

      • Robwayne Morgan

        “Weidman is the best in the world’ lol thats funny s*** ! i need a good laugh ! Anderson got hit with a punch he did not see it happens ! Anderson is the best !here is the facts any one can get knock-out but know one comes close too what he has did in the ufc . Most Knockout of the Night awards in the UFC 7 times. . Most Finishes in the History UFC 14 . Most finishes in UFC title fights9 .

        Longest title reign in the History 2457 days .Most consecutive wins in the UFC 16

        Highest significant strike accuracy in UFC 67.8% . all-time leader in Post-fight Bonus Awards 12 . Most knockdowns landed in UFC History 17 . Fight of the Night 3 times

        . Submission of the Night 2 times . Most Knockout of the Night awards in the UFC 7 times. and the list goes on and on !

    • leviguy1947

      Agreed. The rematch will go the same way it did with Sonnen. I think Silva was just tired of pressing to stay on top and wanted time off. He won’t clown when fighting Weidman a second time. Don’t get me wrong. Weidman is the real deal, but he’s not in Silva’s league.

  • Timothy Malone

    He says he wants three or four months off and Dana is already trying to pencil him in for a December fight? He has been on top under pressure for so long. Let him rest and get his head right.

  • james j

    This fight is already locked in. The going back and forth in the press is nothing more than swag to sell this fight even more. Since neither is a doper and appear responsible, this fight will be a go in December.

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    That’s bush, whatever happened to stacking a card? Just make it the main event

  • rach

    I hate that they are pushing the Rousey and Tate fight out… it will be a year between Rhonda fighting… most fighters fight 2 or 3 times a year as long as they are healthy.

    As far as the Silva fight- I doubt it was staged because there is ego there. Not to mention Silva took two big shots on the ground before the ref stopped the fight. Remember Silva signed a contract for at least four fights. When it comes down to it- Dana has the power to say who fights who. We have seen him threaten fighters in the past with big trouble if they didn’t agree to a fight- at least a title fight. I doubt the UFC is going to place Silva with anyone else. Dana knew that if Silva lost there would be an immediate rematch- he also knew that if he won there would be a super fight with Jon Jones. Silva is one of the best out there- the question still remains… can Chris stop Silva if he is not acting like a idiot in the cage. If he covers up and is aggressive how deadly is he really?


    Yup, lets do this rematch. & Vitor Belfort can take on Mark Munoz or if Gegard Musassi drops down would make for a great next fight for the winner of CW v AS #2.

    While were at it If Souza gets pass Okami (i think he will)

    he’s gotta be included in the conversation as well. Maybe winner gets Munoz if Dana can get Vitor to fight Gegard???

    Anyway the Middle weight division is finally heating up!

    Bisping vs Philippou
    Rockhold vs Tim Boetsch
    Kennedy vs Chung Le

  • Adam

    He doesn’t deserve a rematch PERIOD! Everybody should just accept the fact that his time is OVER. Let Weidman fight someone that is worthy of a title fight like Belfort or Hendo. The way Silva disrespected Weidman should have got him released from the UFC.